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November/December 2007

From Our Readers

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Get Advanced

First of all, I appreciate all your efforts in Oracle Magazine. Additionally it seems to me that presenting advanced database concepts, such as data mining, advanced replication, data warehousing, online analytical processing, and clustering in Oracle Magazine would be very useful.
Ahmad Pahlavan

I am a regular reader of Oracle Magazine and look forward to receiving the new issue when it comes out. I enjoy the articles, especially when it comes to new technology and advice on how to use it. I would love to see some articles on the administration of the Oracle Fusion Middleware products, more specifically the Oracle SOA Suite 10g Release 3 components Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Enterprise Service Bus, and Oracle Web Services Manager, in conjunction with Oracle Identity Management 10g Single Sign-On and Oracle Delegated Administration Service.

We are in the process of implementing this technology at our site, and in addition to the Oracle documentation, I think some real-world examples of configuration and administration would help with this. I have seen plenty of tutorials and guides for development but not much on the administration side.
Kyle Maggard

More Applications

I'm just a novice with Oracle products, but I would like to request more articles on Oracle E-Business Suite applications. I'm supporting the Oracle Enterprise Asset Management application, and it would be interesting to read about other Oracle E-Business Suite implementations.
Gina G. Laviste

Get Separate, Get Fundamental

I congratulate Oracle for their 30th anniversary. Oracle has been wonderful, but I would like the organization to take time and explain the fundamentals of Oracle to new users. In fact, I think there should be a separate magazine for new Oracle enthusiasts.
Sunday Adeniyi

Broken Page, New Page

The featured downloads section of the page (right-hand column) has links that do not work.
Arnold van de Brug

Thanks for pointing out these broken links. We've addressed the problem, and the links have been fixed. 

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More Linux

I was happy to read the article "World-Class IT" in your July/August 2007 issue. This article provided insight on fast and cost-efficient Oracle products for the Linux platform. I believe readers would be happy to read more articles on new Oracle products for Linux (and other platforms).
Sahil Baharwal

Different Covers, Same Magazine

Congratulations to Oracle for reaching 30 years and to everyone working in the background to make it possible. Also, keep up the good work on Oracle Magazine.

Did you have any reason for your two different covers of the July/August 2007 issue? I received the one with the "1977-2007" cover, whereas a friend of mine received the Linux cover.
Sunil Jacob

Most copies of the July/August 2007 issue had the "1977-2007" cover. Copies with the Linux cover were distributed at the LinuxWorld trade show, although some copies with the Linux cover were also mailed. The editorial content inside this issue was identical, regardless of the cover.

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