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September/October 2007


Crash into Oracle Database 11g

By Justin Kestelyn

New OTN series highlights top features of the new release.

When a new major database release hits, the experience can be overwhelming—like trying to drink through a fire hose. Absorbing the typically massive volume of documentation about new features and functionality can be a full-time job—and a crushing responsibility for a busy DBA or developer.

When Oracle Database 10g was released, Oracle Technology Network (OTN) partnered with Oracle ACE Arup Nanda, Oracle Magazine' s DBA of the Year at that time, to publish a series of short, actionable how-to's covering the best new features in that release from a grassroots point of view. (Nanda is a senior DBA with Starwood Hotels.) The intention was to help readers get up to speed and proficient with new features such as Automatic Storage Management, Automatic Workload Repository, and Oracle Data Pump in a relatively short amount of time. Millions of readers did exactly that, and Nanda and OTN received a lot of recognition across the community for it.

With the release of Oracle Database 11g, we are revisiting that goal. "Oracle Database 11g: Top Features for DBAs and Developers" walks you through important new functionalities such as Oracle Database 11g Database Replay, SQL Plan Management, intelligent schema design, and many partitioning enhancements, using real-world scenarios as examples. (According to Nanda, the Database Replay feature alone—a major part of the Real Application Testing functionality in this release—justifies an upgrade to Oracle Database 11g.)

Unlike the previous series, most of these installments are complemented by screencasts that demonstrate precisely how the feature in question is used.

"Oracle Database 11g: Top Features for DBAs and Developers" is a crash course that no database professional remotely interested in this release can afford to miss. Explore the complete topic list (and subscribe to the RSS feed) at

To the Ends of the Earth

They might be on islands at opposite ends of the world, but with the help of community leaders, developers from the Faroe Islands and Java, Indonesia, are now in the middle of the OTN landscape.

Oracle employee and Oracle ACE Grant Ronald recently headed to the Faroe Islands, in the frigid waters between Iceland and Norway, where he led a hands-on SOA/Java/Forms workshop for the nation's entire developer community (numbering 33 Faroese)—and set them up with OTN T-shirts while he was at it.

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Meanwhile, on the island of Java (how appropriate), Oracle Fusion Middleware Regional Director Frans Thamura has turned his Java User Group (JUG) Indonesia into one of the top-50 Java developer communities in the world. "Right now we're digging in and learning more about Oracle TopLink and its features," he says. "We're especially interested in the migration from JBoss Hibernate to Oracle TopLink."

Follow Thamura's Java community inspirations in his blog at

Oracle ACEs Have It

The Oracle ACE program—the formal network of nonemployee evangelists sponsored by OTN—has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2005, having surpassed the 100-member mark in May 2007.

This summer, the Oracle ACE program was formally combined with the Oracle Fusion Middleware Regional Director program, with members of the latter becoming Oracle ACE Directors. Consequently, it is now possible for DBAs, database architects, and database developers to obtain director status, joining the 40-plus Oracle Fusion Middleware experts who already are honored with that distinction.

Learn more about the Oracle ACE program and meet existing ACEs at

The Big Events

Finally, a single online resource is available for the purpose of tracking community-oriented events across the globe. Visit the new Developer Events Calendar on OTN to explore upcoming workshops, conferences, and OTN Installfests as they're scheduled. Point your browser to for dates and details. 

Justin Kestelyn ( is the editor in chief of Oracle Technology Network.

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