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September/October 2007

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Innovation Matters

By Tom Haunert

Oracle Database 11g reduces risk and speeds change in the enterprise.

Launched in July 2007, Oracle Database 11g continues the tradition of Oracle innovation. In addition to delivering the secure data management that customers expect from Oracle, Oracle Database 11g answers customer demands for both fast, reliable software that minimizes risk and a platform to speed innovation. With features designed to speed the testing, deployment, patching, and upgrading of enterprise infrastructure; provide more-efficient disk usage and information lifecycle management; and support more types of data and larger data volumes with faster data access, Oracle Database 11g is committed to making your enterprise innovation move faster.

This issue of Oracle Magazine takes a first look at key features of Oracle Database 11g and how they support customer innovation in the enterprise.

Real Testing, Real Lifecycle

Moving to new database releases, moving to new hardware, and migrating to different operating systems all require extensive planning and testing. But building and executing truly representative tests for these moves and migrations has traditionally been a complex, risk-intensive, and time-consuming process. In Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Real Application Testing reduces risk and makes it faster and easier to test systems, identify problems, and create solutions before and after database upgrades and hardware and operating system changes. Oracle Real Application Testing includes the database replay feature, which lets you capture and replay a true production workload, and SQL performance analyzer, which identifies SQL execution plan changes and performances regressions.

Industry estimates indicate that enterprise databases will triple in size every two years, but new compression features in Oracle Database 11g can help manage that growth. The new advanced compression option supports compression during INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations-—which can also speed the performance of subsequent queries, as well as the compression and deduplication of unstructured data.

Beyond reducing disk space used via compression, today's information lifecycle management (ILM) initiatives seek to store data in the most cost-effective locations, and database partitioning is an important part of ILM. New partitioning options in Oracle Database 11g include partitioning by parent/child references, interval partitioning, partitioning by virtual columns, and more composite partition options. See Arup Nanda's "More Partitioning Choices" for detailed how-to information on partitioning in Oracle Database 11g.

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Oracle Database 11g provides storage and access for both relational and object data, including image, large text object, XML, DICOM, and geospatial files. New applications require fast access to a variety of different object data, and Oracle SecureFiles in Oracle Database 11g provides a new and faster high-performance architecture for large object (LOB) storage. Oracle SecureFiles also provides compression, transparent encryption, and transparent deduplication, which reduce the disk space required and improve the security of LOBs. See Jonathan Gennick's "Faster, Safer, and Smaller LOBs" for information on how to use Oracle SecureFiles.

Customer Innovation

In "Manage Change with Oracle Database 11g" by David Baum, several Oracle customers talk about the improvements they expect to achieve by using key Oracle Database 11g features, including Oracle Real Application Testing, automatic SQL tuning, automatic memory tuning, hot patching, and Oracle SecureFiles, as well as enhancements in Oracle Real Application Clusters and the automatic database diagnostic monitor.

Oracle Magazine columnists Steven Feuerstein, Ari Kaplan, and Tom Kyte also discuss Oracle Database 11g features in this issue, and in the new Interview column, Rich Schwerin talks about Oracle Database 11g with Oracle Senior Vice President of Server Technologies Andy Mendelsohn. (You can listen to the complete interview at

And there's a lot more Oracle Database 11g coverage coming up fast in future issues of Oracle Magazine , so stay tuned.

Tom Haunert , Editor in Chief


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