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September/October 2007

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Where's the Choice?

I found the headline of the cover story of Oracle Magazine's May/June issue, "Develop with Choice," to be rather ironic. The article did indeed describe some choices and options that developers have, but it did not cover Oracle Developer! This is still an excellent development tool for creating data entry applications for Oracle.
Mark Geerlings

Looking for My Peer Cousins

Oracle Magazine has been of immense help to me because it keeps me abreast of what is happening in the world of Oracle Database features, skills, and so on. I love reading the Peer-to-Peer column in your magazine, because there I get to read about my cousins in the world of Oracle. But there are good Oracle programmers and developers in Africa, and you are not really doing them justice if you are not coming down to Africa to have a chat with them and publishing them in that column.
Anyasor Chigozie D.

Peer-to-Peer candidates are active Oracle community members from all over the world who distinguish themselves by contributing to Oracle Technology Network, Oracle Magazine, Oracle discussion forums, and/or organizations, sites, and publications that focus on Oracle technology. Recent Peer-to-Peer columns have featured Oracle ACE and Oracle Fusion Middleware Regional Directors —recognized Oracle community members and leaders.

All who are interested in appearing in Peer-to-Peer can send their contact information as well as links and references to their Oracle community contributions to

Newbies Seek Enlightenment

I'm a regular reader of Oracle Magazine, and I suggest you include introductory articles for Oracle beginners like me on topics such as installation and creating a database.
Oguntuase Busayo Afolabi

I suggest including more articles for newbies. I believe that they would be both more enlightened and more encouraged if just a page or two could be dedicated to beginners.
Kehinde Adedipe

Searching for Samples

I am a regular reader of your magazine, and I have been working with the sample code you publish. I really appreciate that content. I request that you also publish Oracle Database installation and configuration content for new users.
Adeghe I. John

I am a regular reader of Oracle Magazine and a SQL programmer, and I must commend your effort especially on the SQL scripts and code in the magazine. I want to make a plea that for Oracle learners like me, you include more Oracle code and scripts in the pages of the magazine.

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Femi Famejo

In Need of Privacy

I am a regular reader of Oracle Magazine, and I would be grateful if you could please provide more information on Oracle Virtual Private Database and its features.
Raj Boddu

No Chemistry

"Producing Parameterized Pages," the Frameworks column in the July/August issue, deals with an excellent topic. However, it was hard to follow because there was not even a single diagram or snapshot illustrating the steps. It is a magazine article—not a formula for a chemical process.
Ammar Sajdi

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