Oracle Magazine

2007 Issues

November/December 2007

Cover Story: Editors' Choice Awards 2007; Features: Perform with SOA; Controlling the Content Evolution; Experience Innovation
Technology: Working with PL/SQL (Harper); More on Oracle Database 11g (Kyte); Developer: Enhanced Calculation and Validation (Muench); Application Integration Workshop (Peake); On Continuing and Executing (Feuerstein); Testing BPEL in the Real World (Dikmans)

September/October 2007
Cover Story: Manage Change with Oracle Database 11g; Features: Open and Secure; The Power Within; Get Ready for the Biggest Event of the Year
Technology: More Partitioning Choices (Nanda); Faster, Safer, and Smaller LOBs (Gennick); Moving to an Oracle Database (Harper); On Oracle Database 11g (Kyte); Developer: Defining a Cascading List of Values (Muench); Express Web 2.0 (Peake); On the PL/SQL Function Result Cache (Feuerstein)

July/August 2007
Cover Story: Oracle Celebrates Thirty Years of Innovation; Features: Hands-Free Management; World Class IT
Technology: Reporting with the Familiar (Rittman); Extending Oracle SQL Developer (Harper); On Ignoring, Locking, and Parsing (Kyte); Developer: Working Around Silos (Bright); Committed To Code (Schwerin); Producing Parameterized Pages (Muench); On Invokers and Outs (Feuerstein)

May/June 2007
Cover Story: Develop with Choice; Features: Journey to the Center of Fusion; Step into Windows
Technology: Now Reporting (Harper); On Loading and Extents (Kyte); Developer: Spring Time (Schwerin); Beyond Declarative Validation (Muench); Application Migration Workshop (Peake); On the Old, the New, and ORA-22160 (Feuerstein)

March/April 2007
Cover Story: Radiating Intelligence; Features: Find It; Destination Fusion
Technology: Decisions Grow on Trees (Hardman); Embedded Java Persistence (Gennick); On Cursors, SQL, and Analytics (Kyte); Developer: Delivering Productivity with Choice (Schwerin); Breaking Out of the Browser (Muench); A Development Gem (Savarese)

January/February 2007
Cover Story: Always Available; Features: Go XML; Expanding to Meet Demands
Technology: PL/SQL Practices (Feuerstein); Recover in a Flash (Nanda); On Top-n and Pagination Queries (Kyte); Developer: Embedding Open Source (Schwerin); Modeling Tables and Components (Muench); Using PL/SQL Associative Arrays (Williams); Sizing Up Performance (Hichwa)

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