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January/February 2008

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Arup Again

Arup Nanda has done it again, with the article "More Partitioning Choices"! The article clearly showcases the new partitioning features with just the right balance of concepts and working examples. I attended the Oracle Database 11g launch in New York, but the partitioning option was a little difficult to understand from that session. This article is wonderful in that regard. In particular, the explanation of reference partitioning is spectacular. I can't wait to go to Oracle Database 11g to try out the new features. Please keep on publishing this type of article with high technical content.
Mary Hunt

I just read the article "More Partitioning Choices" by Arup Nanda. Then I read it again and again until I had completely internalized it. Words can't describe how valuable the content of the article is. I'm amazed and awestruck by how well the author presented the new concepts to make it easier for the reader to grasp and put into use. I am playing with Oracle Database 11g now, and this is one article that surely helps me to pitch for the upgrade to the management. I shared this with the development staff, the architects, and other assorted individuals and everyone just "got it." My job of convincing them [to upgrade] just got much easier.

Thank you to the author, and may he produce more of this type of article.
Tom Urban

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I suggest you add a column for beginners in Oracle Magazine so as to encourage new users to build up their skills.
Kobbla Emmanuel Idamah

More Oracle Database 11g

I would like to thank Oracle for providing Oracle Magazine. The features in Oracle Database 11g are amazing, so could you kindly include more-detailed explanations on these features in future magazine issues?
August Ahadjiste

Security, Too

Oracle Magazine is very good at explaining the new features and operations of the latest Oracle software. I want to add that the magazine should also discuss security-related issues and techniques used in Oracle Database 11g.
Sukhvinder Singh Deora


In the November/December 2007 issue of Oracle Magazine, the Browser-Based column, "Application Integration Workshop," was credited to Michael Hichwa, a past author of that column. The November/December 2007 column, however, was written by David Peake, principal product manager in Oracle's Server Technologies division, who authored this issue's column as well. We apologize for the error.

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