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January/February 2008

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Partner News

Oracle and Wipro Provide Managed Identity Services

Certified Advantage Partner Wipro has partnered with Oracle to provide Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite as a managed service. This new offering allows companies to outsource the user management, help desk, and maintenance elements of identity management to Wipro. These services are provided at a single monthly cost that covers product licenses, implementation, and maintenance.

The offering is delivered on two concurrent tracks. A Transition and Operation Support track evaluates the extent of automation and help-desk call volume, while an Identity Management Automation track builds out an automated solution based on products in the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite. Wipro migrates manual tasks to Oracle-powered automated processes over time; once the system is configured, customers can leverage proven security templates and toolkits to take advantage of repetitive tasks such as onboarding identities and integrating Sarbanes-Oxley applications.

Promero Offers Voice Over IP Call Center Solutions

Promero, an Oracle Certified Partner and a provider of Oracle Contact Center Anywhere virtual call center solution, now offers a hosted, virtual call center solution using third-party Voice over IP (VoIP) carriers. Promero's hosted configuration, coupled with VoIP media gateways from Quintum, has been successfully deployed with VoIP carriers including Nexogy, Packet8, XO Communications, and Qwest. The use of virtual phone numbers and internet-based voice traffic enables customers to take advantage of free or low-cost long distance, advanced calling features offered by VoIP providers, virtual remote employee access, and low total cost of ownership.

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere—formerly known as Telephony@Work CallCenterAnywhere—is an integrated, multichannel contact center platform that merges traditional phone calls with e-mail, chat, fax, and Web callback.

"The important benefits of this offering are high voice quality, virtual access, stability, enhanced inbound/outbound calling features, and very low operational cost," says Gregg Troyanowski, president of Promero.

Centennial Software Delivers Integrated IT Asset Management

Centennial Software, a developer of IT asset discovery and audit solutions, has released IT asset management products for use with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise. Called Centennial Discovery Connector, the products enable Oracle IT Asset Management customers to use IT asset inventory data from Centennial's IT audit solution, Centennial Discovery.

"By integrating Centennial Discovery with Oracle IT Asset Management solutions, organizations have the ability to implement a true best-of-breed solution with class-leading ERP [enterprise resource planning] solutions," says Andy Burton, CEO of Centennial Software.

Centennial Discovery includes a hardware and software audit for all computers and network devices, including smartphones, printers, and wireless access points. Combined with Oracle's IT Asset Management solutions, Centennial Discovery helps to control IT costs, maintain regulatory compliance, comply with software licenses, and provide better IT service.

Oracle Offers Business Process Outsourcing Partner Program 

Partner Spotlight

BearingPoint Puts Customers on the Road to Fusion

Oracle and BearingPoint have launched the Roadmap to Application (RTA) strategy, a program to help customers build a business and IT strategy that aligns with Oracle's application and technology landscape, including Oracle Fusion. The program helps customers create information-centric, role-based, intelligent, and industry-specific IT systems that use the best components of Oracle's application portfolio.

The RTA strategy is not to "rip and replace" existing systems but to identify options that take advantage of the customer's current platform while considering the evolving technology landscape, the customer's business goals, and Oracle's road map. Through a series of focused evaluations of key corporate initiatives and trouble spots, BearingPoint consultants build a three- to five-year plan for the extension, evolution, and sometimes revolution, of corporate systems. Ongoing health checks and updates are also part of the program, allowing for changes in business conditions while maintaining consistent progress toward program goals.

"[The RTA strategy] answers important customer concerns about integrating IT systems, how new IT elements affect the entire system enterprisewide, how to get technology and applications into sync, and how to make decisions now that will make sense for your future needs," says Robert Youngblood, managing director of Oracle technology solutions at BearingPoint.

On the road to Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Fusion Architecture and Oracle Fusion Middleware—both available now—address today's business challenges, including increasing the capacity for growth and change; improving insight into business operations and strategic drivers; mitigating risk and driving compliance; and enhancing the profitability and productivity of connections with customers, partners, and workers. Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies are compatible with current Oracle applications and many non-Oracle products. In addition, Oracle's acquisition strategy has brought open standards to many new technologies and strengthened the prospect for customers to create a more dynamic infrastructure.

Oracle now offers business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider partners the complete Oracle stack (applications, database, and middleware) under the Oracle BPO Go-to-Market Initiative. The initiative includes programs and services to help partners develop and promote solutions that complement Oracle Business Process Outsourcing in selected product, market, and solution channels. Partners who qualify can brand their services with a "BPO Powered by Oracle" logo.

Solution Beacon and Oracle Deliver Advertising Industry Solution

Oracle Certified Advantage Partner Solution Beacon has created an advertising industry-specific technology solution called Silk Paradigm that integrates with Oracle Media and Entertainment solutions. Silk Paradigm allows advertising companies to estimate, manage, and control the processes and costs related to campaigns.

"The advertising industry continues to be challenged in its management of advertising and marketing campaigns that include many dynamic activities, creative teams across disparate geographies, and collaboration across campaign agencies," says David Murphy, chief strategy officer at Solution Beacon and former executive vice president at advertising and marketing company Young and Rubicam. "Automation of this process and real-time performance monitoring will have a positive impact on profit margins and the quality of operations."

Solution Beacon's Silk Paradigm integrates budgeting, scheduling, and actuals to provide real-time information about advertising campaigns. It uses business intelligence and a powerful research engine to improve analysis of the client's products, competition, target demographic audience, media spend, ratings, buying trends, and market conditions.

CPSG Merges with Partners Consulting Services

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Oracle BPO Go-to-Market Initiative
Solution Beacon
Partners Consulting Services

CPSG, an Oracle Certified Partner, has merged with Partners Consulting Services (PCS), an Oracle Partner, to create a national company that provides Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions.

CPSG delivers service-oriented architecture and identity and access management solutions. PCS has 25 years of experience with Oracle solutions, including Oracle's PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite. The companies will maintain operations in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Irvine, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

"We understand how to get the most out of this platform and believe that our combined capabilities . . . will make CPSG a clear choice when it comes to implementing Oracle technologies," says Jim Guinn, vice president of enterprise architecture for CPSG.


Book Beat

The Berkeley DB Book

By Himanshu Yadava
ISBN: 1590596722

This practical guide covers the intricacies of Oracle Berkeley DB, a family of open source, embeddable databases. The book goes into depth on complex design issues that are only touched on in the footnotes of the Berkeley DB reference manual. It explains the technology at a higher level and also covers the internals, providing generous code and design examples.

Author Himanshu Yadava provides a developer's perspective on design issues in Berkeley DB-based applications and offers design options for specific conditions. He also includes a look at fault tolerance and high-availability frameworks and offers extensive coverage on replication, distributed transactions, and environment recovery.

Yadava is a software developer and consultant through his company, BitSeer.

Oracle Database 11g SQL DBA book

By Jason Price
Oracle Press
ISBN: 0071498508

In Oracle Database 11g SQL , author Jason Price teaches readers to access Oracle databases through SQL statements and to construct PL/SQL programs. The book explains how to retrieve and modify database information, use Oracle SQL*Plus and Oracle SQL Developer, work with database objects, write PL/SQL programs, and more. Readers will find in-depth coverage of the latest SQL features and tools, performance optimization techniques, advanced queries, Java support, and XML. Readers will learn to take advantage of Oracle Database 11g features such as PIVOT, UNPIVOT, and flashback archives. With practical examples, code samples, and programming tips, this book provides everything you need to master SQL, whether you are a technical manager or consultant, business user, database administrator, or developer. No prior knowledge of Oracle Database, SQL, or PL/SQL is assumed.

Price is a freelance consultant and former product manager at Oracle. He is an Oracle Certified DBA and Application Developer.

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