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July/August 2008


Tech, Meet Apps

By Justin Kestelyn

The Oracle community gets a new resource for service-enabling Oracle Applications.

This OTN Bulletin update comes from Oracle Publishing Senior Editor Jeff Erickson, who provides a report about COLLABORATE 08.

COLLABORATE 08 offered ample opportunity for Oracle developers and Oracle applications managers to mingle. And no place was the mingling more fruitful than in the hands-on labs.

More than 550 participants over three days took part in the hands-on labs for service-enabling Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle's PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. In the hands-on lab for Oracle E-Business Suite, students used Oracle SOA Suite technology to take an order from a legacy system and pass it through to Oracle E-Business Suite. "It was pretty amazing," says Juliana Button, a director of product management at Oracle and an instructor in the labs. "Students came in knowing very little about the technology, and by the end of the class they had used our service-oriented architecture [SOA] tools to build a new process."

The lessons of COLLABORATE 08 will continue in new best-practice centers on Oracle Technology Network (OTN). These centers feature comprehensive hands-on tutorials, relevant blogs, and best practices from community members as they work through their own implementations. Explore the centers at


Oracle ACEs (Applications) Ray Payne and Floyd Teter were both busy at COLLABORATE 08, but with very different agendas.

Payne and his team were boning up on grid infrastructure and Oracle E-Business Suite 12. "We've made a strategic architectural decision that we want to deploy on a grid architecture using commodity hardware and Oracle Enterprise Linux," said Payne at the conference. "We are here looking to find everything we can on the subject area."

In true Oracle ACE fashion, Payne turned the effort into a learning opportunity for Oracle product management and his fellow Oracle customers. "My team is meeting with Oracle product managers so we can share ideas and best practices with Oracle," he said. "It's a two-way street."

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Meanwhile, Oracle ACE Floyd Teter kept busy lighting the way for Oracle Applications customers on the road to more-flexible Oracle Applications built on Oracle Fusion Middleware. He led a session based on his road map for getting there from Oracle E-Business Suite 11i. The big question, Teter says, is how you make choices and map out a plan. "Rather than going through a theoretical discussion, I just said, 'This is how we did it at my company and it might work for you as well,'" he explains. Keep up with Teter at

Discussion Forums: Broadening Minds

Greg Pike's COLLABORATE session, ACES in the Hole: Learning Advanced SQL Techniques from OTN Pros , was a fresh reminder that the discussion forums on OTN are an almost limitless learning resource for OTN members. Pike, a principal consultant at Piocon Technologies and a prodigious poster on the forums, made his case for the value of participating in the discussion forums by following a real-world string of responses to a question on the PL/SQL discussion forum. Respondents solved the problem using a combination of analytic functions, hierarchical query, collection functions, XML functions/operators, pipelined functions, the MODEL clause, and more.

Pike's point was that the discussion forums do more than just answer your questions; they broaden your mind. "There's a huge group of experts and Oracle ACE contributors watching the forums and posting replies," Pike said. "You'll get answers in minutes. And they'll be in a range of types and styles."

With more than 50,000 topics and 300,000 posts, the forums are "the mother lode of SQL and PL/SQL education from recognized experts worldwide," Pike said. "OTN members at all skill levels will find this forum packed with a treasure chest of tips, tricks, and techniques."

Get involved in the discussion forums at, and keep up with Pike at

Justin Kestelyn ( is senior director, Oracle Technology Network and developer programs, as well as OTN editor in chief.

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