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Oracle Diagnostics and Tuning Packs
Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst at Forrester Research, presents a study on the potential return on investment that enterprises may realize by adopting Oracle Enterprise Manager—specifically Oracle Diagnostics and Oracle Tuning management packs.

Information Sharing Doesn't Have to Mean Data Insecurity
Kyle McNabb, principal analyst at Forrester Research, discusses how information rights management enables organizations to safely and securely share sensitive business content and meet the opposing requirements of easy access for users and continuing control for content owners.

Oracle University

Oracle Application Server 10g R3: Java Programming
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This five-day course provides instruction on building standalone Java applications that reduce complexity and eliminate the need for high-specification servers and systems. Participants will learn how to write, build, debug, and deploy Java applications with Oracle JDeveloper, how to interact with Oracle Database from a Java application, and best practices for writing Java applications.

Oracle Application Server 10g R3: Build Java EE Applications I
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This five-day course covers concepts and techniques involved in building Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications. Participants will learn to develop end-to-end applications using JavaServer Faces, Enterprise JavaBeans, and Oracle TopLink. Students will also learn to use Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) to build components.

Enterprise Linux Training and Certification
Oracle University provides course offerings on the Linux operating system, as well as courses for database and system administrators who run Oracle Database on Linux. These courses lead to an Oracle Enterprise Linux Certified Administrator certification, which recognizes Linux skills and expertise with Oracle Database. Courses include Enterprise Linux: Fundamentals; Enterprise Linux: System Administration; Oracle Database: Managing Oracle on Linux for DBAs; and Oracle Database: Managing Oracle on Linux for System Administrators.


The Rich Get Richer: Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client (Parts 1 and 2)
Duncan Mills, senior product management director for Oracle Developer Tools, offers a guided tour through the new Oracle ADF Faces rich-client components, a key new technology for modernizing Oracle Forms applications or building new Oracle Fusion Middleware-based applications.

Top Things to Do to Prepare for an Oracle Database Upgrade
Sameer Patkar, vice president of technical operations at Oracle, with responsibility for Oracle Advanced Customer Services, talks about the top 10 things customers who are considering an upgrade from Oracle9i Database can do to ensure that they are poised for success.

Oracle Database Development Tools Optimize Business Processes
James Hughes, manager of software engineering at Development Dimensions International, a provider of human resource consulting services, discusses how his company automates business processes in custom applications developed using Oracle Data Provider for .NET and Oracle SQL Developer.

Deriving Value from Spatial Information in the Enterprise
Learn how Oracle partner Leica Geosystems uses Oracle Database, Oracle Spatial, and Oracle Application Server MapViewer to help customers consolidate spatial and business information in the database, capture and update data in the field, and build location intelligence into business processes.

Oracle Software Security Assurance
Mary Ann Davidson, chief security officer at Oracle, talks with William Hardie, vice president of database product marketing, about Oracle's leadership in security. Find out about the various security programs that have allowed Oracle to deliver significant database security innovations and to provide customers with an unparalleled security posture.

IT Integration and the Fight Against Cancer
For two years, Dr. John Quackenbush, professor of computational biology at Harvard's School of Public Health, has used a grant from Oracle to integrate clinical and research data to improve diagnosis and therapy for cancer.

Streamline Paper-Intensive Business Processes with Oracle Document Capture
Ken Peterka, vice president of software development at Oracle, talks about Oracle Document Capture and Oracle Distributed Document Capture and how these new solutions enable the streamlining of paper-intensive business processes.

The Imperative for Risk-Based Authentication and Fraud Prevention
Thomas Varghese, vice president of product management at Oracle, discusses the prevalence of online identity theft, phishing, and banking fraud and how you can protect your customers and your enterprise assets.

A Platform Approach to Managing Multiple Web Sites
Michelle Huff, product management director for Oracle Content Management, explains how organizations can use a platform approach for multisite management.

Build Richer User Interfaces in Java and Get Ajax and Flash for Free
Ted Farrell, vice president of development tools at Oracle, describes Oracle's strategy and technologies for building rich internet applications that offer the best of all worlds across Java, Ajax, and Flash.

Why Enterprise Role Management Is a Key Priority This Year
Edward Zou, Oracle vice president, product management, discusses why automated enterprise role management has become one of the key IT initiatives this year and how such a solution can ease administrative burdens and improve security and compliance for your organization.

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Oracle Presents an Upgrade Tool for Oracle E-Business Suite: Oracle Maintenance Wizard
Vikki Pickard, product and development manager for Oracle Maintenance Wizard, introduces a tool that guides customers through Oracle E-Business Suite upgrades and the code line maintenance process.

Trends in Today's CRM Marketplace
Christine Viera, vice president of product management at Oracle, discusses the trends in the customer relationship management (CRM) marketplace today and how Oracle is using its PeopleSoft and Siebel acquisitions to build a better product.

The Latest Updates to Oracle's Applications Strategy
Ed Abbo, senior vice president of Oracle Applications, discusses innovations within Oracle Applications, how Oracle is integrating all its new product lines, and why customers should adopt the latest releases.

Applications at the Edge of the Enterprise
Anthony Lye, senior vice president for Oracle CRM, sees "consumable" applications bringing significant benefit to the enterprise. These applications include lightweight tools and enterprise mashups that support collaboration and social interaction and rely on Web 2.0 techniques such as social bookmarking and social tagging.

New Linux Offerings

Preconfigured Templates for Oracle VM
The first of many preconfigured templates for Oracle VM are now available. The free templates enable customers to quickly create guests and set up full Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Enterprise Linux environments with Oracle VM server virtualization software.

New Oracle Validated Configurations for Linux
There are now more than 75 Oracle Validated Configurations for Linux available for free download. Oracle Validated Configurations are pretested, validated architectures with software, hardware, storage, and networking components with documented best practices for deployment.