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March/April 2008

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Praise for High Flyers

I often wonder why Oracle and Oracle Magazine have done so little to capitalize on the wonderful ambassadorial function of Sean Tucker and Team Oracle. The only mention I have seen to date is an occasional photo and reference to "the Oracle biplane." This lack of recognition not only is an injustice to one of the greatest air show performers in the business, it's a missed opportunity to increase Oracle's return on investment in its sponsorship.

I do hope that you will consider some serious coverage of the team. We cubicle dwellers like identifying with the more adventuresome aspects of life, and I'm betting there are a lot of Oracle DBAs and developers who have no idea that Team Oracle exists.

DBA work isn't quite as exciting as an air show performance, but the adrenalin from witnessing the latter can carry over to inspire the former.
Fred Pierce

To learn more about Team Oracle, visit The site includes information on upcoming Team Oracle appearances, a photo gallery, downloadable screensavers, and an interactive video.

Oracle's Commitment

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After reading your January/February 2008 issue, I was more impressed than ever with the ever-growing number of products, services, and programs Oracle is involved in. Oracle is far from being merely a database software provider.

I became especially focused on "Formula for Success," the Commitment column by Aaron Lazenby. Clearly every partner and user of Oracle's products and services will applaud Oracle's foresight and progressive spirit in stepping into the highly needy social sector of public education. I personally look forward to reviewing the NBPTS [National Board for Professional Teaching Standards] program.
Tom Lively

Basics for Beginners

I appreciate all your efforts in Oracle Magazine . I want the magazine to take time to explain the fundamentals of Oracle to new users like me, and I would like Oracle Magazine to focus on Linux and other platforms.
Yinka Amodeni

Digital Don't

The digital version of Oracle Magazine is, in my opinion, a spectacular failure.

It is impossible to read it on a normal-sized monitor—. You can zoom and scroll around but I want to read it, not play a game. It is not portable, —it cannot be read away from the desk. You cannot mark pieces that are of particular interest. You cannot leave it in the restroom for others to read.
Keith Lawson


In the November/December 2007 issue of Oracle Magazine, the Frameworks column, "Enhanced Calculation and Validation," was credited to Mike Lehman. The column should have been credited to Steve Muench. We apologize for the error.

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