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May/June 2008


Embracing Web 2.0

By Justin Kestelyn

OTN lights the way at Oracle's marketing 2.0 summit.

As a community, Oracle Technology Network (OTN) members have been interacting informally for nearly a decade now. We're used to anything-goes discussions; building on each other's work; and learning from informal, user-created content. Except for a few commonsense "rules of the road," OTN is a relatively open environment.

This was the model set before a group of leaders from across Oracle's vast marketing organization, which met in January 2008 to participate in a competition-based marketing 2.0 summit. The event was not about Web 2.0 technology per se, but rather about the impact of collaborative community participation on how we work together internally as well as with customers and partners.

The summit implemented design principles that, in my opinion, set the standard for such meetings, within Oracle or elsewhere. Most important among them was a commitment to use Web 2.0 tools. For example, all communications about meeting logistics occurred via a private Facebook group, and the summit's DNA was made of open space memes. Attendees were expected to have completed homework assignments, which included hands-on use of standard-issue tools such as Twitter and Google Reader. And all meeting notes were recorded via wiki.

The summit was a real mind opener. I'm confident that Oracle's global marketing organization is now on the same page about things such as the value of trading control for influence, promoting transparency, and working with the rest of the Oracle ecosystem collaboratively in ways that do not necessarily involve technology. This is good news for developers, who thrive on relationship networks as well as community-generated content.

With this event, Oracle has headed down the road toward embracing these concepts on a wider scale. OTN members can be proud for leading the way.

OTN Developer Day: Focus on the Oracle Fusion Developer

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In 2007, OTN Developer Day workshops were convened in cities all across the globe. In 2008 and beyond, you'll see even more of them, in even more countries, and on even more topics.

Although OTN Developer Day will continue to be offered globally to database application developers who want to learn how to use tools such as Oracle Application Express, Oracle SQL Developer, and Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio, going forward the primary focus will be on serving the newly emerging Oracle Fusion developer role. If you are an Oracle Forms developer investigating a transition toward Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, and service-oriented architecture; a Java developer exploring the principles of rich internet applications; or an application developer seeking to synergize business processes across different packaged applications, OTN Developer Day is an excellent platform from which to dive into those topics. With a curriculum recently updated for use with Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Technical Previews, these free workshops are even more relevant for developers who don't want to be left behind.

See the OTN Developer Day schedule for North America and register at

In the Mix

Oracle Mix started off as a charming diversion, but now it's on its way to becoming the epicenter of the rich and diverse Oracle community.

Originally a proof of concept created by Oracle AppsLab, Oracle's internal think tank, Oracle Mix is now the de facto social network for Oracle customers and partners. Thanks to an appealing and adaptable set of features, Oracle Mix is a framework in which a broad range of affinity groups can mature. Groups include those dedicated to Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal; the "Undutchables" (users from the Netherlands); Oracle E-Business Suite DBAs; and of course, OTN members. In a sense, Oracle Mix is now the ultimate example of Oracle hosting and facilitating the ongoing conversation. Join in at


Justin Kestelyn ( is senior director, Oracle Technology Network and developer programs, as well as OTN editor in chief.

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