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May/June 2008

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Telematics and Biometrics

I was so glad when I saw your article about telematics and biometrics ("Embedded Oracle: Telematics and Biometrics," November/December 2007). I am interested in knowing more about these two devices.
Afolabi Oladeji

Two companies were featured in this article, BIO-Key and Prolificx. Since that article was published, Prolificx has been acquired by Imarda. More about that company can be found at .

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Beta Exams

Oracle had a beta exam for Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert and the results were released in January 2008. I was wondering if you can provide the statistics of how many have taken and passed this exam and a breakdown of this information into different countries.
Mark Marucot

To date, 200 people have completed the Oracle Database SQL Expert Beta Exam, but a breakdown by country is not available. For more information on the Oracle Expert Program, including which exams are scheduled and how to take them, please go to .getpage?page_id=189 . For the certification forum, please go to .jspa?forumID=459 .

Oracle E-Business Suite Coverage

I have found very few articles on Oracle E-Business Suite in Oracle Magazine . Can we have articles on Oracle E-Business Suite appear more regularly?
Devendra Gulve

More About Hyperion

It's been awhile since Oracle acquired Hyperion. As a business intelligence consultant working both with Oracle and Hyperion and as a great fan of your magazine, I'm wondering when we will see articles on Hyperion issues in the magazine.
Alexandru Daniela

PDF Copy Needed

The Oracle Magazine January/February 2008 digital issue is very slow to download. A noneditable PDF file will be appreciated.
Susanta Sahu

There is a way for you to pull down the magazine in PDF format. In the digital edition, Click "Download" in the top right of the navigation bar. You can then save a PDF version of the magazine.

Let's Party

After reading "Beyond Declarative Validation" by Steve Muench (May/June 2007), I would like to know how to get party_code from a pop-up window (LOV template) based on a selected party_type (drop-down LOV). I have already set one bind variable in a pop-up LOV for searching party_name. How do I bind party_type with party_code?
Aribam Priya

Steve Muench replies: If you are using Oracle JDeveloper/ADF 10.1.3, I suggest looking at section 19.3.1: How to Create Popup Dialogs of the Oracle Application Development Framework Developer's Guide for Forms/4GL Developerson the Oracle ADF Learning Center for more information. The SRDEmo sample application features the SRStaffSearch.jspx page, a pop-up LOV dialog.

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