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May/June 2008

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Partner News

Liquid Computing Supports Oracle VM

Oracle partner Liquid Computing, the developer of the LiquidIQ fabric-based computing system, has announced support for Oracle's new server virtualization software, Oracle VM.

Liquid Computing has been working with Oracle to optimize the performance, security, and management of Oracle VM on the LiquidIQ platform. LiquidIQ's flexible, high-availability platform layer under Oracle VM provides a dynamic virtualized environment, with LiquidIQ providing software definitions of server, networking, and I/O processes. This capability allows Oracle customers to provide greater service agility and IT management of the servers and infrastructure running Oracle application stacks deployed on Oracle VM.

LiquidIQ simplifies data center operations and reduces the complexity of managing clusters, servers, networking gear, and cables. The company claims that LiquidIQ can lower acquisition costs of servers, switches, software, and networking infrastructure by 45 percent or more; reduce annual data center operating expenses by up to 90 percent; decrease data center floor space requirements by up to 85 percent; and reduce power costs by up to 30 percent.

"The high costs and inflexibilities associated with traditional data center infrastructure are causing a lot of pain in today's IT infrastructures," says Greg McElheran, president and CEO of Liquid Computing. "The new-generation data center will need fabric-based computing coupled with hypervisor technologies. Together, Oracle VM and LiquidIQ provide a complementary solution."

Accenture Launches Innovation Centre for Oracle in Europe

Oracle Certified Advantage Partner Accenture has opened an Innovation Centre at Oracle's U.K. headquarters in Reading. The new center, a European hub for joint business development and technology demonstrations, is the first of its type on an Oracle campus in Europe.

The center will encourage closer collaboration between Accenture and Oracle executive leadership, technologists, and product development personnel. It gives Accenture special access to Oracle's research and development organizations, provides Accenture with prerelease versions of new Oracle software, and helps Accenture accelerate training on Oracle technologies across its European operations. For Accenture clients, the center provides a site to view joint Oracle-Accenture technology developments, including client-specific proofs of concept.

"The new Accenture European Innovation Centre for Oracle, which builds on the long-standing relationship between our two companies, is an important step forward in our ongoing efforts to help clients derive maximum business value from their investments in Oracle technologies," says David Burns, head of Accenture's Oracle practice in Europe.

The center joins the Accenture Innovation Centre for Oracle, located at Oracle's global headquarters in Redwood Shores, California; the Accenture Centre of Excellence for Oracle in Bangalore, India; and other Centres of Excellence throughout Europe. The Innovation Centres for Oracle are part of Accenture's three-year, US$450 million investment in service-oriented architecture (SOA), announced in July 2006.

Secure Path Launches Oracle-Powered web platform

Oracle partner Secure Path, a provider of digital media asset registration and data management solutions, has launched MediaDNS, a standards-based Web platform that centralizes data management, distribution, analytics, and reporting for digital media. MediaDNS was created using Oracle Fusion Middleware and takes advantage of Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF).

Secure Path is the primary North American registration agency for the International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) and in that capacity handles digital media asset registration for U.S.-based film and TV companies. Having the centralized MediaDNS registry enables Secure Path to manage, translate, and integrate the continually expanding content and metadata categories required by media companies.

"Running Secure Path's platform on Oracle Fusion Middleware provides us with the highly scalable and adaptable solution that we need to meet our customer requirements and support future growth," says David Benson, chief technology officer at Secure Path.

The company chose to build MediaDNS on Oracle Fusion Middleware because of its scalability, extensibility, and ability to manage complex processes. Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle ADF enabled Secure Path to develop MediaDNS as an SOA platform that incorporates more than 50 processes for integrating metadata and interacting with Web services administered by the ISAN International Agency in Geneva, Switzerland.

Satyam's Airline xPress Takes Off

Satyam Computer Services, an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, has released Airline xPress, an Oracle-based back-office solution for low-cost airlines. Encompassing purchasing, inventory, human resources, and accounting processes, Airline xPress provides predefined business process flows, ready-made project lifecycle components, templates, and utilities all generally suited for the airline industry and for emerging airlines and low-cost carriers in particular.

"This robust solution will help airline industry organizations enjoy markedly enhanced operational efficiency," says Sriram Papani, senior vice president of enterprise applications at Satyam. "By leveraging Oracle's leading-edge application products and Satyam's exceptional innovation capabilities, we have created a standardized solution that will accelerate transformation and drive their future competitive strength."

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Airline xPress handles end-to-end business processes in revenue management, cost management, assets management, inventory management, and human resource management. Specifically, it captures general station, outstation, agent, and ICH bookings, thereby preventing revenue leakage; demarcates revenue streams into passenger, cargo, and miscellaneous sales categories; manages and controls direct operating costs such as fuel and aircraft lease payments; and captures and allocates indirect costs.

Kepware Announces Plant Floor Communications for Oracle

Kepware Technologies, a provider of communication software for automation and a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, has announced that KEPServerEX will provide manufacturing plant floor execution data to Oracle manufacturing applications.

"Kepware is extremely proud to work with Oracle," says Roy Kok, vice president of sales and marketing for Kepware. "The architecture of our KEPServerEX product is a natural fit for all OEM applications, delivering high reliability and consistent operation across all 130-plus protocols that we offer, in a solution that is easy and straightforward to validate and support."

Kepware offers experience in both open process control (OPC) and embedded device communications. KEPServerEX, the newest version of Kepware's OPC server, allows users to set up communications from equipment to control business systems via plug-in device drivers and components. Other new features of KEPServerEX include OPC client functionality, enabling KEPServerEX to act as a gateway from any OPC server, including third-party device drivers and higher-level HMI/SCADA or Historian products; data analytics based on real-time plant floor data; and complex data tags for aggregating information into concise time- or event-relevant structures.

Knowledge Services Expands Educational Offerings

Knowledge Services, a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork and an Oracle Approved Education Center (OAEC), has opened a state-of-the-art classroom facility in Tampa, Florida, and has begun offering new classes for Oracle Database 11g and Oracle's PeopleSoft applications. Knowledge Services' new facility joins those in nine other U.S. cities that offer expert skills and needs assessments, comprehensive training plans, and staffing solutions. The company also provides registration services for all Oracle and OAEC classroom locations worldwide through its network of global education partnerships.

The new facility features individual workstations, high-quality video projection, high-speed wireless internet connectivity, and other amenities. The new classes include Oracle Database 11g New Features for Administrators, Oracle Database 11g Administration Workshop I and II, PeopleSoft Release 8.4.8, PeopleSoft Server Administration and Installation, PeopleSoft Security, and PeopleTools I and II.

"We use our centers to provide expert technology training and outstanding customer service, whether it's a large corporation taking advantage of our free skills assessments and planning services or an individual interested in registering for a single class," says Julie Bielawski, CEO of Knowledge Services.


Book Beat

Pro Oracle Application Express

By John Edward Scott and Scott Spendolini
ISBN: 978-1590598276

Oracle Application Express is an application development framework for quickly developing database-backed applications. Pro Oracle Application Express looks "under the hood" of Oracle Application Express to expose the full power behind its easy-to-use GUI interface. Learn to produce powerful, polished applications with lessons on user-authentication models; layout and navigation; Ajax integration; localization issues such as time zones and translations; and much more.

Authors John Edward Scott and Scott Spendolini have focused their careers on developing Oracle Application Express applications. Scott runs ShellPrompt, a hosting service that handles many large-scale Oracle Application Express applications. Spendolini is one of the original creators of the tool. Pro Oracle Application Express is your opportunity to learn Oracle Application Express from the very best.

Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper

By Deepak Vohra
ISBN: 978-3540775959

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) is a Web technique used to transfer data between a browser and a server asynchronously, without posting the Web page to the server. Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper is for Web application developers, IT architects, project managers, and system administrators who want to learn techniques for Web search and RSS feeds with Ajax, as well as form validations with Ajax frameworks for Java, JavaServer Pages, JavaServer Faces, and PHP. The book will also help you understand the many advantages Oracle JDeveloper has over the Eclipse integrated development environment.

Author Deepak Vohra is an Oracle Certified Associate and a Sun Certified Java Programmer and has published in a wide array of technical journals. Vohra has an MS in mechanical engineering from Southern Illinois University.

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