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Upgrading to Oracle Fusion Applications: Planning Ahead
Cliff Godwin, senior vice president of applications development, Oracle, discusses the importance of upgrading to the latest Applications Unlimited releases and the evolutionary path to Oracle Applications built on Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Product Demos

Oracle JHeadstart Demos Available
Oracle JHeadstart is an extension to Oracle JDeveloper that boosts developer productivity when building Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) applications. It is based on Oracle Consulting's best practices on various large Oracle ADF projects. New demos are available for download that show you how to add multilanguage support, fine-grained security, and flexfields to your Oracle ADF application; upgrade your Oracle JHeadstart/Oracle ADF 10g application to Oracle ADF 11g; and migrate your Oracle Forms application to an Oracle ADF application.

Oracle University

Oracle's Hyperion Financial Management 9.3.1: Create and Manage Applications
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This five-day course provides instruction on creating and managing applications in Hyperion Financial Management. Students learn to create an application, enter data, and adjust and view data using data grids and data forms. They also learn to enter and process journals and intercompany data, load rules, calculate and consolidate data, manage the review and approval process of financial data, and apply system security to Hyperion Financial Management data.

Oracle's Hyperion Planning 9.3.1: Create and Manage Applications
(Search keyword: Hyperion Planning 9.3.1)
This five-day course provides instruction for creating and managing applications using Hyperion Planning. Students learn to create applications, add dimensions and members, import members, load data, set up security, create data forms, set up task lists, set up calculations, and move a plan through the planning cycle. Students also learn to access data offline and analyze plan data.


Greening Your Supply Chain
Rich Kroes, product strategy director for Oracle supply chain management, spent 2007 raising awareness about the economic and social benefits of a greener supply chain. He talks about how Oracle's expertise with data and operational efficiency make the company's solutions perfect for going green.

Hosting Government Systems with Oracle On Demand
Richard Cirigliano, Oracle vice president, On Demand for the federal government practice, talks about how hosted software has fundamentally changed the IT strategy of the U.S. federal government.

What's Fueling the Increased Customer Adoption of Identity Management and Driving Oracle's Security Product Strategy?
Hasan Rizvi, vice president of identity management products, Oracle, talks about trends driving increased customer adoption of identity management and what's driving Oracle's identity management product strategy, including the most recent acquisitions and the product road map.

SOA for the Real World
Demed L'Her, senior principal product manager from the Oracle SOA Suite team, talks about what's unique in the suite and why support for service component architecture and complex event processing technologies is so important.

Oracle Real Application Testing
David Mitchell, senior vice president of research at Ovum, discusses the key challenges facing IT when it comes to inadequate testing of production applications following change implementation and how Oracle Real Application Testing stacks up against traditional methods of testing in database environments.



"When you think about the impact that companies have on the environment, it really starts at the beginning of their value chains with how a company's products are sourced, produced, fulfilled, serviced, and ultimately how they are disposed of."


—Rich Kroes, Product Strategy Director, Oracle Supply Chain Management, in the Greening Your Supply Chain podcast

Growing Your Business with Oracle Database
Oracle customer Tom Clark, CIO of Property Condition Assessments, discusses how Oracle Database Standard Edition One addresses the needs of midsize companies like his by providing a scalable, affordable, and secure platform for growing your business.

Solving Business Challenges with Oracle Application Express
Chris Thomson, solutions director at Indigo Tide, a consulting organization with a focus on Oracle technologies, discusses how he uses Oracle Application Express to develop fast, secure, and scalable Web applications that automate workflow for his clients.

Using SecureFiles in Oracle Database 11g
Tim Frazier, senior technical architect at National Ignition Facility, discusses how his company is using the Oracle SecureFiles feature in Oracle Database 11g on a large scale to help harness clean, efficient energy sources.

Why Oracle Customers Should Adopt SOA-Based Integration Today
Nadia Bendjedou, director of product strategy, Oracle, discusses service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based integration and its role as the backbone for Oracle's next generation of applications.

Oracle Real Application Clusters on Windows
Sachin Kothari, manager of corporate applications and systems integration at Solutia, discusses how the global chemical manufacturing company improved its application performance, scalability, and reliability by deploying Oracle Real Application Clusters on Windows.

Data Integration: Missing Piece for a Successful Service-Oriented Architecture
Miranda Nash, senior director of development, Oracle Fusion Middleware, describes Oracle's data integration strategy and why data integration is key to a successful SOA.

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Fusion Development Experience and Oracle's Next-Generation Applications
Ted Farrell, chief architect for Oracle Fusion Middleware, discusses the Oracle Fusion Middleware development experience and its benefits for Oracle's next-generation applications, plus the latest on Enterprise 2.0 technologies.

Applications Unlimited and Siebel 8.0
Scott Nash, vice president, Oracle's Siebel product management, discusses the success of the Siebel 8.0 release, customer momentum, how Oracle continues to invest in the Siebel product line, and what's new for Siebel and customer relationship management (CRM).

What Are Social CRM Applications?
Anthony Lye, senior vice president of CRM, Oracle, discusses how Oracle's social CRM applications combine powerful enterprise applications and the latest in social networking with Web 2.0 technology to improve end-user productivity.

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Get SOA Expertise On Demand
Register to access the SOA Leadership Roundtable Webcast , where leading companies and industry experts share their experiences in designing and implementing SOA solutions. Find out why these organizations chose an SOA approach, how they secured management approval and addressed challenges, and lessons learned during implementation. Other SOA resources, including a free SOA assessment, are also available.

Get Started with Oracle on Windows DVD
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