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November/December 2008

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Partner News

Zmanda’s Amanda Enterprise Supports Oracle Database on Linux

Amanda Enterprise, the flagship product of Oracle partner Zmanda, a provider of open source backup and recovery software, now supports Oracle Database running on Oracle Enterprise Linux. In addition, Amanda Enterprise is now part of the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support Program.

Scalable, heterogeneous, and secure, Amanda Enterprise uses open formats and a built-in backup scheduler that shortens backup windows and reduces storage and bandwidth consumption. Amanda Enterprise is the only backup and recovery solution certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as being free from security defects.

Amanda Enterprise includes Oracle agents that allow IT administrators to perform backups of Oracle Databases on many platforms. The Zmanda Oracle Agent for Linux and Solaris leverages Oracle Recovery Manager capabilities such as block-level corruption detection, file multiplexing, and backup compression to ensure backup integrity while optimizing performance.

U&SLUNO Introduces JWasp Framework for Oracle Forms in Java

Oracle Certified Partner U&SLUNO has introduced JWasp Framework, a tool that allows processing and development of Oracle Forms in Java.

JWasp Framework was launched in cooperation with Oracle in the Czech Republic. It provides direct migration of Oracle Forms to Java; the ability to create new Oracle Forms in Java; and parallel functioning of new, migrated, and existing Oracle Forms. Because of JWasp’s user-friendly environment and utilization of Java WebStart technology, U&SLUNO estimates that it delivers an 80 percent cost reduction and a 66 percent time savings when compared with manual Oracle Forms migration.

JWasp’s various user-manageable settings include dynamic setting of table column width, dynamic sequencing of columns, hiding and displaying of random table columns, and data sorting according to one or more columns. It also provides a variety of data export capabilities, including Microsoft Excel and XML.

Helpstream Integrates Customer Service Solutions with Oracle CRM On Demand

Helpstream, a provider of on-demand collaborative customer service solutions, has integrated its service with Oracle CRM On Demand.

The combined solution is intended to address one of the most difficult challenges facing companies today: connecting customers to information—and to each other—in order to resolve problems quickly and effectively. The Oracle-Helpstream solution lets companies link their user communities, self-service options, and agent-assisted support processes into a single integrated workflow.

Together, Helpstream’s service and Oracle CRM On Demand enable customers to search for relevant information across a knowledgebase, post and answer questions in online communities, use interactive checklists that provide step-by-step instructions, and submit cases needing additional assistance. Customer service representatives using the combined solution will have instant access to cases within Oracle CRM On Demand and will be able to track histories for both agent-assisted and self-service cases.

K2Analytics is a division of Pinnacle Group Worldwide, an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner.

Data Domain Enhances Its Virtual Tape Library Software

Oracle partner Data Domain, a provider of deduplication storage systems, has enhanced its Data Domain Virtual Tape Library (VTL) with a GUI and support for 4GB Fibre Channel fabric interfaces. The software is also certified for Oracle Secure Backup.

Data Domain’s virtual approach is intended to make it easier for storage-area-network customers to take advantage of Data Domain’s high-performance inline deduplication storage. The browser-based user interface in Data Domain VTL is used for configuration and management of virtual tape libraries and simplifies the provisioning and administration of tape library-like artifacts.

Voltaire Receives Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Enterprise Linux Certifications

Voltaire, a provider of grid backbone solutions and an Oracle partner, has announced that its InfiniBand products have achieved Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 11g and Oracle Enterprise Linux certifications using OpenFabrics Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) over InfiniBand.

OpenFabrics RDS is an open source, high-bandwidth, low-latency communication protocol created by Oracle’s Linux development group to improve the performance of cluster interconnect-intensive applications. The Voltaire solution lets organizations run larger clusters and improve performance and efficiency of large-scale data sets.

nCipher Provides Encryption Key Management for Oracle Database 11g

Oracle partner nCipher’s nShield and netHSM key management solutions are now integrated with the transparent data encryption feature in Oracle Database 11g’s Oracle Advanced Security option. The combination of Oracle transparent data encryption and nCipher’s secure key management systems provides high data security and enables compliance with regulations and industry standards including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

An established best practice for key management includes use of hardware security modules such as nCipher netHSM. Hardware security modules are platforms within which keys can be securely created, used, and stored. They are used to establish strong authentication rules for administrators and dual-control mechanisms for shared responsibilities.

Accenture Introduces Oracle-Based Workforce Analytics

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Oracle Certified Advantage Partner Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company, has introduced Accenture Workforce Analytics, an Oracle-based solution that provides tools and metrics to manage the workforce as a competitive asset.

Accenture Workforce Analytics taps into the data in enterprise human resources management systems such as Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Resources and transforms that data into useful, actionable business intelligence. It provides key performance indicators and ready-made metrics for recruitment, retention, training, HR costs, contact center performance, and other HR functions. It also helps managers to forecast potential human capital-related shortcomings, uncover their root causes, and take corrective actions that can increase employee productivity, control workforce costs, and manage employee turnover and retention.

ArcSight Integrates Identity and Security Management Technologies

ArcSight, a provider of compliance and security management solutions and an Oracle partner, has released IdentityView, a product that connects the user- and role-management functions of identity management products with the activity monitoring and correlation functions of security information and event management products. IdentityView includes connectors to Oracle Identity Management and provides improved understanding of who is on a network, what data they’re seeing, and what actions are being taken with that data.

IdentityView correlates multiple user identities into a single identity key. It then uses that key to collect and analyze all of a user’s activity information to determine whether the user is performing unauthorized activities. IdentityView ships with a set of reports and dashboards, including activity-based role modeling and comprehensive activity reporting.

Capgemini and Oracle Launch Hosted Transportation Management Solution

Oracle and Oracle Certified Advantage Partner Capgemini are offering TMS NOW, a hosted implementation of Oracle Transportation Management combined with Capgemini’s expertise in logistics assessment, distribution network optimization, and warehouse management.

TMS NOW was designed to overcome three obstacles to adoption of a transportation management solution (TMS): some companies cannot commit necessary resources for a full-scale TMS purchase and implementation, many companies want to start with a small-scale TMS and grow it, and many emerging companies need a TMS but lack the necessary technical resources.

TMS NOW allows companies to leverage the economies of scale that result from multiple organizations sharing TMS infrastructure and connectivity costs.


Book Beat

Refactoring SQL Applications

By Stephane Faroult and Pascal L’Hermite
O’Reilly Media
ISBN: 9780596514976

When database performance doesn’t meet your expectations, reach for Refactoring SQL Applications . This book provides a set of tested options for making code modifications to dramatically improve the way your database applications function. Backed by real-world examples, the book offers quick fixes for simple problems, in-depth answers for more-complex situations, and complete solutions for applications with extensive problems.

The book teaches you to recognize and assess code that needs refactoring, and to understand the crucial link between refactoring and performance.

Coauthor Stephane Faroult has been working with the relational model and the SQL language since 1983. Pascal L’Hermite has extensive experience working with relational databases in online transaction processing and production and development environments.


Oracle Modernization Solutions

By Jason Williamson and Tom Laszewski
Packt Publishing
ISBN: 1847194648

Oracle Modernization Solutions provides detailed guidance on how to implement two well-known mainframe modernization approaches: service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration and rearchitecture. The authors explain when and why to choose SOA integration, a noninvasive approach that allows legacy components to be reused and integrated quickly and safely. They also explain when to choose rearchitecture to engineer legacy components and preserve business knowledge in a modern, open, and extensible architecture.

The book includes a thorough discussion of modernizing to a process-driven SOA based on Java Platform, Enterprise Edition; Oracle Database; and Oracle Fusion Middleware. Real-life scenarios with detailed hands-on examples are provided.


Coauthor Jason Williamson is product manager of modernization solutions at Oracle. Tom Laszewski is the director of the Oracle modernization solutions team.

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