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September/October 2008

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I Want My ApexLib

I am an Oracle Certified Professional in Oracle Database 10g and an avid reader of Oracle Magazine. Can future Browser-Based columns [featuring Oracle Application Express] focus on the Oracle Application Express ApexLib framework and the builder plug-in?
Agaba Philip

Another Way to Kick the Habit

I just read the column “On BULK COLLECT” (March/April 2008). Regarding the “Kicking the %NOTFOUND Habit” item in that column, there is another solution to the problem you describe.

The solution is to use the EXIT . . . %NOTFOUND statement not after BULK COLLECT, but after FOR LOOP. [Editor’s note: Due to space limitations we are unable to include the example provided.]
Muhammad Abid Khan

Steven Feuerstein ( responds: You are correct! You could also move the %NOTFOUND statement to the end of the loop. This would ensure that all fetched rows are processed, and you would not execute another fetch simply to verify that all rows were fetched.

I would say that the only downside of this approach is that the EXIT statement is then possibly very far away from the FETCH statement (if your loop body is long). This could make the code a bit harder to maintain.

Focus on Financials

Oracle Magazine is wonderful, but I suggest more detailed coverage of Oracle E-Business Suite Financials.
Oluwaseun Idowu

A Plea for Profession Certification

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Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative magazine. I was wondering why there is no Oracle certification for Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) technologies. I’m looking for something like Microsoft’s Certified Professional Developer: Enterprise Applications Developer on Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 certification.

Currently, there is no formal or official means of demonstrating competence and skills with Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF technologies.
Ibrahim Ajubi

The Oracle certification team ( responds: Thank you for your comments and input. The Oracle Certification Program continues to consider and evaluate new certification tracks and paths on an ongoing basis. We will continue to evaluate new areas in which to develop certification, but at this time we are not planning an Oracle JDeveloper/Oracle ADF technologies certification.

Developer Diversity?

The following letter concerns the “Developer Nation” cover of Oracle Magazine’s May/June 2008 issue.

Goodness. I never realized how few Oracle developers are women. My shop must be a real anomaly, what with being about 40 percent female and all.
Lynne Proven

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