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Partner News

Spatial Eye Chooses ODP.NET

Oracle partner Spatial Eye has adopted Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) and is using it instead of its own custom-built .NET adapter. Based in Culemborg, the Netherlands, Spatial Eye offers products and services built on Oracle Spatial that enable enterprises to extend their IT infrastructures with location-aware spatial applications.

Spatial Eye’s flagship product, Spatial Workshop, can exploit Oracle’s user-defined type support to integrate enterprise data and spatial information in Oracle Database 11g with data from spreadsheets, documents, maps, satellite images, and other sources.

“We are able to offer our customers an industry-standard product that takes advantage of the unique functionality of Oracle Database while saving costs on development and maintenance of our own adapter,” says Patrick van Dijk, chief developer of Spatial Eye.

Oracle and Satyam Codevelop Product Lifecycle Management Integration

Oracle Certified Advantage Partner Satyam Computer Services, a global consulting and IT services provider is codeveloping Oracle Application Integration Architecture Process Integration Packs for enterprise product lifecycle management (PLM) with Oracle. Satyam is collaborating with Oracle’s development teams to integrate Oracle’s Agile PLM applications and Oracle E-Business Suite.

“This codevelopment effort extends our go-to-market partnership with Oracle while allowing us to deliver a faster, less-expensive implementation featuring packaged PLM integrations and expert services,” says Sriram Papani, senior vice president and head of the Oracle practice at Satyam.

The process integration pack codeveloped by Oracle and Satyam will support new-product introduction processes, including manufacturing release of new product definitions, product launch, change management of existing products, bidirectional synchronization of engineering change status and material attribute information between manufacturing and PLM, tracking and monitoring of change processing, and error handling and notification.

K2Analytics Launches APPMULE for Hyperion

K2Analytics has released APPMULE, a software solution that combines hardware and application information to monitor the health of Oracle’s Hyperion performance management applications. APPMULE tracks server, application, and user performance to identify potential IT and application issues and then helps resolve these issues through built-in remediation capabilities.

Using a real-time dashboard and reporting interface, APPMULE monitors an application’s impact on the overall IT infrastructure. It continuously polls error logs from multiple applications, consolidates those logs into a single database, and assesses critical threats based on a predefined weighted scale. It provides a range of search and drill-through tools, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and customizable views.

K2Analytics is a division of Pinnacle Group Worldwide, an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner.

SGI Unveils Scalable Data Warehouse Solution for Oracle

Oracle partner SGI has announced its Adaptive Data Warehouse Solution optimized for Oracle data warehouses. Built for complex decision support environments, the new solution uses SGI technology first developed for data-intensive computing challenges such as battlefield intelligence, energy exploration, and weather modeling and forecasting.

Part of the Oracle Optimized Warehouse Initiative, the SGI Adaptive Data Warehouse Solution combines Oracle Real Application Clusters with SGI Altix servers and SGI InfiniteStorage systems. Target customers include online merchants handling high-volume transactions, organizations running sophisticated pattern recognition software to catch identity thieves, and manufacturers whose decision support needs range from sales analysis to supply chain management.

“As data warehouses grow, and as more types of enterprise users need the data stored within them to make business-critical decisions, these large databases must cost-effectively scale to meet emerging needs,” says Jean S. Bozman, research vice president, Enterprise Servers, IDC. “SGI has seen this mix of IT requirements evolving over time, spending decades developing systems that are optimized for large-scale decision support environments. SGI’s Adaptive Data Warehouse Solution draws on that history in a way that speaks to the needs of enterprises maintaining complex, data-intensive Oracle warehouses, while giving them the headroom to scale up as their needs change.”

The SGI Adaptive Data Warehouse is offered in three scalable entry points. For midrange data warehouses (up to 20TB of user data), it uses SGI Altix XE250 servers, SGI InfiniteStorage 220 systems, and an InfiniBand node interconnect switch. For large data warehouses (up to 100TB), the solution employs SGI Altix 450 servers and SGI InfiniteStorage 220 systems. For ultralarge data warehouses (larger than 100TB), the solution is based on SGI Altix 4700 servers and SGI InfiniteStorage 4600 systems.

Voice-Insight Offers Oracle Applications-Based Mobility Solutions

Voice-Insight, an Oracle partner and a provider of speech recognition solutions for mobile applications, has announced voice interface solutions for Oracle Warehouse Management and Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications. Voice-Insight will create natural-language voice interaction capabilities for the Oracle Mobile Client running on multimodal mobile devices. Because of its deployment simplicity and flexibility, the new voice interface is suitable for low- or variable-volume situations and flexible work, although it will also be available for supply chain environments with higher transactional volumes.

“With Oracle’s world-class mobility platform and vast customer base, we have a perfect opportunity to bring the benefits of voice to many customers who, until now, found voice too complex or expensive to implement,” says Voice-Insight CEO Charles Kemper.

The solution uses Voice-Insight’s Voice Query Language (VQL) software and provides mobile device compatibility with Windows XP terminals and voice-ready Windows Mobile terminals from Motorola, LXE, and others. It features integrated voice control of data capture devices such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, and cameras, as well as output devices such as label printers.

3PAR Adds Oracle Support

3PAR, a provider of utility storage and an Oracle Certified Partner, is supporting Oracle Database 11g in 3PAR System Reporter, a Web-based historical performance- and capacity-management reporting tool for 3PAR InServ Storage Servers. System Reporter displays historical performance and capacity utilization information for 3PAR arrays; enables users to create and display reports by server and by application data set; and highlights key performance metrics such as I/O per second, megabytes per second, and I/O service times.

“The addition of Oracle Database 11g support to System Reporter enables more 3PAR customers to aggregate historical system data for multiple InServs,” says David Scott, president and CEO of 3PAR. “A growing number of our customers rely on System Reporter as a significant tool for troubleshooting, planning, consolidated monitoring, and gathering of information required for service-level agreement and charge-back support. We’re excited to welcome Oracle Database 11g users into the fold.”

Axeda Extends Oracle Service and Maintenance Management Capabilities

Oracle partner Axeda, a provider of internet-based remote service software, is collaborating with Oracle to deliver an integrated solution for proactive remote service and maintenance management. The Axeda ServiceLink solution enhances Oracle Field Service and Oracle Enterprise Asset Management to deliver real-time monitoring, management, and data collection from connected equipment. With the combined Oracle/Axeda solution, manufacturers can troubleshoot, diagnose, and in some cases correct problems remotely over the internet, thereby reducing operating costs through accurate and rapid problem resolution.

Axeda ServiceLink provides role-based alerts to support personnel, service technicians, owners/operators, and third-party service providers. Its remote diagnosis and troubleshooting features facilitate dispatch of appropriate technicians, parts, and work plans, and its equipment state monitoring features can track availability and service metrics for compliance with service-level agreements. ServiceLink also provides usage monitoring for automatic tracking and replenishment of consumables, and automatic asset configuration discovery for service calls and sales opportunities.

“Our relationship with Oracle will provide . . . more value to our existing and future customers by applying our solutions deeper into the service delivery value chain,” says David Canavan, vice president of original equipment manufacturer sales and business development at Axeda. To preview the Axeda solution, enter the PIN yes2remote at

TCS Offers Security Blanket for Oracle Enterprise Linux

Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS) has joined the Oracle PartnerNetwork and is offering Security Blanket 1.2, its automated system lockdown and security management tool, to customers running Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 or 5.

Security Blanket automates industry-standard best practices for hardening Linux. The security profiles in Security Blanket are based on guidelines recommended by the Center for Internet Security, the Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guides, and select guidelines from the SANS Institute’s defined risks associated with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Security Blanket users can also create custom security profiles. Once a profile is selected, Security Blanket assesses a Linux system and shows its conformance with the security guidelines, giving it a grade of Pass, Fail, or Not Applicable. Clicking on failed criteria provides a detailed description of the failure and suggestions for modification. Administrators can then choose to make the modification or ignore Security Blanket’s recommendation.

“Our participation in the Oracle PartnerNetwork is driven by customer demand and will not only enable us to strengthen our relationship with Oracle but will help ensure the best possible support for Oracle Unbreakable Linux program users who have deployed Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 or 5,” says Ed Hammersla, TCS chief operating officer.

Reva Systems Integrates RFID Appliances with Oracle E-Business Suite

Reva TAP appliances from Reva Systems, an RFID network infrastructure provider and an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, now support Oracle E-Business Suite. Reva TAPs are purpose-built RFID network infrastructure appliances that provide RFID device control and data processing. Reva TAPs install at the facility level to manage RFID readers and equipment from many different providers, collect raw tag data, process the data for accuracy, and pass relevant RFID information to enterprise applications including Oracle E-Business Suite. Reva also provides enterprise RFID management tools that can remotely operate RFID infrastructure and devices across global sites.

“Reva complements Oracle’s vision for deploying RFID,” says Buck Devashish, vice president of business development at Reva Systems. “By implementing Reva at the edge, Oracle users can quickly and easily incorporate accurate, useful RFID data into Oracle E-Business Suite at the enterprise level.”

IBM and Oracle Collaborate to Serve Midsize Businesses

IBM, an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, is developing, selling, and implementing Oracle-based solutions for midsize clients under Oracle Accelerate and the IBM Express Advantage program. The expanded relationship will extend Oracle’s market reach and allow IBM and its channel partners to deliver industry-specific solutions to midsize businesses.

“This agreement represents an important milestone in IBM’s continuing commitment to deliver targeted industry solutions to our valued midsize clients,” says Brian Mitchell, global and Americas Oracle leader, IBM Global Business Services.

Two solutions are now available. IBM Express Industrial Manufacturing Solution for Oracle Accelerate, available in the United States and Canada, provides midsize manufacturers with specialized applications for managing the manufacture of products with variable attributes and complex supply chains. IBM Express Food and Beverage Solution for Oracle Accelerate, available in select European countries, provides midsize food and beverage companies with an enterprise resource planning application platform that supports collaborative, repetitive environments; high-velocity supply chain requirements; and use of third-party wholesalers and retailers.

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TopQuadrant Offers Semantic Application Development Suite

Oracle partner TopQuadrant has integrated its TopBraid Live 2.0 semantic development suite with Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition. The integration allows semantic applications to access the native resource description framework storage capabilities in Oracle Spatial.

Oracle customers can use TopBraid Composer, part of the TopBraid Live suite, to edit user-defined native Oracle rules and run server-side inferences. Users can combine user-defined rule bases with predefined Oracle rule sets in W3C standards and arrange them in a delegation chain to create hybrid reasoning processes.

SPARQLMotion, TopQuadrant’s visual scripting language, permits scripts to be displayed and edited by people without programming skills. Users can chain together simple processing steps to form complex processing pipelines that can merge, search, query, and mash up data or create reports or dashboards.

The Flex API in the TopBraid Live suite creates graphical “information spaces” in which users can browse dynamic information by following graphical links. It delivers dynamic rich internet applications using the Adobe Flash Player and can display and edit tree structures, forms, graphs, tables, calendars, maps, images, and other semantically enabled information.

“This integration provides organizations with all the tools necessary to build, deploy, and manage semantic applications that fully leverage Oracle Database 11g,” says Holger Knublauch, vice president, product development, TopQuadrant.


Book Beat

Oracle Database 11g : A Beginner’s Guide

By Ian Abramson, Michael Abbey, and Michael Corey
Oracle Press
ISBN: 0071604596

The authors of Oracle Database 10g : A Beginner’s Guide are back with a fully revised version that covers the fundamental concepts of Oracle Database 11g. Through self-paced tutorials, readers will learn database essentials, the role of the administrator, high availability, and large database features. The book walks readers through database setup, administration, programming, and backup and recovery. It also includes an in-depth introduction to SQL and PL/SQL. In addition, a configurable sample database—available online—provides additional support for projects and examples.

Coauthor Abramson is president of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG). Abbey is an IOUG board member, and Corey is a past president of the IOUG.

Oracle PL/SQL by Example, Fourth Edition

By Benjamin Rosenzweig and Elena Rakhimov
Prentice Hall Professional
ISBN: 0137144229

Oracle PL/SQL by Example, Fourth Edition provides an integrated learning solution that covers all the Oracle PL/SQL skills you need, hands-on, through real-world labs, extensive examples, exercises, and projects. Completely updated for Oracle Database 11g, the book covers PL/SQL fundamentals, from PL/SQL syntax and program control through packages and triggers.

You’ll walk through every key task, discovering the most-important PL/SQL programming techniques. Building on your hands-on learning, the authors share solutions that offer deeper insights and proven best practices. End-of-chapter projects bring together all the techniques you’ve learned.

Coauthor Rosenzweig is the author of Oracle Forms Developer: The Complete Video Course (Prentice Hall). Rakhimov is a developer who has taught database programming at Columbia University.

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