Oracle Magazine

2008 Issues

November/December 2008

Cover Story: Editors' Choice Awards 2008; Feature: Oracle and HP Partner On Hardware Offering
Technology: Keeping Active (Nanda); Programming Productively (Harper); New Ways to Flash Back (Jagannath); On Separation and Counting (Kyte); Developer:Developing a Regional Accent (Muench); On Cursor FOR Loops (Feuerstein); Instant ODP.NET Deployment (Williams)

September/October 2008
Cover Story: Share 2.0; Features: Restrictions Apply; Managing Identity Diversity; Meets and Exceeds
Technology: Document, Monitor, and Manage (Harper); More Ways to Flash Back (Jagannath); The Trouble with Triggers (Kyte); Developer:Task and You Shall Receive (Muench); On Signatures and Changing WHERE (Feuerstein); Customize the Experience (Williams)

July/August 2008
Cover Story: Measure. Analyze. Perform.; Features: License to Operate; Growing Green
Technology: Compress to Impress (Nanda); Managing History (Gennick); Managing File Versions (Harper); Using Database Advisors (Jagannath); On Redefinition, Nature, and Triggers (Kyte); Developer: More Support for the Kernel (Schwerin); A Home for Your Chrome (Muench); On Exceptions and Rules (Feuerstein); Cache Payback (Willliams)

May/June 2008
Cover Story: Developer Nation; Features: Wrap It Up; Energizing the Efficient Enterprise
Technology: Accelerating Data Warehousing (Vlamis); Making Database Connections (Harper); Back Up and Recover (Jagannath); On Seeing Double in V$SQL (Kyte); Developer: Enlightened Development (Muench); The Power of Two (Peake); On the PGA and Indexing Collections (Feuerstein); It Takes All Types (Shay)

March/April 2008
Cover Story: Moving Forward; Feature: Support For Superheroes
Technology: Performing Through Changes (Nanda); Building Queries Visually (Harper); Upgrading Manageability (Jagannath); Oracle Database
11g Redux (Kyte); Developer: Declarative Data Filtering (Muench); Building Interactive Reports (Peake); On BULK COLLECT (Feuerstein)

January/February 2008
Cover Story: Information Comes Home; Features: Making Enterprise Choices; Definitely Not Old-School
Technology: Better Workload, Better Testing (Nanda); Intelligence and Identity (Rittman and Crisp); Become a Certified Expert (Breederode and Goodman); On Tuning by Tracing (Kyte); Developer: Services with a Smile (Muench); Reporting from Your Browser (Peake)

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