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January/February 2009

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Partner News

Juniper WXC Platform Validated with Oracle E-Business Suite

Juniper Networks’ WXC 590 application acceleration platform has been validated with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. The WXC platform allocates bandwidth and prioritizes Oracle E-Business Suite applications traffic over noncritical data. This reduces the effects of WAN latency, network congestion, and packet loss and improves end-to-end performance of Oracle applications for distributed enterprises.

Testing through the Oracle Application Integration Architecture for Partners Initiative showed that Oracle E-Business Suite functionality is maintained when the WXC platform is inserted in-line between the client and application. In validation testing under this program, the WXC platform compressed HTML, HTTP/HTTPS, and Oracle Forms traffic, reducing payload and improving application response time.

“Many companies and government agencies today rely on Oracle applications to support their business operations,” says Ross Roesner, vice president of WAN acceleration at Juniper Networks, an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner. “With Juniper’s innovative features that accelerate large volumes of traffic across a broad range of applications, high-performance businesses can use their applications to not only meet strategic objectives but accelerate a competitive advantage.”

PortWise Announces Identity and Access Management Integration

PortWise has integrated its identity and access management solutions with Oracle Fusion Middleware 10g products. The PortWise authentication platform works with Oracle Internet Directory, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, to provide seamless single-sign-on capabilities. Like Oracle Internet Directory, PortWise uses Security Assertion Markup Language to exchange valid user identities. PortWise can synchronize user, group, and user-attribute values across applications to improve authorization decisions. It uses Oracle Access Manager, part of Oracle Identity Management, to add, remove, and modify users, groups, and user attributes in Oracle Internet Directory.

“The integrated solution has been proven to allow customers such as global financial institutions to leverage and extend their Oracle investment while providing seamless and secure application access,” says Kaushik Thakkar, vice president of strategic alliances at PortWise.

PortWise is a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork; the Oracle Enterprise Security and Governance, Risk, and Compliance Initiative; and the Oracle Extended Identity Management Ecosystem for Authentication.

Oracle Validates NoetixViews Business Intelligence Software

Noetix, an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, has announced that Oracle has validated NoetixViews business intelligence software for integration with Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise applications through the Oracle Application Integration Architecture for Partners Initiative.

The integration validation process for NoetixViews included a series of integration tests across different functional areas within Oracle Applications. NoetixViews demonstrated its ability to dynamically generate easy-to-use business views and reports. The purpose of the validation process is to give customers confidence that Oracle Applications and Noetix solutions work together as designed.

NoetixViews and Noetix’ patented technology, Noetix MetaBuilder, can automatically discover metadata and simplify the process of accessing data from Oracle’s application databases. Noetix MetaBuilder generates database views tailored to specific Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel CRM, or PeopleSoft Enterprise application configurations and helps nontechnical report writers to create ad hoc queries and custom reports.

“The integration validation process is an important component to Noetix’ long-term commitment of providing Oracle Applications customers with the meaningful business intelligence content they need for better insight across the organization,” says Morris Beton, Noetix CEO. 

Oracle Certified Advantage Partner (CAP)

Certified Advantage Partner (CAP) is Oracle PartnerNetwork’s highest membership level. CAPs consistently demonstrate superior product knowledge, technical expertise, and commitment to Oracle and receive advanced levels of service, training, benefits, and resources. To find a CAP, please visit

Brocade Optimizes Data Center Performance for Oracle VM

Oracle partner Brocade is using its Data Center Fabric architecture to optimize Oracle applications and databases running on Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM. Specifically, Brocade’s Adaptive Networking Data Center Fabric technologies can combine with Fibre Channel N-Port virtualization to consolidate, virtualize, and automate the storage infrastructure. Adaptive Networking uses deep network intelligence to anticipate congestion and to dynamically make adjustments in the fabric so that application traffic continues to flow as needed.

Adaptive Networking also simplifies data center network management and lowers costs by reducing the number of dedicated and discrete networks needed for individual applications. In addition, Adaptive Networking technology can be used to migrate applications and databases between virtual servers without compromising quality of service.

“Working closely with Oracle, we are very pleased to be among the first in the data center networking industry to be able to help optimize Oracle applications and database workloads,” says Harry Petty, director of marketing for Brocade’s server division.

Vovici Integrates with Oracle CRM On Demand

Vovici, a provider of feedback management and online community software, has released the Vovici CRM 2.0 Connector for Oracle CRM On Demand. An add-on module to the Vovici Enterprise Feedback Management platform, the connector accelerates the integration of customer feedback into Oracle CRM On Demand. Together, Vovici and Oracle provide a 360-degree view of customer attitudes, transactional experiences, and history without the need for custom programming.

The connector automatically scans Oracle CRM On Demand for information, pushes contact and lead opportunities from the Oracle platform into the Vovici platform, and incorporates feedback and survey data into customer relationship management records.

Oracle partner Vovici has also been selected to join the Oracle CRM On Demand “Inner Circle.” In this role, Vovici will collaborate with Oracle CRM On Demand product strategy, product management, engineering, and quality assurance organizations, as well as global alliance independent software vendors.

F5 Optimizes Siebel CRM Deployments 

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F5 Networks

F5 Networks’ Application Ready Solution for Oracle’s Siebel CRM is now available. Through tested and documented deployment, configuration, and optimization guidance, Application Ready Solution for Siebel CRM delivers LAN-like performance over the WAN. F5’s intelligent compression achieves an 87 percent bandwidth reduction and can offload up to 70 percent of Siebel CRM server connections. F5 policies and profiles leverage Secure Sockets Layer offload, caching, and acceleration technologies in F5’s BIG-IP application delivery modules.

“In preparing the Application Ready Solution for Siebel CRM, [F5 and Oracle] have worked closely to determine the best practices and ideal configurations for running F5 and Siebel CRM together—resulting in superior deployment benefits and an unparalleled user experience for joint customers,” says Jim Ritchings, vice president of business development at F5.

F5, a certified member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, also offers an Application Ready Solution for Oracle CRM On Demand.

Oracle and InQuira Partner on Customer Service Solution

Oracle has formed a strategic partnership with InQuira to provide an integrated solution that drives a seamless and valuable customer service experience across phone, Web, and community-based channels. InQuira is a provider of integrated software applications for Web self-service, agent-assisted support, and enterprise knowledge management. The solution combines InQuira’s collaboration and Web self-service applications with Oracle’s Siebel E-Support and Oracle’s Siebel CRM to provide consumers with a best-in-class Enterprise 2.0 experience.

“This new partnership with Oracle represents a natural evolution as companies adapt to customers’ rising expectations to get to answers from the full breadth and depth of all enterprise content,” says Mike Murphy, CEO of InQuira.


Book Beat

Reshaping Your Business with Web 2.0

By Vince Casarez, Billy Cripe, Jean Sini, and Philipp Weckerle
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
ISBN: 0071600787

Written by a team of Web 2.0 experts, this guide provides a blueprint for leveraging the new culture of participation in an enterprise environment. Reshaping Your Business with Web 2.0 offers proven strategies for the successful adoption of an Enterprise 2.0 paradigm and covers the technical solutions that best apply in specific situations. The book offers clear guidelines for using Web 2.0 technologies and standards in a productive way to align with business goals, increase efficiency, and provide measurable bottom-line growth.

Coauthor Vince Casarez is an Oracle vice president who focuses on Web 2.0 technology development, Enterprise 2.0, and portal products. Billy Cripe, director of product management at Oracle, focuses on Enterprise 2.0 strategy and enterprise content management products. Jean Sini cofounded the Web 2.0 startup Activeweave, which was later acquired by Buzzlogic, where he is CTO. Philipp Weckerle leads the product management efforts on Oracle Reports and content integration at Oracle.

Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs

By Darl Kuhn, Charles Kim, and Bernard Lopuz
ISBN: 1430215752

Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs is an example-based book on managing Oracle Database in a Linux environment. Covering commonly used distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux, the book is written for DBAs who need fast answers to help them get their jobs done. The book is task-oriented, urging readers to look up the task to be performed, see the solution, and then read the detailed explanation.

The authors cover all of the common and not-so-common tasks that DBAs perform on Linux, from terminating user processes to automating DBA jobs to unmarking and renaming Oracle Automatic Storage Management disks.

Coauthor Darl Kuhn is a DBA at Sun Microsystems. Charles Kim is director of database technologies at Novara Solutions. Bernard Lopuz is a senior technical support analyst at Oracle.

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