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July/August 2009

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More Web Design and Development

I am a regular reader of your magazine, and I indeed appreciate you and your team for your relentless effort in lifting information technology to greater heights. Still, I want to ask you to publish more about the application of HTML, PHP, and JavaServer Pages to Web design and development.
Felix Omojadegbe

Improving an Imperfect World

I read with keen interest the excellent article “Baselines and Better Plans,” by Arup Nanda (Oracle Magazine, March/April 2009). The author clearly articulates a very common problem, explains the various facets of the issue, and presents a solution considering all the different (sometimes conflicting) factors. More important, the article shows how to effectively harness a tool that is already available in Oracle Database 11g. I have been using Oracle Database 11g in production for more than six months now but was not aware of such great functionality. Now I see why the upgrade to Oracle Database 11g is even more desirable.

Thank you for publishing articles that help in the imperfect real world.
Tom Urban

To See is to Believe

I wear glasses for extreme farsightedness and can barely read the digital edition of Oracle Magazine. The light grey on a white background makes the eyes tire easily with the strain to focus properly. Why isn’t black text on a white background being used, which would more easily convey your highly appreciated information?
Denzel G. Turner

The editors reply: The appearance of the digital edition text has been optimized for online viewing, but the default text format and size may not be suitable for all subscribers. Viewing can be customized, however, by adjusting the magnification options available under the Settings menu, and the downloadable PDF presents a view that may more closely recreate the appearance of the printed magazine. What’s more, the work to optimize the digital edition is ongoing, and we are addressing this question in our current review of the digital edition format.

Finding the Right Form

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I read “Converting Forms” by David Peake (Oracle Magazine, May/June 2009), and it is very impressive.

I wanted to know: what is the main advantage of converting an Oracle Forms application to Oracle Application Express (or is it better to convert an Oracle Forms application into an Oracle Application Development Framework [Oracle ADF] application?), and what are the scope and future plans of Oracle regarding Oracle Application Express?
Rahim Yousuf Ali

The editors reply: Oracle Application Express and Oracle ADF offer different solutions for converting Oracle Forms applications, and the solution you choose will depend on different factors. For more information about converting Oracle Forms applications to Oracle Application Express applications and when Oracle Application Express may be the right choice for your conversion, see Oracle Application Express: Oracle Application Express for Oracle Forms Developers.

For information on converting Oracle Forms applications to Oracle ADF and when Oracle ADF may be the right choice for your conversion, see J2EE Application Development for Forms and Designer Developers. And as for Oracle’s scope/future plans for Oracle Application Express, check out Oracle Application Express: Statement of Direction.

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