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Partner News

Oracle Opens Partner Hub in Conjunction with DNS Poland

Europe’s fourth Oracle Partner Hub has opened in Krakow, Poland, in collaboration with DNS Poland, an Oracle Certified Partner. The Krakow Partner Hub, which features Oracle software modules running on Sun Microsystems’ Sun Blade hardware, will help Oracle partners providing technology solutions to midsize companies in eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (countries formerly part of the Soviet Union).

Like its counterparts in Prague, Czech Republic; Moscow, Russia; and Istanbul, Turkey, the Krakow Partner Hub includes an independent software vendor migration center where partners can safely migrate their solutions to Oracle technologies or upgrade them to the latest Oracle platform releases. Support for the partner solution migration process is provided free of charge. The hub also offers an Oracle Partner Academy, where qualified consultants deliver tailored training courses, and an Oracle Partner Studio to support partners’ marketing activities. The Oracle IT Managers Club also meets at the Oracle Partner Studio. During those meetings, IT managers working for Polish companies meet partners and invited guests to share their experience and knowledge.

Rolta Unveils SOA Today

Rolta has unveiled SOA Today, a set of service and software offerings providing fast implementation time and an agile approach to managing the transition to SOA. SOA Today also supports other innovative services such as cloud computing, open virtualization, green computing, and managed services.

Elements of SOA Today include Rolta’s one-day SOA Boot Camp; SOA Visioning, which establishes the road map and business case for SOA; and SOA JumpStart, Rolta’s rapid application development engagement. The team at Rolta’s SOA Center of Excellence in Lakewood, Colorado—born out of Rolta’s purchase of Oracle Certified Advantage Partner TUSC—includes two Oracle ACEs and recognized experts in project management, product management, and enterprise business development.

Oracle and SITA Build Next-Generation Airline Reservations System

Oracle and SITA, an Oracle partner, have announced a 15-year agreement to develop an open, agile airline reservations system using SOA and advanced computing techniques. A team of 400 software engineers and designers around the globe will collaborate on the project. SITA is the developer of the Horizon portfolio of passenger management and distribution solutions.

The reservation system will use Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle business intelligence (BI) solutions for advanced reporting, and Oracle Identity Management for security. The first offering of the partnership, now available, is Customer Journey, a Horizon solution that provides real-time access to airline bookings for BI applications and rapid retrieval of customer journey records across multiple search criteria.

As part of the agreement, SITA has joined the Oracle CIO Advisory Board and Oracle Customer Advisory Board and has access to Oracle labs and the Oracle Excellence Centre for collaborative innovation programs.

JackBe and EMS-Intelligent Chaos Deliver Mashups for Higher Education

Oracle partner JackBe and Oracle Certified Advantage Partner EMS-Intelligent Chaos have teamed to offer Higher Ed Mashup Packs that deliver contextual information from existing Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications through Presto, JackBe’s enterprise mashup platform.

One of the mashup pack offerings is a dashboard that aggregates data from the expense and time-tracking modules of PeopleSoft and delivers the information through personalized widgets. The mashup packs also include social mashups designed to increase collaboration and improve the student experience. Educational institutions can use the mashup packs to improve operational and strategic decision-making through dynamic access and visualization of student demographics, contributions, and operations data.

STR Software Automates Printing of Oracle Documents

STR Software, an Oracle Certified Partner, has released AventX Attachment Printer, a product that allows Oracle Enterprise Asset Management users to print and collate Oracle documents, including work orders, purchase orders, and statements, with their corresponding database attachments. With the AventX Attachment Printer for Oracle, users submit a single print command and the software automatically prints a complete packet of documents.

Identigral Adds Enterprise Single Sign-On with Passlogix’ v-GO Suite

Identigral, which provides identity management services related to the Oracle Identity Management platform, has added enterprise single-sign-on technology to its product portfolio through a reseller agreement with Oracle partner Passlogix, developer of the v-GO Access Accelerator Suite. The Passlogix partnership expands Identigral’s services for Fortune 1000 clients and organizations in the healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, legal, retail, and education markets.

v-GO Single Sign-On, the cornerstone of the suite, enables users to access any Windows, mainframe, or Web application with a single Windows logon and provides a complete audit trail of application access by user. v-GO Access Accelerator Suite extends single-sign-on capabilities to remote, mobile, and temporary users, including home computers, physicians’ offices accessing hospital networks, and third-party partners or contractors.

“Identigral’s decision to adopt v-GO as their [enterprise single-sign-on] solution of choice is a direct result of our technology leadership as well as our proven ability to provide a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership,” says Sean Harris, Passlogix vice president of business development. “Combined with the growing recognition of the value of enterprise single sign-on to both end users and administrators, these factors are fueling continued growth in our partner network and increasing v-GO’s availability around the world.”

Aquire’s OrgPublisher Receives Integration Validation

Oracle Certified Partner Aquire has announced that OrgPublisher, its organizational charting and reporting solution, has achieved validated integration with Oracle E-Business Suite through the Oracle PartnerNetwork Application Integration Architecture for Partners Initiative. OrgPublisher for Oracle E-Business Suite enables users to chart, view, model, and analyze organizational hierarchies and human capital information contained within Oracle E-Business Suite. This allows business leaders to create, maintain, and analyze succession plans and organizational models.

Solix Signs Pact with Oracle Financial Services Software

Oracle Certified Partner Solix Technologies has signed a global partner agreement with Oracle Financial Services Software. Under the agreement, Oracle Financial Services Software will embed the Solix enterprise data management solution in Oracle FLEXCUBE. This will help automate, archive, and purge processes by classifying data and by configuring and executing archiving and data migration routines.

The combined solution gives Oracle FLEXCUBE customers greater control over enterprise data and helps to keep data secure. It also ensures that data can be restored quickly and accurately.

Clarabridge Announces Real-Time Automated Customer Response Management

Oracle partner Clarabridge has announced Clarabridge Smart Response, an automated customer issue analysis, response, and routing solution powered by text mining that integrates with Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Clarabridge Smart Response automatically analyzes, codes, routes, and adjudicates a continuous stream of customer feedback and issues. The system also generates automatic customer-specific response letters and can, if appropriate, attach vouchers, coupons, or other forms of compensation.

In addition to enterprise CRM systems, Clarabridge Smart Response can monitor call-center notes, direct customer e-mails, Web forms, Web 2.0 sources, and other customer channels. The solution uses Clarabridge’s natural language processing, sentiment extraction, and other text transformation modules.

Unicon Offers PeopleSoft Implementation Services

Oracle partner Unicon has announced a comprehensive implementation services offering for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Student Administration Integration Pack. Unicon’s services for the pack include implementation planning, testing and validation, activation and configuration, and custom development.

Unicon uses PeopleSoft Student Administration Integration Pack to integrate PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Warehouse with a variety of standards-based learning management systems, including open source systems. 

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Signum Group Launches Signum EAM Analytics

Oracle Certified Partner Signum Group has released Signum EAM Analytics, a custom dashboard toolkit for deployment on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. With Signum EAM Analytics, organizations can streamline and coordinate daily operational measures and dashboards for enterprise asset management activities.

Designed for Oracle E-Business Suite 12, Signum EAM Analytics has a prebuilt dashboard interface that can display more than 30 key performance metrics including work orders, maintenance schedules, and inventory levels.

2e2 Unveils Oracle Accelerate Offering for Financial Services Industry

Oracle Certified Advantage Partner 2e2 has launched an Oracle Accelerate solution for midsize financial services businesses. 2e2’s Oracle Accelerate solution, based on Oracle E-Business Suite, is preconfigured based on industry business flows, but customers can also modify and expand the solution. It includes the following business processes: customer invoice to receipt, supplier invoice to payment, budgets to approval, bank statement to cash reconciliation, and period end close to financial reports.

Oracle Launches Sales Readiness Verification Initiative

Oracle has announced the Oracle Sales Readiness Verification Initiative for partners in North America. The initiative, which will verify the selling skills of 75 partners by the end of 2009, is designed to help partners with proven expertise in Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, and Oracle Grid Computing to drive new business.

The Oracle Sales Readiness Verification Initiative establishes a baseline measurement for partner expertise, based in part on customer references. It also fosters collaborative selling, including joint Oracle/partner business planning and lead passing from Oracle to partners. As part of the initiative, Oracle will acknowledge and promote partner expertise to existing and prospective customers.

Oracle Builds on Partner Enablement

Oracle is building on the Oracle Partner Enablement 2.0 program by expanding its industry partner summits and boot-camp training sessions in North America. Leaders from Oracle’s industry divisions, product and strategy teams, and North America sales and alliance executive team host the industry partner summits. Five new summits are planned for the second half of 2009, covering the following industries: industrial manufacturing/automotive, aerospace and defense, communications, healthcare, and life sciences. Boot camps deliver focused training by product area for partners. Since the launch of the Oracle PartnerNetwork Boot Camp program in late 2008, 15 courses for partners have been created.

LumenData and Globallogic Open Hub

Oracle partner LumenData, a product development and services firm, has joined with Oracle partner GlobalLogic, a provider of software product development services, to establish a LumenData engineering and services hub in Bangalore, India. The new hub will provide implementation and customization services for Oracle data management products, including master data management, BI, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and data quality.


Book Beat

Secrets of the Oracle Database

By Norbert Debes
ISBN: 1430219521

Secrets of the Oracle Database is your guide to extremely helpful but not-well-known features of Oracle Database. Covering useful but sometimes undocumented features from Oracle9i Database through Oracle Database 11g, this book will improve your efficiency as an Oracle DBA or developer. Author Norbert Debes shines the light on features that help you master more difficult administrative, tuning, and troubleshooting tasks than you ever thought possible.

Debes reveals information that previously had to be acquired through years of experience and word of mouth. Written for experienced DBAs and developers, the book provides well-tested information with clear examples and is sure to improve your ability to make an impact in your day-to-day work with Oracle Database.

You’ll learn how to take advantage of Oracle’s built-in Perl DBI distribution to write applications for monitoring, benchmarking, and data extraction. You’ll also find out how to interpret the undocumented, extended trace file format to pinpoint performance problems that TKPROF reports overlook, as well as how to get the most out of Statspack by using undocumented report formatting options, accessing its scarcely documented repository, and integrating with SQL Trace.

Debes has more than 13 years of experience as an Oracle DBA. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Erlangen, Germany, and is an Oracle Certified Professional DBA (Oracle8, Oracle8i, and Oracle9i).

Mastering Oracle Scheduler in Oracle 11g Databases

By Ronald Rood
Packt Publishing
ISBN: 1847195989

This book is your practical guide to the DBMS_SCHEDULER package (Oracle Scheduler), a feature included with Oracle Database for setting up platform-independent schedules that automate the execution of time-based or event-based job processes. Mastering Oracle Scheduler in Oracle 11g Databases will show you how to automate business processes and help you manage and monitor those jobs efficiently and effectively. Author Ronald Rood explains how Oracle Scheduler can be used to accomplish the tasks you face in the real world. Once you understand how to use Oracle Scheduler and what kind of control it provides, you’ll see that it outperforms other enterprise-class schedulers.

You will learn how to make the running of a specific program dependent on the successful running of certain other programs and how to separate various tasks using the built-in security mechanisms. You’ll also learn to manage resources to balance the load on your systems and gain increased database performance. Packed with debugging tips and simple examples, the book helps you to plan and execute a job at your convenience using Oracle Scheduler.

Rood has been an IT professional for more than 20 years. His roots are in the Bull GCOS8 mainframes, where he played with assembly language until Oracle and UNIX crossed his path. He is currently an Oracle consultant in the Netherlands.

HOWTO Secure and Audit Oracle 10g and 11g

By Ron Ben-Natan
Auerbach Publications
ISBN: 1420084122

This book demonstrates how to secure sensitive data and comply with internal and external audit regulations using Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g. It provides the hands-on guidance required to understand the complex options offered by Oracle Database and the know-how to choose the best options for a particular case.

Author Ron Ben-Natan presents specific sequences of actions that should be taken to enable, configure, and administer security-related features. He includes best practices on securing Oracle Database and on Oracle Database security options. By providing specific instructions and examples, this book bridges the gap between the individuals who install and configure a security feature and those who secure and audit it.

HOWTO Secure and Audit Oracle 10g and 11g shows readers how to navigate the options, select the right tools, and avoid common pitfalls. The text is structured as how-tos that address each security function in the context of Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g.

Readers will learn how to choose configuration settings that make it harder to gain unauthorized access, understand when and how to encrypt data at rest and data in transit and how to implement strong authentication, use and manage audit trails, and work with advanced techniques for auditing.

Ben-Natan is a database security expert and the CTO of Guardium, a provider of database security and compliance solutions.

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