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March/April 2009


Getting the Essentials Right

By Justin Kestelyn

New Oracle ADF how-to series focuses on utilizing productivity tools.

As any new technology moves along the path of maturity, adopters of that technology find themselves in need of different types of knowledge. At first, the overriding need is for documentation and training in order to make the discovery of possibilities and limitations easier—often at the expense of best practices. As time goes on, however, the principal need becomes best practices in pursuit of efficiency. In the case of technologies undergirding the developer platform, efficiency usually translates to developer productivity.

Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), now nearly six years old, is a conforming example. With the production release of Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 11g in late 2008, the technology has left the “early adoption” phase. And developers are increasingly looking to community resources—that is, to each other—for best practices that will help them achieve a productive development experience.

As always, Oracle Technology Network (OTN) has stepped into that breach. We have partnered with John Stegeman, an architect with Cambridge Solutions in the U.K. and an Oracle ACE director (for Oracle Fusion Middleware), to craft a new Oracle ADF Development Essentials technical article series. The series began in December 2008 and will run through 2009. The first three installments focus specifically on the use of the Subversion version-control platform in single-user and team environments. 

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With the help of this series, developers can learn how to utilize productivity tools common in the wider development world—Subversion, Apache Ant, JUnit, and Hudson—alongside Oracle JDeveloper 11g in the Oracle ADF development environment. Furthermore, in alignment with the OTN “remove all barriers” philosophy, this how-to series is designed to be easily consumed.

Although the original concept for the series was Stegeman’s and he is the principal author, we welcome your contributions. If, for example, you work with other commonly used tools or utilities—and there is no shortage of options—in a manner that accelerates the Oracle ADF development process, and you want to document that approach in our series, let us know.

Explore . Click here to submit manuscripts for this series.

Rich Enterprise Applications: Front and Center

As long as we’re on the subject of Oracle ADF, I want to direct your attention to a fascinating “microsite” that puts the technology on full display—literally.

This new microsite, introduced at Oracle Develop Beijing in December 2008, is constructed using Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF, with Oracle ADF business components on the back end for data binding and Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client components on the front end. It serves as an aggregator for developer resources pertaining to the construction of rich enterprise applications (REAs).

REAs put the “enterprise” in the rich internet application (RIA) concept, by emphasizing enterprise requirements such as security, scalability, and developer productivity via prebaked integration with enterprise-class technology.

Visit to see the concept in action, as well as to access demos, documentation, downloads, and other resources for developers.

Architects Get Their Day

With the integration of BEA into Oracle, the former’s emphasis on the architect role has migrated to the latter. BEA’s Arch2Arch program now operates under the OTN umbrella, offering similar editorial content, an e-mail newsletter, discussion forums, blogs, and podcasts. Oracle is also offering one-day architect summits just as BEA did, with an agenda carefully crafted to appeal to that audience in all its diversity.

The OTN Architect Day agenda covers application grid architecture, service-oriented architecture best practices, governance, data integration, and virtualization. Learn more and register.


Justin Kestelyn
( is senior director, Oracle Technology Network and developer programs, as well as OTN editor in chief.

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