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Oracle University

Oracle University eKits
Oracle University has begun replacing printed student guides with downloadable eKits for selected classroom courses. These electronic student guides represent a dynamic new way to study and learn in the classroom and provide flexibility, interactivity, and portability unmatched by traditional printed material. Online delivery of eKits also supports Oracle’s initiative to be more environmentally responsible by conserving natural resources.

eKits are available online one week prior to the start of class so that students can outline key points, prepare questions, and print explanations of concepts and procedures. The electronic format supports features that complement and enhance learning, such as dynamic cross-references, embedded audio and video, and links to Web sites and other media.

Resource Library

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence White Papers
This resource library includes white papers on enterprise performance management (EPM) systems, performance management applications, and business intelligence. It also hosts the Journal of Management Excellence , a quarterly thought-leadership publication edited by Frank Buytendijk, Oracle’s vice president of EPM strategy.

White Papers and Reports

The State of the Data Integration Market
The growth of the data integration segment has exceeded market expectations as companies recognize the fundamental importance of unified enterprise data. Learn more about the data integration industry in this white paper, which was compiled from leading analyst reports, articles, and a global survey of more than 350 top companies.

The Social Enterprise: Using Social Enterprise Applications to Enable the Next Wave of Knowledge Worker Productivity
Find out why the emergence of social applications in the enterprise can enable the next wave of knowledge worker productivity, and why such an increase in productivity is vital for business efficiency, growth, and innovation.

Case Study: Oracle Global IT Best Practices and the Oracle Grid Operations Lifecycle
This white paper describes the Oracle grid operations lifecycle, a comprehensive set of procedures that Oracle Global IT uses to manage its data centers. The paper offers best practices for configuring, deploying, and managing IT resources.

State of the Portal Market
This paper summarizes the results of an Oracle survey of more than 540 Oracle customers who have deployed Oracle’s portal solutions. It provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of real-world deployment practices, trends, and ROI anecdotes for enterprise portal technologies.

2008 Strategic Sales Compensation Survey
This salary survey, cosponsored by Deloitte and Oracle, provides insight on the performance of sales organizations. According to the survey, more than 40 percent of respondents’ sales forces fell short of meeting their 2007 sales goals. 

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Data Integration and Management
Get the inside scoop on the world of data integration, with posts on data warehousing, data quality, data governance, master data management, and more.

Oracle Database Insider Blog
Go behind the scenes of the latest Oracle Database announcements with the team that brings you the Oracle Database Insider , one of Oracle’s most-popular newsletters.


Harvard Medical Reduces the Time to Run Clinical Trials with Oracle Database 11g in the Cloud
Dr. Peter Tonellato of Harvard Medical School’s Center for Biomedical Informatics discusses his team’s experience deploying Oracle Database 11g in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

SOA and BPM: Understanding the Connection
A panel of Oracle experts discusses the connection and synergy between service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management, and their impact on efficiency and agility.

Achieving Gridness: Oracle Application Grid (Parts One and Two)
Mike Piech, senior director of product marketing at Oracle, discusses the Oracle application grid and how it fits into the world of grid computing, cloud computing, and SOA.

Meet the Linux Kernel Team: Martin Petersen on Data Integrity Extensions for the Linux Kernel
Martin Petersen of Oracle’s Linux kernel engineering team discusses his work to bring T10 Data Integrity Field and Extensions support into the Linux kernel.

Opening the Black Box: Diagnostics and Monitoring for Production Java Apps
Shiraz Kanga of Oracle’s Application Diagnostics for Java development team discusses diagnosing performance problems in production Java applications.

Protecting Your Databases Against Cyberespionage
David Knox of the National Security Group at Oracle discusses cyberespionage and the steps organizations must take to protect their databases.

Why Customers Should Upgrade to the Latest Release of Oracle’s Siebel CRM
George Jacob, group vice president, customer relationship management at Oracle, discusses the advantages of upgrading to the latest release of Siebel CRM.

Rich Enterprise Applications: The Next Wave in Enterprise Application Development
Pieter Humphrey, principal product director for developer tools at Oracle, and Sanjeev Sharma, product marketing manager for SOA and developer tools at Oracle, discuss rich enterprise applications.

Oracle Configuration Management Pack Delivers New Enhancements with Configuration Change Console
Learn about Oracle Configuration Management Pack’s configuration change console, which offers customers real-time configuration change detection, IT compliance automation, out-of-the-box policies, and reporting capabilities.

Oracle Support

Database Services for SAP Environments
Through a partnership with SAP, Oracle Advanced Customer Services provides services to help customers running SAP applications go beyond standard support levels to achieve the highest database performance and system availability. For these customers, Oracle provides annualized advanced customer services designed to support continual operational improvement. As SAP certifies new versions of Oracle databases, Oracle Advanced Customer Services can assist customers in upgrading.

Webcasts and Videos

Get More from Your Applications with Middleware (series)
This Webcast series provides tips, techniques, and best practices on middleware for Oracle Applications. Topics include SOA integration, portal technologies, and identity management.

Oracle Application Monitoring and Testing
Find out how Oracle’s application monitoring and testing solutions can reveal new insight on quality and performance.

Become a DBA 2.0
Learn how you can play a more strategic role in meeting your organization’s future database management challenges.

Oracle Automated Grid Provisioning and Configuration Management
See how you can save time and resources on grid management.

Oracle Helps Wind River Improve Customer Support Systems
Hear how Wind River plans to empower content authors by integrating Oracle WebCenter Suite and Oracle Universal Content Management.

Oracle Helps Chick-fil-A Build Next-Generation Enterprise 2.0 Applications
See why Chick-fil-A uses Oracle WebCenter Suite as the primary gateway to its business applications.