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November/December 2009


A Community Approach to Code

By Justin Kestelyn

Oracle Sample Code supports collaborative development.

Have you heard about the newest offering on Oracle Technology Network (OTN)? It’s Oracle Sample Code (, a new public sample code repository.

Here’s the backstory: BEA’s erstwhile Dev2Dev developer portal, as some of you may remember, offered a project-hosting service called CodeShare through a partnership with CollabNet, the company behind the ubiquitous Subversion software configuration management and version control platform. When Oracle acquired BEA in 2008, I immediately recognized that with some retrofitting and reskinning, the CodeShare infrastructure could be repurposed to plug a long-standing hole in the OTN program offering: the lack of a collaborative sample code repository. (For a good long while, OTN has hosted sample code in static, “antisocial” fashion.)

There were a few challenges to making the Oracle Sample Code repository a reality. Most important, it was necessary to extend the Oracle Single Sign-On service so that OTN members could use existing credentials to access a CollabNet-hosted site. Second, whereas CodeShare was a general-purpose code forge, which supported private and public projects and contained binaries as well as source code, the Oracle Sample Code repository needed to be much narrower in scope. We have no need or intention to compete with the several excellent forges already out there. So, the project required a good amount of content migration and user coordination work.

With a lot of help from Oracle Consulting and the developer team at CollabNet, we accomplished our objectives in relatively short order. Consequently, you need only your existing login credentials to access 

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The final result is a new site for OTN members that supports the collaborative development and sharing of sample application source code, code snippets, templates, scripts, and skins across the OTN ecosystem, with submissions accepted from Oracle employees and nonemployees alike. Whether you want to found or participate in a full-blown project with all the requisite bells and whistles, or just share or consume sample code snippets, .com is the right place. (However, unlike CodeShare, Oracle Sample Code is not the right place for personal, private, or open source projects. All submissions must be public and Oracle related.)

Since the repository rolled out July 1, new code snippets—illustrating things such as complex string manipulation in Oracle Essbase custom-defined functions, working with the Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) Faces Calendar Component, and getting key/data pairs using Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition on the Android platform—have been uploaded to the server. And thanks to the legacy of CodeShare, there is a wide variety of Oracle WebLogic-related code already there.

We intend to migrate all existing OTN sample code to this new repository, so I recommend that you become familiar with it. You can get started by reading the FAQs and watching a brief screencast demo at

Oracle ACEs Own Oracle OpenWorld

I’d also like to congratulate the Oracle ACEs whose technical sessions were accepted for Oracle OpenWorld 2009. No fewer than 70 sessions were accepted, via user group allotments, the public “Call for Papers” process, and the “Vote-A-Session” program. Examples include “Designing PL/SQL with Intent,” by Andrew Clarke (with Gordon Smith); “Building a Mashup with [Oracle] Application Express,” by Bradley Brown; “Managing Statistics for Optimal Query Performance,” by Karen Morton; and “Portals: The Way to Realize User Experience in a Service-Oriented Architecture?” by Lonneke Dikmans and Ronald van Luttikhuizen.

Once again, Oracle ACEs prove themselves to be the heart and soul of the technical end-user community.


Justin Kestelyn ( is senior director, Oracle Technology Network and developer programs, as well as OTN editor in chief.

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