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March/April 2010

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A Teachable Moment

I got a chance to exercise the project development in “It Takes All Types” by Christian Shay (Oracle Magazine, May/June 2008), and it ran like a charm. I teach Oracle’s SQL and PL/SQL here at the University of Maine at Augusta. This project gives me more class material. Thanks.
Greg Jolda

Christian Shay replies: If you’re looking for more class material, this “walk-through” is quite similar to the article you mention:

Here’s a complete list of all our .NET walk-throughs:

And more Oracle and .NET material, including videos and other stuff, can be found here:

More About Databases

I’ve read every issue of Oracle Magazine from cover to cover, and I’m very satisfied with the content. I would like to suggest a topic for a future edition: upgrading and patching Oracle Database.
Fredx Mercy

Screenshots Clarify Material

I liked “The Full Set” by Christian Shay (Oracle Magazine, July/August 2009). The screen shots make the work much easier for a beginner.
Fahim Khan   

Where’s the PDF?

Oracle Magazine in PDF format? I’ve been searching and can’t find it.
Iranildo Encarnação

The editors reply: A downloadable PDF is available to subscribers of the digital edition of Oracle Magazine. Subscribe to the digital edition at Digital edition subscribers can click Download at the top of the window to download a PDF of the displayed issue.

Back into the Future

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I read “Converting Forms” by David Peake (Oracle Magazine, May/June 2009), and it is impressive. What are the scope and future plans of Oracle regarding Oracle Application Express?
Egbo Chukuwnonso Harrison

David Peake replies: Oracle Application Express is a no-cost database option that is an integral part of the Oracle Database 11g install. For more information, visit the Oracle Application Express page on Oracle Technology Network at, and note our Statement of Direction at

Improving the Improvement

In “Improving PL/SQL” by Sushma Jagannath (Oracle Magazine, March/April 2009). I don’t understand the answer to the second question regarding the interpretation of the output of DBMS_RESULT_CACHE.MEMORY_REPORT. How can answer D be true? The report states that the maximum size of the result cache is 1,056 KB, not 98,396 bytes. True, the latter value is what the current, dynamic size is, but it’s not the maximum it can become. Can you please explain?
Ted Persky

Sushma Jagannath replies: Answer D has been corrected online to read: “The result cache can dynamically grow up to 98396 bytes.”

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