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Partner News

TEAM Informatics Acquires Frontline Logic

Oracle partner TEAM Informatics has acquired Frontline Logic, a software engineering firm focused on Oracle Universal Content Management solutions and other technologies, such as imaging.

Oracle Fusion Middleware is a flagship capability at both companies. TEAM’s expertise now includes Oracle Universal Content Management, Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Records Management, Oracle Imaging, and Oracle Business Process Management. TEAM and Frontline have partnered in other areas related to Oracle Fusion Middleware, including identity management, SOA, business intelligence, and Oracle Database.

TEAM has also formed a strategic alliance with Oracle partner Fadel Partners to implement projects involving Oracle Applications and Oracle Fusion Middleware—specifically, content management, social networking, Oracle WebCenter portals, and SOA-based integration.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Links e-F@ctory with Oracle

Oracle partner Mitsubishi Electric Automation, a provider of industrial automation solutions, has linked Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center to its e-F@ctory manufacturing solution. Mitsubishi Electric is the first industrial automation hardware vendor with a tested, approved connection to Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center.

e-F@ctory integrates Mitsubishi Electric’s manufacturing control hardware and networks with enterprise IT systems. Benefits include real-time information about plant production; monitoring and logging of machine performance to reduce downtime; accurate production scheduling; and monitoring of stock quality, quantity, and usage. e-F@ctory users realize efficiency increases up to 65 percent.

Prospective e-F@ctory customers can work with the two companies to test-drive Mitsubishi Electric Automation hardware and Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center integration on up to three machines on their plant floors.

Oracle Java Wireless Client Now on Brew Mobile Platform

Qualcomm, a developer of advanced wireless technologies, products, and services, has integrated Oracle Java Wireless Client with Qualcomm’s Brew Mobile Platform (Brew MP). This combination provides handset manufacturers and developers with a turnkey solution to incorporate Java technology into Brew MP-based mobile devices and ensures seamless integration and coexistence of Java applications with native Brew MP applications.

Brew MP is a mobile operating system that delivers smartphone functionality across many tiers of devices. Brew MP enables capabilities such as touch screen, rich multimedia, window management, open platform extensibility, and support for application development. Customization and configuration tools from Oracle enable device manufacturers to fine-tune solutions to target devices without modifying the Java implementation.

SYSTIME Announces Integration Between Agile Product Lifecycle Management Applications and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Oracle Platinum Partner SYSTIME has announced an Oracle Application Integration Architecture process integration pack that connects Oracle’s Agile product lifecycle management (PLM) applications with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The PLM process integration pack integrates the two products in a way that reduces the cost and risk associated with third-party or custom PLM integrations.

Oracle and SYSTIME collaborated on the new integration, which features predefined templates for design release of new product definitions, product launches, and change management of previously launched products. Bidirectional data exchange between the Agile and JD Edwards systems ensures synchronization of engineering change status and material attribute information.

The integration provides multiple layers of validation to ensure that data exchanges are complete and properly formatted, and its end-to-end process monitoring tracks the change process queue to address data exchange latency and process completion.

Accenture and Oracle Plan Technology Solutions for Social Service Agencies

Oracle Platinum Partner Accenture and Oracle are jointly developing software for social service agencies. The Accenture Case Management Solution for Child Welfare on Oracle will incorporate Oracle’s Siebel Case Management, Oracle Policy Automation rules engine, and Accenture’s experience in developing child welfare solutions. The new software will provide a foundation and structure for next-generation child welfare services consistent with the Accenture Public Service Platform.

Benefits of the new software include support for workload management and caseworker effectiveness, improved client services and collaboration, and enhanced oversight and outcome-focused program delivery.

Oracle will also develop a social service foundation pack, and Accenture will develop Oracle Application Integration Architecture process integration packs to address social service agencies’ disbursement and collections requirements. The project will integrate Oracle’s Siebel Case Management with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financials systems for disbursements, embedding Oracle Policy Automation to ensure policy-based determination of eligibility.

Oracle Partner Kickoff Coming in June

Members of the Oracle PartnerNetwork are encouraged to visit Oracle Red Network, a single entry point for critical information about Oracle’s products, corporate objectives, and selling strategies for fiscal year 2010. Starting in June 2010, the FY10 Partner Kickoff will be available on demand in Oracle Red Network. Partners can also access the same training sessions given to Oracle sales at Oracle Red Network.

Deloitte Helps Oracle Customers Go Green 

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 Pillar Data Systems
Hitachi Consulting UK
STR Software

Oracle Platinum Partner Deloitte has launched an initiative to help companies use their Oracle applications and technologies to enable a sustainable enterprise. Deloitte’s initiative incorporates technology solutions, business practices, governance programs, and change management to help companies reduce waste and improve productivity. Deloitte’s green services center on sustainability reporting, green datacenter practices, environmental compliance, and supply chain optimization.

Sustainability reporting involves leveraging enterprise systems to track and analyze environmental metrics; implement governance, risk, and compliance frameworks; and speed report generation.

Green datacenter practices include virtualization to consolidate servers, storage management to reduce storage requirements and decrease energy use, consolidation of global applications, and better workload management to maximize processing power.

Environmental compliance and supply chain optimization helps companies redesign business processes and use applications to manage environmental compliance of products, optimize supply networks, implement lean manufacturing, reduce transportation and energy costs, improve logistical efficiencies, and decrease paper waste.

eVerge Group Accelerates Oracle Project Analytics Deployments

eVerge Group, an Oracle Platinum Partner, has launched Project Analytics Express, a fixed-fee, accelerated implementation of Oracle Project Analytics that relies on eVerge Group’s knowledge and experience in business intelligence.

With Project Analytics Express, eVerge Group deploys Oracle Project Analytics with a methodology, a standard project plan, and a readiness checklist. Project Analytics Express relies on prebuilt data models; extract, transform, and load (ETL) adapters; dashboards; and reports to reduce the cost and time required to implement the software. The fixed-fee pricing helps organizations budget for and control spending associated with Oracle Project Analytics.

Eagle Business Solutions Announces “Solid Cloud” Offering

Oracle partner Eagle Business Solutions has introduced a cloud-based solution that combines storage from Oracle Gold Partner Pillar Data Systems with Oracle Database technology for virtualized application hosting, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Known as the Solid Cloud, the Eagle Business Solutions offering uses Pillar Axiom storage to provide specific, guaranteed service-level agreements; managed services; redundancy; and dependability equivalent to a mature software-as-a-service provider, without limiting the customer to one specialized application. The Solid Cloud can take the specific shape each customer needs, while remaining solid enough to support business-critical applications. The Pillar Axiom application-aware storage system allows the matching of multiple application characteristics to appropriate service levels within a single storage platform.

Oracle Partners Achieve Platinum Status

Three members of the Oracle PartnerNetwork—Hitachi Consulting UK, Intelligroup, and Thunderhead—have achieved Oracle Platinum Partner status. Oracle Platinum Partners receive dedicated virtual account management, priority placement in the Oracle PartnerNetwork Solutions Catalog, one free validated application integration, joint marketing and sales opportunities, and discounted training.

Hitachi Consulting UK was recognized for its expertise across many Oracle applications and technologies, including Oracle E-Business Suite human capital management, financials, and supply chain management applications; SOA technologies; Oracle Application Integration Architecture; and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition Plus.

Intelligroup, an information technology and outsourcing services provider, achieved Oracle Platinum Partner status for its expertise in Oracle Applications including Oracle E-Business Suite financial management and supply chain management applications; Oracle Hyperion Financial Management; Oracle Hyperion Planning; Oracle Fusion Applications strategy; and Oracle Fusion Middleware. Intelligroup provides solutions and services to the high technology, life sciences, manufacturing, and consumer products markets, among others.

Thunderhead, a provider of customer communications management solutions, was recognized for its expertise in Oracle solution areas including financial services, public sector, Oracle Database, and Siebel applications. Thunderhead’s NOW software platform transforms the way organizations create and deliver communications through document automation and multichannel customer communications.

IBM Launches Solution Workbench

Oracle partner IBM has announced the IBM Solution Workbench for Oracle, a project lifecycle tool suite. From project startup to go-live, the IBM Solution Workbench supports Oracle enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management projects with a standardized, integrated toolset, method, and asset repository to simplify, track, and accelerate Oracle application implementations. Project simplification and testing optimization are among the solution’s benefits.

STR Supports Secure E-Mail Delivery

Oracle Platinum Partner STR Software has released AventX Mail SC (secure and confirmed). AventX Mail SC provides Oracle E-Business Suite users the ability to securely e-mail any Oracle E-Business Suite document (and receive confirmation of successful receipt.) AventX Mail SC encrypts the transport layer and provides password protection to ensure recipient privacy over Secure Sockets Layer. It also features a comprehensive reporting functionality that provides an audit trail for each message sent.

SPADAC Joins Oracle PartnerNetwork

SPADAC, a provider of spatially enhanced technology solutions to government and commercial organizations, has joined the Oracle PartnerNetwork as an independent software vendor. SPADAC provides data management products that combine actionable spatial information, human terrain, and social networking elements with predictive analytics technologies to help organizations make objective decisions in complex operational and business situations. Its offerings include Signature Analyst, an advanced geospatial predictive analytics tool; and EarthWhere, a geospatial content management tool that catalogs, provisions, and disseminates geospatial data. SPADAC has customers in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, civilian government, and commercial markets.


Book Beat

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Handbook: Centrally Manage Enterprise Applications, Middleware, and Databases
By Werner De Gruyter, Matthew Hart, and Daniel Nguyen
Oracle Press

Learn how to centralize and simplify enterprise infrastructure administration, implement a grid-based management system, and maintain on-demand access to critical services. Readers will be able to develop rollout plans, configure hardware and software, deploy targets and agents, control access, and distribute business reports. This resource, which includes coverage of Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release, explains how to generate reliable backups, implement top-down performance monitoring, and maximize system availability. Administrators will be able to use the book’s tips and tricks to achieve better agility and service quality while simultaneously lowering operational costs across the enterprise.

Oracle Coherence 3.5
By Aleksandar Seovic, Mark Falco, and Patrick Peralta
Packt Publishing

Written by authors with extensive real-world experience with Oracle Coherence, Oracle Coherence 3.5 will increase your productivity by teaching you how to take advantage of Oracle’s data grid technology to build scalability and reliability into applications. You will learn how to design and implement your domain objects to work more effectively with Oracle Coherence and apply domain-driven design to Oracle Coherence applications. In addition, you’ll learn how to successfully integrate persistence technologies, such as JDBC, Hibernate, and Oracle TopLink, with Oracle Coherence.

Oracle Application Express 3.2: The Essentials and More
By Arie Geller and Matthew Lyon
Packt Publishing

Gain an understanding of both the “how” and the “why” behind best-practice use of Oracle Application Express, and learn how to develop efficient and optimized data-centric native Web applications for the Oracle database environment. This book reviews Oracle Application Express-related technologies such as HTML and Document Object Model, cascading stylesheets, and JavaScript, and covers Oracle Application Express Release 3.2 (but the information is broadly applicable to all 3.x versions). You will gain a better understanding of the major principles and building blocks of Oracle Application Express and learn to globalize Oracle Application Express applications.

Introduction to Oracle: Basic Skills for Any Oracle User
By Bert Scalzo
Texas Publishing

Need to hit the ground running and get started with an Oracle database? This book covers Oracle terminology, Windows PC and Oracle client configuration issues, database connection methods, and more. Introduction to Oracle provides a thorough understanding of SQL and shows you how to take advantage of such popular tools as Microsoft Excel, SQL*Plus, Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD, and many others. For those accustomed to working with another database such as Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, or MySQL, Introduction to Oracle will serve as a basic resource and ongoing reference in making the transition to Oracle Database.

Oracle Database 11g RMAN Backup and Recovery
By Matthew Hart and Robert G. Freeman
Oracle Press

Complete with full details on the latest release of Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN), this guide for Oracle database and system administrators provides in-depth explanations and examples. This book will serve as both a desk reference and an instruction guide for understanding, configuring, and administering Oracle RMAN. It starts with Oracle RMAN’s conceptual framework and moves to an intensive hands-on approach. Readers will learn techniques for setting up Oracle RMAN-ready databases, creating reliable backups, and performing accurate Oracle system restores. You’ll discover how to use Oracle RMAN from the command line and from Oracle Enterprise Manager and how to generate meaningful lists and reports.

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