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Oracle Magazine
November/December 2010


A Home for System Administrators and Developers

By Justin Kestelyn


BigAdmin, Sun Developer Network, and OpenSolaris are now one: Oracle Technology Network’s System Admin and Developer Community.

Once again, I’ve asked one of my team members to take the reins. In this edition, Rick Ramsey, our System Admin and Developer Community lead, fills us in on what is happening with that community. 

Home Sweet Home

Overworked systems administrators (sysadmins) and grumpy kernel developers. We love them. Application developers, too. And the guys who measure the floor space, run the cables, and move the big iron (or racks full of small iron) around the datacenter.

Why? Because they’re the nuts-and-bolts guys and gals. It’s not just that they keep the systems, servers, and software that we all depend on running 24/7. It’s their old-school work ethic. Sysadmins willing to tackle a mission-critical operating system such as Oracle Solaris or Oracle Enterprise Linux and mission-critical hardware such as Oracle’s Sun servers and storage systems are not going to guess, assume, or hope somebody else does it for them. They’re going to find out how it works, why it works that way, and every which way they can bend it.

The team behind Oracle Technology Network’s System Admin and Developer Community loves that, and if you’re one of those folks, we are here to support you. The System Admin and Developer Community Website is Oracle’s home for the do-it-yourselfers of big iron and big software. And the team behind the community is thrilled to be joining the Java, database, and architect communities of Oracle Technology Network.

The System Admin and Developer Community Website took the relevant content from the BigAdmin, Sun Developer Network, and OpenSolaris sites (and it was a lot of content) and combined it into one big resource center. We still have some cleaning up and polishing to do, but we’re also working on a lot of cool new stuff.

Here’s a quick tour. To begin with, the front page of the site is like the front page of a newspaper. It offers the latest headlines from Oracle and the community and takes you to the rest of the story. The Essential Links column on the left is static, with links to newsletters, forums, documentation, training, and social media. The other columns (Recently Published, From the Community, and Products and Topics) are updated regularly with new content and resources.

Web Locator

 System Admins and Developers Home Page

 Oracle Technology Newsletters

 Oracle Technology Network Blog

 OTN Garage Blog

 OTN Garage on Facebook

 OTN Garage on Twitter

 Developer Events Calendar

The site also has individual product pages for Oracle’s major technologies—listed in the Products and Topics column—such as Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Solaris Cluster, Oracle Solaris Studio, Sun servers and, coming soon, pages for Sun storage systems and Sun storage software. These pages will give you a bird’s-eye view of what a sysadmin or developer needs to develop and deploy for these technologies.

In the Products and Topics column, you’ll also find topic pages of interest to sysadmins and developers, such as Oracle Solaris 10 patching, DTrace, and parallel programming. Coming soon, we’ll have a CommandComparo wiki that compares Oracle Solaris 10 commands to Oracle Enterprise Linux commands so that if you’re managing a mixed operating system environment, you can easily find the equivalent command in the other operating system.

Of course, this community is more than a Website. We also have the OTN Garage blog, so named because it’s a place where friends hang out to share news, opinions, and tips about things that interest them and about doing things in a better way. (If there were a way to include beer online, we would.) The OTN Garage has a page on Facebook, and you can also follow us on Twitter.

The Oracle Solaris Community Newsletter is another way to find out what’s going on. It recaps the major technical articles we published over the last month, the latest product releases, new documentation, upcoming events, and special offers. If you’re not receiving this newsletter, sign up at the URL listed in the Web Locator .

We hope you’ll join us and make the System Admin and Developer Community of Oracle Technology Network a useful, relevant, and timely resource that helps you do your job better.



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