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September/October 2010


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Because I have never found one before, I can’t help but point out an editorial typo on the front cover of the July/August 2010 issue of Oracle Magazine. Both on the cover and in the table of contents, your summary of Tom Kyte’s article says that he “meets NO_DATA_FOUND”, when it should actually read “meets NO_DATA_NEEDED”. He already knew about NO_DATA_FOUND, but he had never known about the NO_DATA_NEEDED exception.


Please continue to offer these code snippets and educational articles in the magazine. It encourages me to keep current and to keep learning.
Jeff Mick


More Virtualization

I went through “The Virtual Enterprise” by David A. Kelly (Oracle Magazine, July/August 2010) and found it really interesting, and it also helped to address some of my doubts about virtualization. Thanks to the author for writing this article.


I look forward to more articles about virtualization in the future so that I can continue to learn about the topic.
Balan Anil Kumar


More History

I see that at oracle.com/oramag it’s possible to read past articles from the Oracle Magazine archive, but they only go as far back as 2005. Is it possible to read any Oracle Magazine articles prior to 2005? I would be very interested in this possibility.
Marco Pinzuti


The editors respond: We currently do not host most Oracle Magazine articles and columns from before 2005. Technology moves very quickly, and we believe that most of our older content—five years or older—has minimal value to current Oracle technologists. Ask Tom columns and some other technical content from before 2005 is still available, but our news stories, customer reference articles, and other content is not.

We do not currently plan to maintain a historical archive for most content that is more than five years old, but if other readers are interested in an Oracle Magazine archive, please send an e-mail to opubedit_us@oracle.com.


More Padding

I was wondering if you had any plans to offer Oracle Magazine on Apple’s new iPad? I would love if that was an option.
Dipak Sharma


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Does Oracle provide an electronic copy of Oracle Magazine that can be downloaded and viewed through the iPad?
Hussein Mahmoud Hussein

After recently purchasing an Apple iPad I have become accustomed to the digital format of managing and viewing various publications. I would very much like to change my printed subscription to a digital version that is iPad compatible.
Ken Roth

I am a longtime subscriber to Oracle Magazine and am just curious if the magazine is available in electronic form suitable for viewing on the Apple iPad?
Cliff Wakefield

The editors respond: Oracle Magazine strives to deliver content to subscribers through the best possible formats, including print, digital, and coming soon, the iPad.

Follow Oracle Magazine on Twitter and Facebook for the launch announcement of Oracle Magazine on the iPad.

More JD Edwards

You seem to do nothing to focus on Oracle’s JD Edwards products. Is there any plan to rectify this?
Luc Bureau


The editors respond: Profit, The Executive’s Guide to Oracle Applications, provides coverage of JD Edwards products. There is also a new special issue of Profit focused on JD Edwards available at oracle.com/profit.


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