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September/October 2010


The Next Stage in Business Intelligence

By Chip Brookshaw


Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g sets a new standard for enterprise BI.

Oracle has ushered in a new era in business analytics with the release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g, a full-featured, tightly integrated, and high-performance business intelligence (BI) platform. With the new release, companies gain instant, actionable insight, helping them boost efficiencies and plan for growth.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g makes quick work of analyzing large data sets in data warehouses, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems, and other datasources. It gives geographically dispersed users with diverse skill sets a unified way to assemble data from a wide variety of sources, collaborate on analysis, and then share reports and action items.

“We’ve taken the idea of an integrated suite and applied that to business intelligence because there are a lot of ways to extract information out of systems, but you need that information to be consistent,” said Oracle President Charles Phillips at the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g launch event in London, England, on July 7. “It’s not BI if you get five different answers to a single question.”

The key to providing consistency in business intelligence is a semantic layer that defines every single datasource the same way. “We architected this system so you have common metadata across all datasources, all calculation engines, all rules, all workflow,” Phillips said. “Our products are built around the concept of common data access and common security administration. That common information model is the key to a powerful end-user experience.”

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g sets a new standard for enterprise BI, thanks in large part to its unified approach for accessing and analyzing data, he said. It can work with hundreds of datasources in relational, online analytical processing (OLAP), and XML formats. In fact, it is the first solution to unify relational online analytical processing (ROLAP), multidimensional online analytical processing (MOLAP), and enterprise reporting on a common technology foundation. 

Collaboration and Performance

The new release makes it easy to visualize, share, and collaborate. Business users can take advantage of an integrated ROLAP and MOLAP browser interface to build queries, reports, and dashboards. Other features include Microsoft Office integration, interactive dashboards, mobile device support, and a new module to track metrics and key performance indicators.

“Because the product provides all the tools to support all the styles of analysis, it can be used by all the different types of users you have in your organization,” said Oracle Executive Vice President Thomas Kurian at the launch event.

Next Steps

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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g also includes best-in-class reporting and collaboration tools. The powerful, scalable report server, for instance, can produce more than 1 million reports per hour on a two-CPU system. The collaboration tools are lightweight, easy to use, and—most importantly—accelerate the benefits customers accrue.

“You can create a workspace to publish all the reports [users] need to see, which is a far better experience than e-mailing spreadsheets around, where you lose version control and consistency,” said Kurian.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g also offers best-in-class scalability and availability, with capacity to handle terabytes of data and tens of thousands of concurrent users. The new release includes hundreds of performance optimizations, including those for Oracle Exadata V2.

“We’ve done some things to optimize performance that we couldn’t when we weren’t in the hardware business,” said Phillips. “It’s not uncommon to see queries speed up by 20, 30, or 50 times.”

This performance, reliability, and scalability round out the complete solution that Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g delivers. “This solves some of the largest problems IT faces, which don’t go away just by hoping everyone works together,” he said. “They have to be engineered that way.”

Chip Brookshaw
has been covering enterprise technology for 15 years.



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