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September/October 2010


Confio Software Upgrades Performance Monitoring Tool


Oracle Gold Partner Confio Software has released Ignite 8 for Oracle, a product that provides comprehensive performance monitoring and advanced response-time analysis for Oracle databases. Ignite 8 captures and correlates conventional health statistics about CPU, memory, and disk, as well as response-time data, to provide information on database condition and its effect on end-user experience.

Ignite 8’s real-time charts show execution time, most-executed queries, and longest-running queries, and let users drill down in real time to 13 different response-time dimensions. Ignite 8 also captures historical trend patterns, response-time health and session data correlations, and alarm trails to help DBAs determine root causes of problems. Ignite 8 data is presented in interactive dashboards, and expert analysis and recommendations are built in.


TimeLink Products Receive Integration Validation

TimeLink, an Oracle Platinum Partner and a provider of enterprise workforce management and data collection solutions, has achieved Oracle Validated Integration for two of its products through the Oracle PartnerNetwork.


Oracle has validated the integration of TimeLink Enterprise Edition with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. TimeLink Enterprise Edition includes solutions for time and attendance, employee self-service, workforce scheduling, and reporting and analytics. It can be integrated with badge-based employee identification systems (proximity, barcode, or magnetic stripe), biometrics such as fingerprint and hand geometry, integrated voice response, mobile and wireless technologies, and touchscreen kiosks.

Oracle also validated the integration of TimeLink Direct 5.2 and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Time and Labor 9.1. (TimeLink Direct was previously validated with PeopleSoft Time and Labor releases 8.9 and 9.0.) It automates the manual collection of time, attendance, labor activity, workforce productivity, and access control information, and passes that data to the PeopleSoft application.


Oracle PartnerNetwork Forum on September 19

On September 19, 2010—the opening day of Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, and Oracle Develop—Oracle PartnerNetwork will host a day of exclusive meetings and networking events for partners in San Francisco, California. The Oracle PartnerNetwork Forum begins at 9 a.m. with partner special interest meetings where select Oracle product, industry, and channel teams will share focused information to help partners boost Oracle sales. After a networking lunch, Oracle executives will share Oracle’s vision for the channels in FY 2011 and brief attendees on Oracle resources that can help strengthen market opportunities.


In the afternoon, partners will break into groups by geography to meet with regional Oracle Alliances and Channels teams and discuss opportunities and issues. After the Oracle Welcome Keynote, Oracle PartnerNetwork members will reconvene for the annual global partner awards cere-mony and reception.


STR DataZing Automates Oracle E-Business Suite Data Exchange

STR Software, an Oracle Platinum Partner, has released DataZing, a product that allows Oracle E-Business Suite users to create, configure, manage, and automate data exchanges and events between Oracle E-Business Suite and other systems without custom scripts.


DataZing permits data exchanges and events to be created and managed within Oracle E-Business Suite, reducing the need for custom integration code and specialized IT personnel such as UNIX administrators. With DataZing, Oracle E-Business Suite administrators can configure e-mail notifications to be sent to users when events occur or fail to occur; develop rules to ensure that duplicate files do not process or only process at specified times; and use audit trails to view real-time event status and exceptions.


Ndevr Simplifies Environmental Reporting

Oracle Platinum Partner Ndevr has developed greenhouse gas (GHG) management and reporting capabilities for use with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial applications. Ndevr’s solution provides data capture, analysis, and presentation capabilities to help organizations assess their carbon footprint, comply with internal and external reporting standards, and implement energy-efficient solutions.


The Ndevr extensions support setup definitions for assets and data capture for gas, electricity, and fuel consumption, either within the context of an existing transaction or as a separate function. Ndevr’s computation layer converts captured data into GHG metrics, which are analyzed using Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition Plus and presented in prebuilt, extensible dashboards.

The Ndevr solution can also be used to track metrics such as waste and water consumption. It complies with standards published by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


AppsDBA Creates iPhone and iPad Application for Oracle Products

AppsDBA has published mDBA, a free app for the Apple iPhone and iPad that lets Oracle professionals monitor, manage, and tune Oracle databases and applications remotely.


mDBA allows Oracle database users to view information such as uptime and version, system global area details, tablespace storage in graphical form, performance data such as cache hit ratios in graphical form, and installed options. App users can also run SQL statements such as data manipulation language (DML), data definition language (DDL), data control language (DCL), and transaction control (TCL).

Oracle E-Business Suite users can use mDBA to view information such as version number, tier information, module patch levels, patches applied, Oracle Concurrent Manager details, concurrent jobs, and logged-in users, all in real time.


New Oracle PartnerNetwork Specializations and Training

Oracle PartnerNetwork is offering new training resources and Oracle PartnerNetwork specializations for Sun and Oracle technologies. The new Sun resources include enhanced Oracle Sun Knowledge Zones with training modules and data sheets showing how Sun partners can migrate to Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized.


The new Oracle Sun specializations are Sun SPARC Enterprise entry-level and midrange servers, Sun SPARC Enterprise high-end servers, Sun chip multithreading servers, Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems, StorageTek tape libraries, and Oracle Solaris.

The new Oracle specializations are Oracle Policy Automation, Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle Database Security, Oracle Data Warehousing, Oracle Essbase, Oracle Business Intelligence foundation, Oracle Application Grid, Oracle Content Management, and Oracle WebCenter.


BeyondTrust Joins the Oracle Extended Identity Management Ecosystem

Oracle Gold Partner BeyondTrust has announced that PowerBroker and PowerKeeper, its flagship products for managing privileged user accounts, will both become part of the Oracle Extended Identity Management Ecosystem program of partner solutions that are integrated with the Oracle Identity Management framework.


PowerBroker protects the root account (used by IT administrators) by binding specific tasks to the privileged account without disclosing the root password. PowerBroker offers comprehensive and reliable reporting, including the ability to report on user entitlements.

PowerKeeper combines a secured, hardened appliance with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140 validated encryption to protect passwords—and the accounts they access—from unauthorized use. The Oracle Identity Management framework enables enterprises to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across the enterprise, while providing secure access to enterprise resources.


O2Works to Support Excel4apps Report Wand

O2Works, an Oracle E-Business Suite services provider and Oracle partner, will implement and support Reports Wand from Oracle Gold Partner Excel4apps. Reports Wand provides a Microsoft Excel front end through which users can access any Oracle E-Business Suite data in real time and tailor reports for specific needs. Because users work in a familiar Microsoft Excel environment, Reports Wand requires minimal training.


With Reports Wand, a programmer defines reports in SQL and turns them over to users, who then employ Excel formatting, pivot tables, charts, and other functions to create variants of the reports. Reports generated by Reports Wand are multitiered and drillable to live Oracle data. Reports Wand also lets users combine data from multiple Oracle reports with non-Oracle datasources while leveraging Oracle value sets and security.


Project Partners Delivers Construction Invoicing Product

Oracle Platinum Partner Project Partners has released Construction Contract Billing. Based on Oracle Project Billing, it delivers automated invoicing for engineering and construction companies. It also provides a role-based Microsoft Excel workbench to create new projects, enter change orders, collect progress information, and bill clients.


Construction Contract Billing produces invoices that comply with American Institute of Architects G702 and G703 formats. The product’s role-based functionality presents only data relevant to the billing function, and lets project managers work offline and create invoices while traveling.

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Five Partners Go Platinum

Five Oracle partners have earned Platinum Partner status, the highest level of membership in the Oracle PartnerNetwork:


AdvancedEPM is an information technology consulting firm focusing on Oracle Hyperion enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions. The company has expertise in several solution areas including Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Oracle Essbase, and Oracle Hyperion enterprise performance management applications.

Express Data is among the first Sun partners to move into the Oracle PartnerNetwork. Express Data has broad reach across the Australia and New Zealand markets and extensive expertise in software and hardware distribution. The company plans to showcase Oracle Exadata at its Sun Solutions Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

Intelenex is an Oracle Titan Award-winning provider of technology management solutions. It has experience in Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle Application Integration Architecture, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle business intelligence solutions. Intelenex works in the consumer products, energy, financial services, government, hospitality, technology, and transportation markets.

Primus Delphi Group specializes in Oracle E-Business Suite implementations and also develops add-on services that extend and supplement Oracle E-Business Suite. The company has expertise across several Oracle solutions including Oracle E-Business Suite financial management, Oracle E-Business Suite supply chain management, Oracle Business Intelligence applications for enterprise resource planning, Oracle Business Intelligence foundation, and Oracle Database 11g.

Zensar Technologies offers technology- and industry-specific solutions in Oracle functional areas including financials, human resources management systems, manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and enterprise project management. Zensar was the first company in the world to receive enterprisewide Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 5 certification from the Software Engineering Institute. Its industry expertise includes retail, manufacturing, banking, insurance, and utilities.


Three Partners Go Gold

Three members of the Oracle PartnerNetwork have achieved Gold Partner status:


Adaptik creates PolicyWriter, a policy administration solution for property and casualty insurers.

Dean Evans & Associates makes the EMS software line, a comprehensive suite of facilities management, event scheduling, calendaring, Web-based survey creation, and registration solutions for higher-education institutions. Sentrx provides life sciences companies with support for Oracle clinical solutions. It has expertise in drug safety systems, safety data management, and adverse event-reporting software, processes, and consulting.

Book Beat


Expert Oracle Database Architecture, Second Edition

By Tom Kyte

Tom Kyte’s best-selling book is fully updated for Oracle Database 11g and provides a one-stop resource on design, development, and administration of Oracle Database applications. Kyte tackles new features in a proof-by-example manner, discussing not only what the feature is but also how it works, how to implement software using it, and the common pitfalls associated with it. The book is aimed at Oracle Database administrators, PL/SQL and Java developers writing code to be deployed inside the database, and developers of external applications who use Oracle Database as a data store. Readers will learn how to develop an evidence-based approach to problem solving, how to manage transactions in highly concurrent environments, how to manage files and memory structures for performance and reliability, and more.


Designing an IAM Framework with Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite

By Jeff Scheidel
Oracle Press

This book offers a general approach to building an identity and access management project with Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite. It starts by defining the concepts of identity and access management and breaks down how to assess an organization’s need for an identity and access management framework. Author Jeff Scheidel, a principal security consultant at Oracle, then provides step-by-step instructions on how to establish the identity and access management functionality required by any organization and how to design an identity and access management framework.


Oracle Embedded Programming and Application Development

By Lakshman Bulusu
Taylor & Francis Publishing

This book explains application development frameworks using 3GL and 4GL high-level language code as embedded code segments across .NET, Java, and open source technologies, in conjunction with SQL, PL/SQL, and Oracle Database. Focusing on tried-and-true best-practice techniques in Oracle Database-embedded programming, the book provides authoritative guidance for improving your code compilation and execution. Author Lakshman Bulusu discusses using parameterized constructs to promote code reuse, explains when a particular embedded language is the best fit for specific applications, and highlights design aspects that reduce the probability of errors, enable quick resolution, and boost performance.


Beginning Java EE 6 with Glassfish 3, Second Edition

By Antonio Goncalves

The first tutorial book for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6, this book is written for advanced Java programmers as well as Java EE 6 beginners. Antonio Goncalves, an expert member of the Java EE 6 specifications request and review board in the Java Community Process, offers step-by-step descriptions for many of the Java EE 6 specifications and reference implementations and provides practical examples for their use. Readers will learn how to use the new Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 and Java Persistence 2.0 APIs, as well as new Web-tier development APIs including JavaServer Pages, JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library, Expression Language, and JavaServer Faces 2.0 and Facelets.


The Oracle Universal Content Management Handbook

By Dmitri Khanine
Packt Publishing

Written in a conversational format, this book is full of specific examples, shortcuts, and ready-to-use strategies that will help you successfully master Oracle’s enterprise content management platform, Oracle Universal Content Management. Geared toward those who are looking to get started with the suite, the book covers how to build an enterprise content management system and successfully configure, administer, and operate it. Oracle ACE Dmitri Khanine shows you how to efficiently manage your organization’s content and customize Oracle Universal Content Management to fit your needs.

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