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TechCast Live: The MySQL Community Lives!
Luke Kowalski, vice president in the corporate architecture group at Oracle, and Jono Bacon, Ubuntu community manager and author of The Art of Community (O’Reilly, 2009), discuss the meaning and value of community and why the MySQL community offers the ultimate example.


Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache
Want to know what’s so smart about Oracle Exadata’s Smart Flash Cache feature? This three-minute video explains how Smart Flash Cache helps solve the random I/O bottleneck challenge and delivers extreme performance for consolidated database applications.



Introducing Next-Generation Business Process Management
Hasan Rizvi, Oracle senior vice president of Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java development, discusses Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite 11g, Oracle’s complete, open, and integrated business process management solution.


Grid Consolidation on Private Clouds
Find out how you can use Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle grid infrastructure to consolidate your databases to a private cloud, where you can realize the efficiencies of multitenancy, rapid provisioning, and pay-for-use infrastructure.

Extreme Performance for Consolidated Workloads with Oracle Exadata
Tim Shelter, vice president of Oracle Database product management, and Richard Exley, consulting member of technical staff at Oracle, discuss how Oracle Exadata can help you deliver extreme performance for all database applications, reduce IT infrastructure costs through consolidation, and preserve critical service levels.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database
Marie-Anne Neimat, vice president of Oracle TimesTen, discusses how to achieve microsecond response to SQL transactions by leveraging in-memory database technology in your response-time critical applications.

Oracle’s New Powerful and Integrated x86 Systems
John Fowler, executive vice president of systems at Oracle, unveils Oracle’s new comprehensive line of powerful x86 systems ranging from blades and rackmount servers to networking systems based on Intel’s Xeon 5600 and 7500 processors.

Revealing the Secrets that will Re-energize your Services Strategies
Enterprise architects at Oracle discuss how to refine your strategies and evolve your services to create an adaptable, sustainable enterprise architecture.

New IT Optimization and Consolidation Strategies
Find out how to overcome IT complexity with a practical approach to building your optimization roadmap. Topics covered include rationalization, virtualization, datacenter consolidation, cloud computing, and the latest in database machines.

Reduce Cost of Rehosting IBM Mainframe Applications
Ajay Patel, vice president of product management for Oracle Fusion Middleware, discusses how Oracle Tuxedo, Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS and Batch, and Oracle Tuxedo Application Rehosting Workbench offer time and cost savings for hosting mainframe applications.

Oracle Makes Virtualized Java Applications Practical
Adam Messinger, vice president of product development, Oracle Fusion Middleware, discusses how Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option make Java virtualization practical.



Handbook Authors on Oracle JDeveloper 11g
The authors of Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook—Building Rich Internet Applications with Oracle ADF Business Components and ADF Faces (Oracle Press, 2009) discuss strategies for using and integrating Oracle JDeveloper 11g in your development environment.


Easy Migration to Oracle Database 11g
Barry McGillin, senior development manager at Oracle, discusses Oracle SQL Developer tools that greatly simplify migration of data from Microsoft, IBM, Sybase, and other databases to Oracle Database 11g.

Jeff Victor on Oracle Solaris Virtualization
Author Jeff Victor discusses his new book, Oracle Solaris 10 System Virtualization Essentials (Prentice Hall, 2010).

Sharon Zakhour on Java Platform, Standard Edition
Sharon Zakhour, lead writer for the Java Platform, Standard Edition tutorial series, discusses the fourth edition of The Java Tutorial: A Short Course in the Basics (Prentice Hall, 2006).

Glenn Brunette on Oracle Solaris
Author Glenn Brunette discusses Solaris 10 Security Essentials (Prentice Hall, 2009) and describes the various security technologies contained in the Oracle Solaris operating system.

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Data Grid Technology and Oracle Coherence, Parts 1-3
Cameron Purdy, vice president of development at Oracle; Oracle ACE Director Aleksandar Seovic; and Oracle ACE John Stouffer talk about data grid technology and Oracle Coherence.

Architecture and Agility, Part 1
Can architecture and agility play nice? Oracle ACE Directors Mike van Alst and Ron Batra, Oracle ACE Ronald van Luttikhuizen, and Oracle Enterprise Architect Jason Stallings discuss how architecture and agility can work together.

Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Virtualization on Bare Metal: Speed and Agility
Steve Harris, senior vice president of application server product development and Java at Oracle, discusses how Oracle WebLogic Server runs more than 30 percent faster in a virtualized environment without a guest operating system.



Data Integration and Management
Check out Oracle’s data integration blog to plug into data integration market trends, product updates, data integration events and Webcast recaps, and more from Oracle product experts.


Rob Reynolds’ BI and EPM Blog
Learn how to implement successful business intelligence (BI) and enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions with Rob Reynolds, who leads Oracle Consulting’s BI and EPM organization in North America.



Real-Time Data Integration for Data Warehousing and Operational Business Intelligence
Read how Oracle’s data integration products enable real-time data movement and operational business intelligence.


Architectural Strategies for IT Optimization: From Silos to Clouds
Read about Oracle’s roadmap for rationalization, virtualization, consolidation, systems management automation, and shared services.



Oracle University Training for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g: Grid Control Essentials introduces you to the core functionality of this product, the underlying framework functionality, and how to implement and use Oracle Grid Control to manage your enterprise-computing environment. Hands-on practices help you learn how to use the robust features of Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control to manage, monitor, and administer your datacenter.




America’s Cup Video Production Competition
Do you know how to make action videos that jump off the screen? The America’s Cup Video Production Competition invites aspiring filmmakers between the ages of 18 and 28 to submit a unique video clip demonstrating creative production techniques. The competition winner will get to choose from prizes that range from a top-of-the-line Apple MacBook Pro, installed with the latest video editing software, to a high-end HD video camera. Submissions are due by September 28, 2010.



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