2010 Issues

November/December 2010

Cover Story: Editors’ Choice Awards 2010: Delivering Innovation; Features: Conference Wrap-Up; Intelligence in Action
Technology: Customize Your Application Layout (Weaver); Build Web 2.0 Applications Declaratively (Peake); Managing Audit Trails (Nanda); The New Master (Jagannath and Bhandi); On Consistent Results, Different Constraints, and Unlearning (Kyte)

September/October 2010

Cover Story: Exadata at Work; Features: Secure in the Knowledge; Focusing IT on Business
Technology: Zoom In on Your Code (Feuerstein); Using Oracle Essbase Release 11.1.2 Aggregate Storage Option Databases (Rittman and Janakiraman); User-Built Applications (Peake); Building on Storage (Nanda); On Popularity, Learning, and Unlearning (Kyte)

July/August 2010

Cover Story: The Virtual Enterprise; Features: Strategize. Plan. Execute; One City, One Week, Three Conferences; Java Hits the Road
Technology: High-Performance Oracle Systems for Business Intelligence Workloads (Yu, Prucha, Hata); Compelling Dialog (Muench); Deriving and Sharing Business Intelligence Metadata (Rittman); Automating Parallelism (Nanda); On Connecting, Pivoting, and Learning New Things (Kyte)

May/June 2010

Cover Story: Stark Domination; Features: Sailing for the Prize; Public and Private Clouds: Making It Work; Software. Hardware. Complete.
Technology: Java (Ort and Heiss); Next-Generation Data Backup (Thomson); Libraries You Can Depend On (Muench); Time for a .NET Tune-Up (Shay); On Working in Parallel (Feuerstein); Oracle Warehouse Builder 11 g Release 2 and Heterogeneous Databases (Rittman); Looking at Edition-Based Redefinition, Part 3 (Kyte)

March/April 2010
Cover Story: Accelerate Your Business; Feature: Only What You Need
Technology: Partition Virtually (Nanda); Edition-Based Redefinition, Part 2 (Kyte); Developer: Embracing Extends (Muench); Advanced Interactive Reporting (Peake)

January/February 2010
Cover Story: Getting to Modern; Features: Know Who. Know How.; Honoring Excellence
Technology: Compressing Columns (Nanda); A Closer Look at the New Edition (Kyte); Developer: The Route to Success (Muench); On Privacy and Function (Feuerstein); Building a Cube (Tracy McMullen and Edward Roske)


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