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July/August 2010


A New Look for Oracle Technology Network

By Justin Kestelyn

From a fixed width to a new header, design changes provide a consistent user experience across Oracle Websites.

We’ve made several important changes to the Oracle Technology Network Website since the last issue of this magazine, and I hope you like them as much as I do.

First of all, there’s a new URL for the Oracle Technology Network home page: .

One of the biggest changes came in April, when we went fixed width. This means that the borders of the Website no longer dynamically change to accommodate your browser window. There are several reasons for this change, including easier content management. 

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A week after the fixed-width change, we rolled out a brand-new header—the first step in what we call the “Mosaic Project,” which is an effort to provide a consistent user experience across all Oracle Websites. (Going fixed width also supports this effort.) The impact of this change is as follows: The pull-down menus on the Oracle Technology Network Website have been removed, and most of the links within them have moved into a “fly-out” menu in the header. (You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to see this, of course.)

You can access the fly-out menu from any page on or the Oracle Technology Network site. And for the first time in several years, you have direct access to the Downloads index from anywhere on

The new “I am a . . .” menu takes you directly to resources specifically for DBAs/application developers, Java developers, architects, and system administrators/developers. I’m especially excited about this role-based navigation feature.

If you like, you can now directly access product overviews, Oracle University and Oracle Support information, the Oracle Store, Oracle partner information, Oracle corporate information, and more from the Oracle Technology Network site. This is also a first.

Keep in mind that we didn’t just make this stuff up. Our new approach was validated in extensive user testing. And although any new design takes some time to get used to, I’m confident that in the long run, you’ll be more satisfied with your Oracle Technology Network experience.

You will soon see even more dramatic changes, involving not only the move to a new content management system (Oracle Universal Content Management) but also the incorporation of a massive new content store from Sun. If you’re a Java developer, every piece of information you need to build an application—from downloading the software to exploring the Java APIs and learning coding practices—will be available from Oracle Technology Network. This represents major new value for the community.

It’s not just about Java, of course; Oracle Solaris has also become a first-class topic area for us. Thus the content formerly residing at is joining the Oracle Technology Network family. And if you’re an Oracle Solaris admin or developer, you should subscribe to our new Oracle Solaris Community Newsletter this very second, at .

All in all, it’s a great time to be an Oracle Technology Network member. The horizons have expanded, and the possibilities are endless.


Justin Kestelyn

Justin Kestelyn
( ) is senior director, Oracle Technology Network and developer programs, as well as Oracle Technology Network editor in chief.

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