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July/August 2010

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More Forms

Regarding “ Converting Forms ” by David Peake ( Oracle Magazine, May/June 2009), if Oracle still supports Oracle Forms, why doesn’t the company enhance it or introduce new releases? Also, what would you recommend to Oracle developers—continue with Oracle Forms, or migrate to new tools such as Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF)?
Adel Ibrahim Mohamed

David Peake replies: Oracle Forms 11g was released in July 2009: .

I suggest you read the Oracle Forms Statement of Direction: .

Oracle has a variety of development tools that allow you to build applications. The sort of applications and the skill set of your development team will often dictate which Oracle tools are most appropriate for that development.

I recommend Oracle Forms developers learn tools such as Oracle Application Express ( ) plus Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF ( ) to gain additional skills that are in more demand than Oracle Forms.

More In General

Oracle Magazine is one of the few IT magazines that I read, use, and keep for future reference. Whereas most of what comes my way is industry chatter aimed primarily at CEOs or IT department managers, Oracle Magazine has articles that are useful to Oracle developers and administrators. The other articles also provide valuable information on what is going on in the Oracle community.

The technical articles by Steven Feuerstein, Jonathan Gennick, and Tom Kyte are especially useful because they provide tips and examples of code that are relevant to my work. Just last month, I found one of Steven’s dynamic SQL programs that allowed me to easily copy trigger :NEW and :OLD record values to a package for further processing.

By the way, I am one of those people who prefer to read technical journals on a printed page, not a computer screen, so please keep the magazines coming to my mailbox.
Scott G. Lloyd

Bob Rocks

I came across Bob Rhubart’s “ Lip Service ” (Oracle Magazine, May/June 2010) and cried out, “Thank you!” Finally someone wrote something realistic about the importance of communication and change management in the world of enterprise architecture. This is something I’ve been preaching to my enterprise architecture team, but I don’t seem to get traction. Their answer is, “We should be reporting directly to the CIO to make things happen,” so that they can use “The CIO said so, so just do it.”

Thank you, Bob. It’s not where one is located in the organization; it’s how effective you can be in using the power of communication, negotiation, organizational change management, and influence to affect technology in the end!

You rock!
Vidhya Shyamsunder

So Does Steven


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Thanks a lot for the tips (“ On BULK COLLECT ,” by Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Magazine, March/April 2008). You have no idea how much it helped me today. My code faced a performance issue, and all the solutions I was looking for were in this column!
Vidya Chandrasekhar

Regarding Steven Feuerstein’s “On BULK COLLECT,” I just ran into the same problem he mentions with BULK COLLECT and LIMIT. Steven’s examples are very helpful.
Irina Kisina

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