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July/August 2010

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End-to-End Imaging with Oracle Content Management 11g
See the latest developments around Oracle’s solution for end-to-end document imaging from Andy MacMillan, vice president of product management at Oracle.


Gaining Operational Excellence and Strategic Agility Through Enterprise Architecture
Find out how to build an adaptable and flexible IT architecture that can support today’s constant change and innovation.

Upgrading to Oracle Database 11g Release 2
Oracle Database expert Tom Kyte discusses highlights of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and shares best practices, hints, and tips for successful upgrades to Oracle Database 11g.

How to Accelerate Your SOA with Real-Time Data Integration
Oracle data integration product and solution experts discuss maximizing SOA benefits and increasing ROI with real-time data integration architectures.

A Checklist for Effective Operational Data Integration Solutions
Find out about the top five criteria for deploying high-performance operational data integration solutions.

Four Secrets to Innovating with Packaged Applications
Learn the four innovation secrets that every applications customer needs to know about and gain insight into why each of them improves investment returns.

How Continuous Intelligence Improves Your Business Processes
Every new process-improvement and application-development project offers an opportunity to significantly improve user visibility into the business. Gartner analyst Roy Schulte shares strategies to capitalize on this opportunity by applying the emerging discipline of event processing.


The Designer Experience
This blog from the Graphx Team, a group of five interaction designers at Oracle, discusses the team’s experience building an Oracle Application Development Framework application. The team’s primary goal is to improve the application building toolset, logging bugs against the products as they build an internal icon-management application.

Oracle’s AutoVue Enterprise Visualization Blog
This blog, written by members of Oracle’s AutoVue Enterprise Visualization group, covers the latest AutoVue news and information.

Oracle SOA Best Practice and Troubleshooting
Pete Wang, principal technical support engineer at Oracle, shares tips and tricks for Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Coherence, and other products in Oracle’s SOA family.

Resource Kits and Centers

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
Learn about Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g’s business-driven IT management approach in this resource center and find out how to improve customer satisfaction, increase IT efficiency, and achieve ROI of up to 149 percent in three years. Don’t miss episodes of The Enterprise Manager , the Web video series where you can see our Oracle Enterprise Manager hero in action.

Oracle Data Integration Resource Kit
This kit includes comprehensive information on Oracle data integration products, including white papers, customer success stories, podcasts, product demos, and on-demand Webcasts.


Communicating Enterprise Architecture, Parts 1-3
In this three-part series, enterprise architects discuss the challenges of communicating enterprise architecture up and down the organizational food chain, strategies for getting stakeholders on board, and social computing’s potential for meeting these communication challenges.

The Red Room Interview, Parts 1-3
Bloggers from the Red Room—the Oracle Australia and New Zealand middleware and technology blog—check SOA’s pulse and share their insight on the importance of service reuse.

Architecture in a Post-SOA World
Oracle ACE Director Hajo Normann, SOA author Jeff Davies, and enterprise architect Pat Shepherd discuss form, function, and the future of enterprise architecture.

What Is Service-Oriented Security?
Rohit Gupta, vice president of identity management at Oracle, explains why service-oriented security is the next frontier in identity management and how it promises to radically ease application security.

Author Bryan Wise on Oracle Security
Bryan Wise, author of Applied Oracle Security (Oracle Press, 2009), discusses cutting-edge techniques for secure Oracle business intelligence solutions.


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Author Robert Griesemer on Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g
Robert Griesemer, author of Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g: Getting Started (Packt Publishing, 2009), talks about trends in data integration and how Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g can help customers improve efficiency in building and loading their data warehouses.

Author Michael Lairson on Oracle CRM On Demand
Michael Lairson, author of Oracle CRM On Demand Reporting (Oracle Press, 2008), discusses several ways to add measurable business value through designing and generating reports in Oracle CRM On Demand.

Envista Coordinates Infrastructure Projects with Oracle Spatial 11g
Hear how Envista uses Oracle Database 11g with Oracle Spatial to provide a Web-based solution that enables the coordination of infrastructure projects among utility, telecommunications, and local government public works organizations.

Identity Management for Cloud Computing
Nishant Kaushik, identity management product architect at Oracle, and Vadim Lander, chief identity architect at Oracle, provide insight into challenges, requirements, and benefits of cloud security and how to leverage Oracle Identity Management solutions in these environments.

White Papers

Zero-Downtime Database Upgrades Using Oracle GoldenGate
This technical white paper describes how to use Oracle GoldenGate to enable zero-downtime database upgrades with bidirectional replication for immediate failback.

SOA Anti-Patterns: How Not to Do Service-Oriented Architecture
Read about common management and organizational pitfalls and the lessons learned in deploying enterprise SOA.

Bridging the Divide Between SaaS and Enterprise Datacenters
Learn how to leverage Oracle Fusion Middleware to bridge the divide between software as a service (SaaS) and on-premises infrastructures to gain business agility in even the most hybrid of environments.


Oracle University Training and Certification for Oracle’s Sun Technology
Oracle University offers courses featuring Java, Oracle Solaris, MySQL, Oracle Waveset, Oracle’s Sun server and storage systems, and other related products and technologies from Oracle. Customers will get the same quality training they came to expect as Sun customers, now backed by Oracle University’s 100% Student Satisfaction program. Top courses include Java Programming Language, System Administration for Oracle Solaris 10 Parts 1 and 2, MySQL for Database Administrators, and Developing Applications for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6. Oracle University is now offering all-inclusive Java and Oracle Solaris Certification Value Packages that include training and certification. In addition, these packages include a free certification retake so you can take the exam a second time if you don’t pass on your first try.