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We Want Our PDFs

I can’t get Oracle Magazine on my iPad. I’d like to download the PDF version to my iPad, and I can’t see any indication of a download selector. Any instructions available?
Paul Peaslee 

I’m a subscriber to Oracle Magazine. Is there a PDF version or an online version that would be viewable on the iPad (no Adobe Flash)?
Sébastien Pouillet

The editors reply: Oracle Magazine is now available in multiple formats: a traditional print format; a digital replica of the print magazine; plain HTML at oracle.com/oramag; and iPad and iPhone versions, available at the Apple App Store. Subscribers to the digital issue can download a PDF from the top navigation bar of the digital issue.

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We Want Our Archive

In a recent issue of Oracle Magazine, there was a question from Marco Pinzuti (From Our Readers, September/October 2010) about why Oracle Magazine articles are available for the past five years only. The editors responded that they do not host old articles because technology moves quite fast. Although I agree with this fact—Oracle Database indeed moves pretty fast—I do not agree with the approach of removing older content from the Oracle Website, because I don’t like broken links and there’s a lot more “suspect” content out there, which is sometimes completely wrong. 

So, I’d like to ask you to keep old content on the Oracle Website.
Timur Akhmadeev

I’d like to express my opinions about an Oracle Magazine archive. An Oracle Magazine archive would be very helpful because many articles contain fundamentals that are valid for more than five years. It is helpful to check the development of some past features.
Andreas Buckenhofer 

Java Justification Needed

What is the point of the article “Customize Your Application Layout” by James L. Weaver (November/December 2010, bit.ly/dnTLaY), since JavaFX Script has been phased out by Oracle?
Thomas Auzinger 

I’m not sure if the article “Customize Your Application Layout” is outdated or if it was a mistake. I think people could be confused because of the split of JavaFX and JavaFX Script.
Vanessa Aybar

The Java Development Group at Oracle responds: JavaFX continues to be an important platform for Oracle, and this article reflects current best practices. Even though JavaFX Script will not be directly supported in future JavaFX releases, there are no immediate plans to retire the JavaFX 1.3.1 runtime.



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