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January/February 2011


Partner News


Accenture and Infosys Achieve Diamond Partner Level

Oracle has expanded its specialization partner program and created the highest level in the Oracle PartnerNetwork: Diamond. The first partners to achieve Diamond status are Accenture and Infosys Technologies. 

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company with comprehensive experience and capabilities across all industries and business functions. With more than 50,000 Oracle professionals, Accenture serves clients in more than 120 countries.

Infosys, with 25,000 Oracle consultants worldwide, boasts 20 specializations across the Oracle product portfolio. It recently opened the Infosys-Oracle Solution Center at Oracle’s global headquarters, where it conceptualizes, showcases, and demonstrates solutions that benefit the specific environments and business requirements of the two companies’ joint clients.

Oracle Diamond Partners have broad and deep expertise across core Oracle technologies, as demonstrated by at least 20 Oracle specializations. Diamond Partners must also have at least five advanced specializations, each of which requires at least 50 certified implementation specialists. 

InQuira Becomes Oracle CRM On Demand Inner Circle Partner

Gold Partner InQuira has joined the Oracle CRM On Demand Inner Circle, which showcases partners with proven customer success and a solution that is synergistic with Oracle CRM On Demand—in InQuira’s case, its InQuira On Demand cloud-based Web self-service and contact center solution. 

The InQuira solution provides customer service agents with one-click access to answers from across the enterprise. The combination of Oracle CRM On Demand and InQuira On Demand provides an integrated, multichannel customer service experience that optimizes call center operations, provides online case deflections, and delivers a differentiated online experience. 

Simba Technologies Announces MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP

Oracle partner Simba Technologies has released MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP 2.0, a product that natively and securely connects Microsoft Excel PivotTable cross-tab and dashboard functionality with Oracle OLAP data. 

MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP 2.0 supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Excel 2010 and permits drillthroughs within Excel to the originating Oracle data. Other features of MDX Provider include visual slicers for improved dimensional filtering of complex data sets, and sparklines that enable cell-level formatting with embedded microcharts. MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP 2.0 integrates with Excel Services 2010 and Excel Services 2007 to store and share workbooks on Microsoft SharePoint. It supports Oracle Database 11g Releases 1 and 2.

HCL and Oracle Improve Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Integrity

Oracle Platinum Partner HCL Technologies, an IT services company, is working with Oracle to help pharmaceutical organizations comply with regulatory requirements using Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager and Oracle E-Business Suite. 

This partnership will help customers in HCL’s Life Science, Healthcare, and Chemical Practice to comply with emerging electronic pedigree (e-pedigree) initiatives and regulatory requirements designed to reduce drug counterfeiting and product diversion. Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager generates, stores, transmits, and authenticates drug product serial data and e-pedigree data as pharmaceutical products move across the supply chain. The partnership will leverage HCL’s multiservice capabilities, including domain consulting, design collaboration and manufacturing, IT services, business process optimization, and infrastructure.

Although it is designed to address the product identification needs of pharmaceutical companies, Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager as provided by HCL Technologies can be used in any industry with high-value products at risk of counterfeiting and piracy, such as medical devices, high technology, and luxury goods. 

Pythian Completes Oracle PartnerNetwork Specializations

The Pythian Group, an Oracle Platinum Partner, has achieved four specializations under the Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized Program: Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Database performance tuning, and Oracle Linux. Pythian met rigorous business and technical competency criteria to achieve these specializations, and demonstrated experience, expertise, and success with planning, deploying, and managing Oracle products in complex, large-scale environments. 

Pythian has been an Oracle partner since 1999 and has provided services across the entire Oracle technology stack. 

Oracle and Capgemini Group Team Up for Application Testing

Oracle and Platinum Partner Capgemini Group have expanded their testing relationship by creating a new global initiative called the Oracle Software Testing Center of Excellence. Established within the Capgemini Group in India and its local professional services subsidiary, Sogeti, the center will help customers deliver higher-quality applications in less time and at lower cost. 

The Oracle Software Testing Center of Excellence will use the Capgemini Group’s structured testing methodology, called Test Management Approach (TMap), together with Oracle’s application quality management solutions, including Oracle Application Testing Suite, Oracle Real Application Testing, and Oracle Data Masking Pack. 

Partners Go Platinum

Four Oracle partners achieved Platinum Partner status or announced Oracle specializations within their Platinum status: 

New Platinum Partner Birlasoft has Centers of Excellence in Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise and Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, and Oracle CRM On Demand solutions. The company runs global delivery centers in China and Mexico and serves clients in banking and financial services, insurance, and manufacturing with industry-specific application development and management, quality assurance, and managed infrastructure services.

Enkitec is one of the first Oracle partners in North America to achieve Platinum specialization status within multiple categories. Enkitec now holds specializations in Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Database security, Oracle data warehousing, Oracle Linux, Oracle Database performance tuning, and Oracle Real Application Clusters.

Systems integrator Hexaware Technologies achieved the Platinum Partner level in recognition for the more than 500 projects it has delivered across Oracle product lines including Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise and Siebel CRM, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and Oracle’s Hyperion performance management applications. The company’s core expertise includes development support, integration, implementation, and testing services.

New Platinum Partner Mitel, a provider of unified communications software solutions, was recognized for its expertise and excellence in delivering integrated voice and data virtualized desktop solutions. The Mitel Unified IP Client for Sun Ray voice-enables Oracle’s Sun Ray clients, providing access to telephony and desktop applications via a Java card. Mitel Communications Director, the company’s core call-control software, runs on Oracle Sun Fire x86 clustered systems and StorageTek tape and library storage solutions. 

Oracle Validates Partner Integrations

Seven Oracle partners have achieved validated integrations between their products and Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. 

Oracle partner @hand’s Field Mobility System (FMS) version 5.4.3 product connects mobile workflows, such as work order management and asset tracking, with the equivalent functions in Oracle E-Business Suite.

@hand FMS is standards-based, supports disconnected mobile data capture and complex mobile transaction processing, and can run on a variety of handheld, tablet, laptop, and smartphone platforms.

ShipConsole 5, from Platinum Partner Apps Associates, integrates Oracle E-Business Suite with parcel and freight carriers such as UPS and FedEx. ShipConsole facilitates online shipping, label printing, ship confirmation, and real-time shipment tracking through Oracle Shipping Execution. It transmits shipping information from Oracle E-Business Suite to carriers and saves tracking information and freight costs retrieved from carriers. It enables shipping of complete, partial, and back-order items and allows users to enter and validate item serial numbers at the time of shipping.

InFlight, from Platinum Partner Business & Technology Resource Group (BTRG), enables integration between Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise applications and Microsoft SharePoint 2007. InFlight, a proprietary SharePoint Web Part combined with a custom HTTP handler, requires no customization of the PeopleSoft application. With InFlight, users can view and edit PeopleSoft information within a SharePoint portal as defined by their PeopleSoft access privileges; the content can adopt the look and feel of the SharePoint portal or retain its native PeopleSoft interface.

GL Wand 4.1, from Oracle partner Excel4apps, provides Microsoft Excel–based reporting and budget-loading software for use with Oracle applications. GL Wand allows Excel-based report creation and queries against Oracle data, enabling accountants and other users with minimal Oracle training to do data analysis and ad hoc reporting. GL Wand requires no data replication, has centralized application management, and utilizes the Oracle applications’ sign-on.

AppDirector version 2.11 is an intelligent application delivery controller from Oracle partner Radware. AppDirector optimizes server utilization and improves application performance for Oracle E-Business Suite transactions. It offloads resource-intensive processing, provides advanced health monitoring, eliminates network disruptions, and manages enterprise traffic. It also enables fine-tuning of network behavior based on granular, application-specific packet classification.

Gold Partner Solix Technologies’ Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite 4.5.1 (Solix EDMS) automates enterprise database archiving, application migration, and application upgrades, and is used to relocate historical transactional business objects from a production database to an active archive. Solix EDMS provides data referential integrity and secure archiving and eliminates the need to synchronize procedures when patches are applied. Solix EDMS archiving also improves application performance, makes backup faster, and improves disaster recovery. Solix EDMS is integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 modules including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, order management, and inventory.

Sabrix Application Suite, from the Tax and Accounting business of Gold Partner Thomson Reuters, employs standard Oracle integration techniques to add tax determination and calculation to the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay business processes in Oracle E-Business Suite. Sabrix eliminates the need for sales and accounting personnel to make tax decisions and eliminates manual jurisdiction code or tax code assignments during transaction processing. It has robust, vendor-charged tax and accrual functionality and eliminates the need to store and maintain tax rates within Oracle applications. 

Oracle and IBM Collaborate Through OpenJDK

Oracle and IBM will collaborate to support OpenJDK, the leading open source Java development environment, to help developers and organizations build and innovate based on existing Java investments and the OpenJDK reference implementation. 

Both companies will support the recently announced OpenJDK development roadmap, which accelerates the availability of Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) across the open source community. The OpenJDK community will be the primary location for open source Java SE development, and the Java Community Process will continue to be the primary standards body for Java specifications. 

Partners Develop Solutions for Oracle Fusion Applications

Two partners are working with Oracle on Oracle Fusion Applications-based solutions. 

Cognizant, an Oracle Platinum Partner, is now an Oracle Fusion Applications codevelopment partner for customer relationship management (CRM). Cognizant and Oracle will codevelop CRM software tools to enable seamless, secure, and rapid integration and migration of customer data from Oracle’s Siebel CRM to Oracle Fusion CRM applications. Cognizant is also assisting in Oracle Fusion CRM application testing and providing its teams worldwide with training in Oracle Fusion Applications and technology.

Oracle Platinum Partner Wipro Technologies and Oracle have launched a joint development initiative for next-generation Oracle Fusion Applications. Wipro’s investments around Oracle Fusion Applications include embedded product development and strategy initiatives and in-depth, structured product training in functional business applications and technical foundation architecture. Codevelopment with Oracle allows Wipro to engage and deliver Oracle Fusion Applications in standalone situations, upgrades, or coexistence with existing applications investments such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s PeopleSoft, and Oracle’s CRM applications.

Book Beat


Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration

By Darl Kuhn
Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration is a task-oriented, best-practices approach to database administration using Oracle Database 11g. It helps you break down the Oracle Database feature set and its documentation set. Author Darl Kuhn condenses and organizes the core job of a DBA and gives you a foundation on which to achieve a senior level of expertise. He provides clear explanations on how to perform critical tasks. He weaves in theory where necessary but doesn’t bog you down in unnecessary detail. Kuhn is not afraid to take a stand on how things should be done, and he provides readers with clear recommendations for database administration tasks.


Pro Oracle SQL

By Karen Morton, Robyn Sands, Jared Still, Riyaj Shamsudeen, Kerry Osborne
In Pro Oracle SQL, Karen Morton and her team of OakTable Network experts take you beyond Oracle SQL syntax by showing you how to write successful queries and data manipulation that perform well and deliver correct results.

The book also helps you master powerful aspects of Oracle SQL not found in competing databases. You’ll learn analytic functions, the MODEL clause, and advanced grouping syntax—features that help in creating good queries for reporting and business intelligence applications. You’ll learn when to create indexes, how to verify that they make a difference, how to use SQL Profiles to optimize SQL in packaged applications, and much more.


Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses

By Michael D. Lairson
Oracle Press

Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to using combined analyses to develop reports within Oracle CRM On Demand. Author Michael D. Lairson provides a detailed and methodical explanation of how and when to use combined analyses, which provide a mechanism by which outer joins between tables can be created virtually. The book highlights real-world business cases where a combined analysis is critical to developing an accurate and meaningful report. These case studies for different types of report unions provide a framework for tested and proven usage of the set operators in developing combined reports.


Joe Celko’s SQL for Smarties, 4th Edition

By Joe Celko
Morgan Kaufmann

Published in 1995, Joe Celko’s SQL for Smarties was hailed as the first book devoted explicitly to the advanced techniques needed to transform an experienced SQL programmer into an expert. Now in its fourth edition, this book remains a classic reference that teaches programmers and practitioners how to become SQL masters.

Author and SQL expert Joe Celko offers the best solutions to old and new challenges and explains the way you need to think in order to get the most out of SQL programming efforts for both correctness and performance. The fourth edition features new examples to reflect the ANSI/ISO standards and includes updates to data element names to meet new ISO-11179 rules. Celko also expands his coverage of solid-state drives, parallel processors, and how new hardware will change how SQL works.


The Practitioner’s Guide to Data Quality Improvement

By David Loshin
Morgan Kaufmann

Many business problems and flawed information production processes can be mitigated through data quality management and control. The Practitioner’s Guide to Data Quality Improvement covers the fundamentals for understanding the impacts of poor data quality and looks at data quality in terms of people, processes, and technology.

Author David Loshin guides practitioners and managers alike in socializing and gaining sponsorship for, planning, and establishing a data quality program. This book shares templates and processes for business impact analysis, defining data quality metrics, inspection and monitoring, remediation, and using data quality tools.


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