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March/April 2011


Partner News


Jaryba SmartSuspend Achieves Validated Integration with Oracle Grid Engine

Jaryba, an Oracle Gold Partner and provider of software for maximizing hardware and software utilization in clouds, grids, and datacenters, has achieved validated integration between Jaryba SmartSuspend version 2.0 and Oracle Grid Engine 6.2 Release 6. Jaryba SmartSuspend works with Oracle Grid Engine’s advanced scheduling capabilities to provide lossless pre-emptive scheduling for high-priority workloads.

Lossless pre-emptive scheduling releases all resources held by a pre-empted job while preserving completed work and resources up to the point of pre-emption. Jaryba SmartSuspend uses operating system abstraction to suspend and resume applications in a safe and efficient manner without application or operating system modifications. This capability can also be used to consolidate interactive and batch jobs.

MiCore Solutions Gains Oracle Database 11g Specialization

MiCore Solutions, an Oracle Gold Partner, has received certification in Oracle Database 11g through the Oracle PartnerNetwork specialization program. MiCore Solutions has more than 30 years of experience delivering Oracle solutions. Its focus areas include application development, database services, grid computing, cloud solutions, data warehousing, business intelligence and reporting, middleware and integration, security, and remote management services.

In achieving its specialization, MiCore Solutions expanded its business model to sell the full stack of Oracle solutions. MiCore Solutions used the “Under Our Wing” program from Oracle Platinum Partner Avnet to streamline and simplify the Oracle specialization process and to guide it through Oracle specialization tracks. The Avnet program includes comprehensive training and one-on-one support through each phase of the specialization process.

Xalted Security Solution Sets Performance Benchmark on Oracle Exadata

Oracle Gold Partner Xalted, a provider of homeland security and other solutions, has certified its data acquisition and analytics solution—consisting of xOATA, xTACIT, and xSARCAR—on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine in a test performed at Oracle’s Partner Solution Center in Gurgaon, Delhi, India. The Xalted solution performed complex predictive analysis on 4 billion call detail records (CDRs) in a multiuser Oracle Exadata environment in less than three minutes, setting a new performance benchmark for online analytical processing workloads in the homeland security domain for telecom CDR data.

The Xalted solution acquires, processes, co-relates, and analyzes voice, video, and data from government agencies and telecom service providers in real or near-real time. It uncovers actionable intelligence, which leads to proactive policing of terrorists and criminals whose activities endanger national security. National and international law enforcement agencies use Xalted’s solution.

Mythics Achieves Oracle Exadata Specialization

Mythics, an Oracle Platinum Partner and an Oracle General Services Administration (GSA) schedule holder, is the first Oracle partner to achieve Oracle PartnerNetwork specialization for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Mythics applies its decade of Oracle consulting expertise to Oracle Exadata’s unified server, storage, and database software system to deliver end-to-end solution support, the highest database storage performance, improved manageability, and near-seamless integration with other Oracle products.

Mythics provides technology solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense, federal civilian agencies, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, intelligence agencies, state and local governments, commercial entities, and the healthcare sector.

Redstone Achieves Oracle Content Management Specialization

Redstone Content Solutions, an Oracle Gold Partner, has achieved specialization in Oracle Content Management. Redstone, the first Oracle partner to achieve this specialization, did so by meeting rigorous business, technical, and implementation criteria. Redstone demonstrated experience, expertise, and success in the areas of sales, pre-sales, implementation, and product support.

Redstone provides consulting and training in content management, SOA, and portals.

Fujitsu Earns Oracle SOA Specialization, Introduces New Hardware

The U.K. operations of Oracle Platinum Partner Fujitsu have been awarded Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized status for SOA. Fujitsu is the first Oracle partner to earn the SOA specialization.

In other news, Oracle and Fujitsu have announced the enhanced Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series server product line with the new SPARC64 VII+ processor. Jointly designed and manufactured by the two companies, the new servers have an enclosure design featuring both companies’ logos; inside, the new processor has clock speeds of up to 3.0 GHz and can handle L2 cache up to 12 MB, the combination of which delivers up to 20 percent more performance than previous generations of SPARC servers.

Sierra Atlantic, Oracle, and Fundtech Collaborate on Seamless STP

Oracle Platinum Partner Sierra Atlantic has partnered with Oracle and Fundtech on Seamless STP, a solution that integrates bank payments and receivables-processing systems with corporate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This provides corporate treasury executives with a single, transparent view of cash flow and enables banks to be single points of contact for corporate clients’ multibank needs.

Seamless STP uses Sierra Atlantic’s BankON, which integrates corporate ERP systems with banks; Oracle infrastructure and technology; and Fundtech’s Global PAYplus Services Platform, which provides payment execution. Seamless STP is built on Oracle Fusion Middleware architecture and designed to meet processing requirements of the largest corporations and banks. The solution, which has been engineered for straight-through processing of payments and receivables, integrates full payment functionality and analytics into a corporate customer’s online experience while enhancing self-service and streamlining workflows.

Quantix Brings Oracle E-Business Suite to the Cloud

Quantix, an Oracle Platinum Partner and the U.K.’s leading managed cloud services provider, is providing Oracle E-Business Suite in its proven cloud infrastructure under the name OraCloud. Quantix was one of the first companies to offer Oracle applications in the cloud.

OraCloud combines a fast, secure delivery infrastructure with Quantix’ support skills and more than 10 years of Oracle managed services experience. For a single monthly fee, OraCloud provides a scalable and resilient platform and includes access to Quantix’ Oracle expertise on an on-demand basis. OraCloud can also serve as a platform for independent software vendors who want to provide software as a service without investing in DBA support, security, and storage.

Deloitte Launches Two Business Intelligence Accelerators

Deloitte Consulting, a subsidiary of Deloitte and an Oracle Platinum Partner, has created two Oracle-based, industry-specific business analytics offerings designed to help companies better use business insights.

The Retail Business Intelligence Accelerator is a business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing offering that consists of consulting services, delivery support, and preconfigured prototypes. Appropriate for all retailers, it is based on Oracle Retail Data Model and delivers prebuilt key performance indicators (KPIs), BI reports, and dashboards along with advanced analytics.

The Oil and Gas Business Intelligence Accelerator is a framework for client-tested tools, templates, practices, and standards that leverage the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition platform to provide ROI. KPIs can be tied to actual performance measurements across multiple industry applications, providing a value-driven approach to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition implementations.

Oracle PartnerNetwork Names Platinum Partners

Two Oracle partners have achieved Platinum Partner status:

Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) of Lagos, Nigeria, is a pan-Africa operation, with a physical presence in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, CWG will assist West African Oracle customers through participation in the Oracle Advisory Board. CWG provides technology solutions in the areas of communications, software, hardware, and infrastructure.

ITC Infotech, a subsidiary of ITC, was recognized for its capabilities across the entire range of Oracle solutions. ITC Infotech has experience in global on-premises implementations of Oracle’s Siebel customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and the Oracle CRM On Demand platform. ITC Infotech was the first systems integrator to implement Oracle’s Siebel Loyalty for the airline industry and the hospitality industry; it was also first to implement Siebel Loyalty solutions for hospitality and retail companies and the first partner to provide business process optimization services using Siebel CRM and Siebel Loyalty platforms. 

eVerge Group Achieves Public Sector Specialization

Oracle Platinum Partner eVerge Group is the first Oracle partner to achieve Oracle Specialized status for the public sector. To earn Specialized status, eVerge Group demonstrated competency development, business results, expertise, and proven success in public sector deployments. 

Public sector solutions from eVerge Group include its School Performance Analytics solution, which provides data warehousing, reporting, and analytics capabilities to help school districts improve school and student performance. The company also deploys enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and business intelligence applications for governments and K–12 school districts. 

MindStream Analytics Boosts Oracle Hyperion Solution Offering

Oracle Gold Partner MindStream Analytics, a provider of Oracle Hyperion remote application support services, has partnered with Accelatis to enhance its managed services offering. Accelatis’ Ascension Suite focuses on critical KPIs in Oracle Hyperion applications to monitor the environment, automate tasks, conduct performance analysis, optimize the application, and perform compliance reporting.  

Gold Partners Named

Three Oracle partners have earned Gold Partner status: 

Crimsonwing, an IT solutions firm, builds and implements solutions using Oracle’s business intelligence, PeopleSoft Enterprise human capital management and financials, and content management solutions, as well as Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Portal. It uses tools including Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Application Development Framework, and Oracle Data Integrator middleware.

Symbion Systems uses Oracle Database 11g to enhance the capabilities of its applications for analytical instrument control and connectivity for both laboratory analysis and process analytical technology. Symbion solutions control a range of spectrometers and analytical instruments, feature extensive data manipulation and application development capabilities, and can communicate with third-party programs, distributed control systems, and enterprisewide data systems.

Wise Men Consultants provides people, processes, and technology to help Sun SeeBeyond eGate or Sun Java CAPS customers migrate to Oracle Fusion Middleware. Wise Men Consultants provides a complete migration solution, including technology mapping, architecture, development, deployment, transition, and support. The company has expertise in industries including energy, healthcare, government, education, consulting, materials management, and logistics. 

Silver Partner Named

SGS Technologie was awarded Oracle Silver Partner status in recognition for its Oracle E-Business Suite support and maintenance outsourcing, Oracle Fusion Middleware technology solutions, Oracle business intelligence solutions, and traditional Oracle database solutions and services. SGS has more than 300 professionals providing technical managed services and support. SGS adheres to SEI-CMMi 5 and ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and is assessed to ISO 27001 standards for security.

Book Beat


Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata

By Rick Greenwald, Robert Stackowiak, Maqsood Alam, and Mans Bhuller
Oracle Press
Filled with best practices for deploying and maintaining Oracle Exadata Database Machine, this book covers data warehousing, transaction processing, consolidation strategies, maximum availability, and backup and recovery. It describes key Oracle Database features used with Oracle Exadata, as well as software specific to the Oracle Exadata environment, and provides an overview of the server/storage hardware configurations. A special focus of the book is detailed coverage of the architecture, administration, maintenance, monitoring, and tuning of Oracle Exadata Storage Servers and Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The authors are Oracle Exadata experts who educate sales and technical teams at Oracle, as well as Oracle partners, about Oracle Exadata.


Oracle Apex 4.0 Cookbook

By Michel van Zoest and Marcel van der Plas
The Oracle Apex 4.0 Cookbook includes more than 80 recipes for developing and deploying fast, secure, and modern Web applications with Oracle Application Express 4.0, a rapid Web application development tool that works with Oracle Database. You will learn how to create simple form and report pages; how to enhance the look of your applications with stylesheets; and how to integrate tag clouds, Google Maps, and Web services in your applications. The book covers how to use plug-ins, dynamic actions, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, translations, and Websheets to enhance your applications. The authors also discuss how to achieve agile application development using team development, debugging, and third-party tools.


Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control

By Porus Homi Havewala
Rampant Techpress

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control is the leading Oracle database administration and management tool, used to monitor, manage, maintain, and report on entire enterprise grids that include hundreds or thousands of Oracle databases and servers. This book uses a simple and illustrated approach to show you how to get the most out of Oracle Enterprise Manager. Learn how to create and schedule Oracle Recovery Manager backups, generate Oracle Data Guard standbys, clone databases and Oracle homes, and apply patches across hundreds or thousands of databases. You will also learn how to take advantage of Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control packs, plug-ins, and connectors.


Oracle PL/SQL Recipes

By Josh Juneau and Matt Arena

Oracle PL/SQL Recipes takes a task-oriented approach to PL/SQL programming that lets you quickly look up a specific task and see the pattern for a solution. Then it’s as simple as modifying the pattern for your specific application and implementing it. The book covers the most-common PL/SQL programming problems, presents solutions in ready-to-use format, and stays short and to the point. Topics include moving business logic into the database, implementing exception-handling, optimizing and debugging with Oracle SQL Developer, integrating PL/SQL with Web-based applications, interfacing with Java code and dynamic languages in the database, and running the utPLSQL unit-testing framework.


Oracle Business Intelligence: The Condensed Guide to Analysis and Reporting

By Yuli Vasiliev

This practical, example-rich guide explains the concepts behind getting business information from data and then moves on to the tools included in Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition and Oracle Business Intelligence Tools. You will learn how to take advantage of Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Administrator, Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Plus, and Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Viewer for analysis and reporting. You will also learn how to build, deploy, and execute reports using Oracle Reports and integrate data from different datasources with warehousing using Oracle Warehouse Builder.


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