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May/June 2011


Partner News


FCS Offers Oracle Demand Signal Repository Services

Frontline Consulting Services (FCS), an Oracle Platinum Partner and an Oracle business intelligence pillar partner, is offering a business process outsourcing (BPO) service based on Oracle Demand Signal Repository. This new BPO service expands on FCS’s current offerings, marketed under the RetailSignal brand.

FCS’s subscription-based Oracle Demand Signal Repository solution enables consumer product companies to use Oracle Demand Signal Repository to leverage multiple external demand signals—including retail point-of-sale data, syndicated market data, customer distribution center inventory, store inventory, and external data such as weather—to measure and improve trade promotion effectiveness, perform category management, improve supply chain performance, and work effectively with retailers.

FCS has built more than 100 retailer-specific adapters—including ones for standard electronic design interchange, syndicated data, and other standard data signal sources—that integrate multiple data elements into Oracle Demand Signal Repository. FCS has also developed the SurfBI framework, which enables consumer product companies to leverage their Oracle Demand Signal Repository information on the Apple iPad, Android devices, and large touchscreens. 

BIAS Achieves Specialized Status in 10 Areas

Systems integrator BIAS, an Oracle Platinum Partner, has achieved 10 Oracle PartnerNetwork specializations, including those for Oracle Exadata and Oracle GoldenGate. Oracle GoldenGate expertise provides BIAS with more flexibility when designing client systems based on Oracle Exadata. With both Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Exadata expertise, BIAS provides a total migration package, including initial migration, test, and cutover for Oracle Exadata implementations systems.  

Number of Specialized Partners Reaches 1,000

As of January 31, 2011, some 1,000 solution providers have joined the Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized program, and Oracle expects that number to double by May 31, 2011. Of the 1,000 Specialized partners, more than 600 are Platinum Partners and more than 350 are Gold Partners. Specialized partnerships are available in 60 technology categories, with database, middleware, and enterprise resource planning being the most common. About 10,000 individual implementation specialists have been trained and certified under the program. 

Oracle has launched the Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized Partner Showcase, where Specialized partners can market their expertise.

Oracle has more than 20,000 partners worldwide. The company expects that 25 to 30 percent of them will achieve specialization in at least one product. 

Fujitsu and Oracle Strengthen Decades-Long Relationship

Oracle Platinum Partner Fujitsu and Oracle have strengthened their multidecade partnership by extending their SPARC development relationship. As such, the companies will advance joint engineering efforts to help ensure that both companies’ products are optimized and tested to best run Oracle software in mission-critical environments. Fujitsu and Oracle have made available a roadmap of SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers showing a 15-fold performance improvement over the next three years. 

The companies have also entered into an expansive new product distribution agreement, wherein sales teams from both Oracle and Fujitsu are now aligned to jointly sell SPARC Enterprise servers. In addition, Fujitsu can now resell and distribute the full portfolio of Oracle products and act as a systems integrator and solution provider.

Finally, Fujitsu and Oracle have committed to further joint engineering, marketing, and sales promotion efforts. 

SYSTIME Achieves Advanced Specialization

SYSTIME, an Oracle Platinum Partner, has achieved Oracle PartnerNetwork advanced specialization status for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial management applications. To achieve advanced specialization, SYSTIME met stringent requirements that reflect its experience and depth of expertise, including having a minimum of 50 certified implementation specialists for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial management applications. SYSTIME has been working with JD Edwards since 1994 and is the largest provider of JD Edwards services worldwide. 

The company was also named 2010 Oracle Partner of the Year for Oracle Fusion Middleware for Applications in India. The award recognized SYSTIME’s ability to develop and deliver Oracle Fusion Middleware for Applications solutions to multiple customers using both JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite applications. 

Zensar Creates Enterprise Performance Management Solution

Oracle Platinum Partner Zensar Technologies has released BIStimulus for SMB, a packaged solution that makes Oracle Essbase business intelligence and reporting modules available for midsize businesses. BIStimulus for SMB enables statutory reporting, analytics dashboards for management, and faster and easier reporting, and allows organizations to extend analytics to human resources, supply chain, and procurement functions. 

BIStimulus for SMB includes multidimensional analysis, efficient interaction with enterprise resource planning solutions or legacy transaction systems, interactive dashboards and MIS reports, and guided analytics from multisource and disparate data. Zensar can tailor the solution, including extending analytics to varied functions such as human resources and supply chain. 

Documation Maintains Gold Partner Status

Oracle Gold Partner status has been renewed for document management software provider Documation. The renewal recognizes Documation’s proficiency in Oracle’s technology, middleware, and application platforms and its commitment to customers running on the Oracle platform. 

Documation software integrates with Oracle’s enterprise resource planning product families including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards; supports Oracle Database and Oracle business intelligence solutions; and integrates with Oracle enterprise content management applications via Oracle Application Integration Architecture. Documation solutions include iRetrieve, a file-and-find solution; IMS, an invoice processing solution; iPurchase, a procurement automation solution; and Digital Mailroom, a solution for moving from paper-based to digital mail. 

Groupware Offers Oracle Exadata Test Environment

Groupware Technology, an Oracle Platinum Partner, has implemented an Oracle Exadata Database Machine in its proof-of-concept lab in Campbell, California. 

Groupware’s Oracle Exadata lab facility enables companies to simulate their production environments to test and validate the performance and cost benefits of new datacenter solutions. Lab access is available to customers 24/7 via key card access or secure virtual private network. The company also offers Oracle Exadata Database Machine training and workshops. 

Red Rock Gets Specialized

Oracle Platinum Partner Red Rock Consulting has achieved Specialized status in Oracle’s JD Edwards applications. Red Rock is Australia and New Zealand’s largest independent Oracle consulting organization, with expertise in Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards and other Oracle applications.  

Technologent Adds Hardware Specialization to its Oracle Certification

Oracle Platinum Partner Technologent has been awarded Oracle hardware specialization certification via the Oracle PartnerNetwork certification program. Technologent met rigid requirements and displayed Oracle hardware experience, commitment, and expertise. The company participated in Oracle Platinum Partner Avnet’s “Under Our Wing” program, which streamlines the hardware specialization process for partners. 

Technologent provides technology assessment, design, integration, systems management, and financing for Fortune 1000 companies. Its comprehensive approach and methodology are used to design technology solutions that optimize its customers’ enterprise infrastructure. The company specializes in finding hidden areas of value in the datacenter.

With this certification, Technologent has access to exclusive Oracle benefits, tools, and resources that will help reduce customer IT costs and improve performance and IT management. 

Crocus Adds Oracle Imaging and Process Management and Business Intelligence Solutions

Crocus Consulting, an Oracle Gold Partner focused on Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise financial, human capital management, and payroll applications, is now offering Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g and Oracle business intelligence solutions. 

Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g, part of Oracle’s content management offering, can help organizations accelerate and automate business processes, reduce manual processing costs, and eliminate paper. Used in conjunction with PeopleSoft Enterprise applications, Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g enables departments with high-volume processes, such as accounts payable, to view relevant documents within the context of the business process. With the addition of Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g and Oracle business intelligence solutions to its offering, Crocus Consulting can help companies improve employee collaboration and productivity while enhancing customer and supplier relations through a single, personalized point of access to all business functions and resources. 

Connectiva Systems Joins Embedded Software License Program

Oracle Gold Partner Connectiva Systems, a provider of revenue management solutions, has joined Oracle’s Embedded Software License program. Under this program, Connectiva’s revenue management solution suite will embed enterprise-scale Oracle database technology. This bundling will allow Connectiva Systems’ customers, who include telecom operators and media, entertainment, and utility companies, to license an end-to-end revenue management solution that is easy to install, manage, and operate. Connectiva expects its customers to benefit from lower configuration and implementation costs and overall lower TCO. 

Oracle Database 11g has a variety of features and enhancements that aid in the deployment, self-management, and ongoing maintenance of embedded databases. It enables a truly embeddable database that is easily deployed, facilitating the automation of all routine administrative and management tasks. It also features easy, self-managing problem diagnostics and remedies with automated software upgrades and patches.

Connectiva solutions enable telecom operators to recover, monitor, and prevent leakage and fraud across the entire revenue cycle. The company estimates that its solutions have delivered savings of more than US$500 million to date. Connectiva uses a multiapplication analytics platform for extracting, collecting, and analyzing insight from large data sets. 

CD Group Partners with Magic Software on Business Integration

Oracle Platinum Partner CD Group, a consulting firm and a reseller of Oracle’s JD Edwards applications, has joined forces with Oracle Partner Magic Software Enterprises, a provider of cloud and on-premises application platforms and business integration solutions. CD Group will enhance and extend JD Edwards applications by providing software and services for integration and application interfaces that span an enterprise and its trading partners. Using Magic Software’s iBOLT Integration Suite, customers can integrate their JD Edwards enterprise resource planning systems with a wide variety of third-party software including e-commerce systems and logistics systems. 

CD Group provides a range of solutions and services in the areas of business intelligence, JD Edwards applications, integration, and hardware products. 

Altova MissionKit Update Ships

Oracle Gold Partner Altova has released Version 2011 Release 2 of the Altova MissionKit, an integrated suite of XML, database, and Unified Modeling Language tools. Release 2 includes updates to the entire MissionKit suite as well as Altova’s standalone products. It builds on the existing support for charts and reporting in the StyleVision and DatabaseSpy tools. Both tools support Oracle Database releases from Oracle9i Database to Oracle Database 11g

StyleVision is a business intelligence tool that provides advanced support for transforming XML, XBRL, and database content into HTML, RTF, PDF, Word 2007+, and Authentic eForms. It enables users to design resources with visualization features such as dynamic data, modular templates, and charts. DatabaseSpy is a multidatabase query, design, and database comparison tool.

New features in both tools include support for new chart types, including stacked bar, area, stacked area, and candlestick; and advanced appearance options, including chart overlays, background images and color gradients, and the ability to change position of axis labels.


Book Beat


Beginning Oracle Application Express 4

By Doug Gault, Karen Cannell, Patrick Cimolini, Martin Giffy D’Souza, and Timothy St. Hilaire
This book provides an introduction to Oracle Application Express, Oracle’s environment for rapid and easy development of Web-based applications that make full use of Oracle Database. Power users and programmers alike can quickly put together robust and scalable applications for use by one person, a department, or an entire company.

Appropriate for both new and seasoned Oracle Database users, the book covers the processes and best practices necessary to become proficient with Oracle Application Express. The authors introduce the programming environment, utilities, and tools available, and walk readers through the process of building a working system.


Oracle Database 11g Release 2 High Availability

By Scott Jesse, Bill Burton, and Bryan Vongray
Oracle Press
Written by Oracle insiders, Oracle Database 11g Release 2 High Availability explains how to use the latest high availability (HA) products and features in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 to build practical and cost-effective solutions. The book is based on a DBA-centric approach and provides a conceptual overview of each topic. It includes “HA Workshops”—step-by-step instructions to walk readers through specific implementations that are inspired by real-world case studies. The authors focus on explaining Oracle Database 11g technologies and practices to DBAs and cover general availability, Oracle Real Application Clusters, disaster planning, and recovery. Readers will learn how to implement an effective HA solution that addresses both planned and unplanned downtime.


Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer’s Guide

By John P. Jeffries

This book shows you how to design, install, and configure high-performance data replication solutions using Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle’s real-time data replication product. In this hands-on book, author John P. Jeffries guides you through all the steps necessary to build high-performance Oracle GoldenGate solutions on Oracle Database 11g. Expert users can dive into key topic areas such as performance tuning and troubleshooting, while novice users can step through the installation and configuration chapters, later progressing to the advanced chapters. The book offers detailed, real-life examples as well as tips and tricks that provide readers with the knowledge and confidence to implement them.


Managing Oracle Fusion Applications

By Richard Bingham
Oracle Press

Managing Oracle Fusion Applications explains how to use a comprehensive range of tools, services, and best practices to manage Oracle Fusion Applications—Oracle’s next-generation enterprise applications. Author Richard Bingham, a member of the Oracle team designing the support strategy for Oracle Fusion Applications, shows readers how to achieve application uptime, improved performance, and lower total cost of ownership through effective system management. The book includes product and technical overviews for Oracle Fusion Applications, as well as a number of specific toolboxes on topics including reliability, availability, and more.


Oracle Application Express 4.0 with Ext JS

By Mark Lancaster

This practical guide shows you how to build robust desktop-styled Web applications using Oracle Application Express and the Ext JS JavaScript library. Oracle Application Express includes multiple built-in interfaces especially designed for adding JavaScript libraries and components. Ext JS is a high-performance set of customizable UI widgets with an extensible component model. Author Mark Lancaster starts off with a chapter on setting up a productive environment for Oracle Application Express and Ext JS, moves to preparing you to code, and then introduces you to the Ext JS API. You then create a theme based on Ext JS in Oracle Application Express from scratch, starting with integrating the Ext JS library into the page template and then covering all the template types.


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