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November/December 2011

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Space Saver

I think it is a waste of valuable space to put static content in a magazine that should be focused on new developments. It would be very useful, therefore, for Oracle Magazine to have a resources section with categories such as “Learning Oracle,” with subsections such as PL/SQL: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Other sections could be DBA, Security, Storage Solutions, Web Development, and so on. This would give me one place to look for and find learn/training/tutorial resources, and the authors could improve, correct errors, and add to their material without having to worry about what month a certain thing might be published and how much space it might take. Someone interested in learning would have the advantage that all the relevant material would be accessible in one place and not scattered across many Oracle Magazine issues. The magazine could then alert readers to updates or additions that might have recently occurred much like the Resources (“What’s New at Oracle”) section tries to keep us up-to-date on Oracle developments. 

Along these same lines, portions of the Ask Tom column are often online due to space restrictions. Why not put the whole article online and give a brief summary of the topics covered? This approach would also encourage people to use the electronic version.
Chris Avery

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Start at the Beginning

I just started to read Oracle Magazine, and “What’s Wrong and What’s Missing” (From the Editor, September/October 2011), rang some bells for me. There actually is a subject I’d like to get some introductory information on: Oracle Application Express.

If you choose to write something about Oracle Application Express, please start at the very beginning since I have no clue (yet) about this technology.
Silvio Marghitola


A Collector in Need

I’ve been a collector and reader of Oracle Magazine since 1992. I began my career as a graduate consultant with Oracle in Ireland. At that stage, Oracle Magazine seemed to be published every four to six months, but around 1995 it moved to being published every two months.

Over the past couple of days I have been doing a reorganization of my bookcase. I thought that I had a full collection of Oracle Magazine from 1993 on, but I have a number of missing issues. Perhaps these gaps are due to my good nature of lending them to other people, or maybe I just lost them somewhere.

I was wondering if you might be able to help me complete my collection.
Brendan Tierney

The editors reply: Brendan, you surely are our #1 fan. Unfortunately, we have only a limited supply of back issues dating back to 2010. However, our online archives date back to 2006 and our digital archives date back to 2005.

If others readers out there would like to help, please see Brendan’s missing issue details at


iPad Pleas

Is there a way to download Oracle Magazine to my iPad, so I can read it offline?

Kevin Kerrigan

The editors reply:
We now have an iPad edition of
Oracle Magazine, which you can download from the Apple App Store.

I am an Oracle Magazine subscriber. I keep receiving e-mails to check out the September/October 2011 issue. This issue was still not available on the iPad as of September 1. Why is that? Is it that difficult to keep the iPad edition in sync with the other ones?
Plamen Petrov

The editors reply: You caught us—we had some technical difficulties with the September/October iPad edition, but had published it by mid-September. As far as the e-mails that you are receiving, those are pointing you to the digital—not iPad—edition. We are glad to hear you are reading (or trying to read) our iPad version and we will do better in the future.


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