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AutoVue Enterprise Visualization for Digital Building Permit Processing
See how Oracle AutoVue solutions help municipalities and local governments access and collaborate on digital building-permit documents.

Real-World Benefits of Oracle Exalytics
Executives from Polk, Nykredit, Savvis Communications, and Key Energy Services discuss how Oracle Exalytics has improved data analysis and reporting, provided better visualization tools, and enabled more end users to access data.

Oracle Communications: Optimize. Innovate. Thrive.
Oracle Communications leaders discuss the challenges facing the communications industry and explain how Oracle helps communications service providers thrive in the marketplace.

TechCast Live: Introducing Oracle Public Cloud
Sandeep Banerjie, senior director of product management at Oracle, shares the roadmap for Oracle Public Cloud and outlines its benefits for developers, partners, and customers.

TechCast Live: Inside the Oracle Java Cloud Service
Reza Shafii, project manager for the Oracle Java Cloud Service offering of Oracle Public Cloud, explains the role and benefits of the Java cloud.

Be Effective—Bring Your Own Client Device
Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Ed Screven discusses the confluence of interests between people in the enterprise who use IT and those who are delivering IT.


Oracle Communications Strategy Consulting Services
Discover the Oracle Communications strategy consulting services available for communications companies, including market trend analysis, architecture development, business model innovation, and technical transformation planning.



Using XBRL to Make SEC Filings Easier at Oracle
Members of Oracle’s external reporting team explain how they use Oracle Hyperion solutions to file U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) forms in XBRL format.

Introducing Oracle NoSQL Database
Hear Oracle Director of Product Management Dave Segleau explain what NoSQL databases are and when to use them.

MySQL Enterprise Backup
This overview of MySQL backup practices and tools covers MySQL Enterprise Backup, which provides hot online backup for InnoDB.

Oracle Linux Podcast: Ensuring Data Integrity
Learn how Oracle Linux and Oracle storage networking products, powered by QLogic, help prevent data corruption. 


“[Oracle Public Cloud] is a big deal because it is the first cloud that offers a complete set of applications, fully integrated with a set of platform services—application, middleware, and database—all in one unified product offering with a simple pricing model and consumable in a self-service mechanism.”
Tyler Jewell, Vice President of Product Management at Oracle, in Introducing the Oracle Public Cloud



Guide to MySQL and NoSQL—Delivering the Best of Both Worlds
See how MySQL users can blend relational and NoSQL technologies into solutions that reduce cost, risk, and complexity. Integration with big data stores and frameworks is covered.

Architecting Oracle ATG Web Commerce for Maximum Availability
Learn how to architect a single Oracle ATG Web Commerce site running at two or more separate physical data centers for maximum availability.

Exalogic: The Optimal Platform for ATG
Learn how using MySQL Database as an embedded database can lower the cost of goods sold and increase customer satisfaction.

Guide to MySQL as an Embedded Database
Hear about Oracle partner Red Samurai’s extensions for Oracle WebCenter that are tailored for social business use cases.

Integrating XBRL Into Your Financial Reporting Process
This paper offers guidelines, tools, resources, and processes to help companies meet the SEC’s new XBRL filing requirement.



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ROI Case Study—Growing Revenue with Oracle Real-Time Decisions
Jonathan Lisitz of Forrester Consulting explains how one financial services firm used Oracle Real-Time Decisions to increase customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.

New Innovations in Oracle Linux
Oracle’s Linux experts discuss improvements in Oracle Linux, including DTrace, Btrfs, virtualization with Linux Containers, and transcendent memory.

Mastering Oracle BPM Suite 11g
This seven-part series covers Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), business process management (BPM) development with APIs, ways to empower business users, and more. 

How to Expand the Usage of Analytics in Your Organization While Driving Down IT Spend
Find out how Oracle Business Intelligence foundation can improve visibility, align business and IT goals, and reduce IT total cost of ownership.


Oracle Systems Online Forum
Keynotes, analyst insights, and customer case studies show how Oracle’s optimized solutions lower cost, mitigate risk, and increase productivity.

Oracle Hardware Goes Social
The Oracle Hardware Social Media Hub is a new online meeting place where the global hardware community can interact with Oracle hardware experts.

Oracle Enterprise Management Online Forum: Gain Total Control of Enterprise Clouds
Learn about critical business considerations for enterprise cloud computing from business strategists and technical experts in this online forum.


Oracle’s MySQL Blog: The State of the Dolphin . . .
This blog provides up-to-date information on MySQL training, releases, resources, tips, strategies, and more.

Enterprise Performance Management Blog
Follow key enterprise performance management (EPM) market trends, recent events, and other news of interest to Oracle’s EPM users, customers, and partners.


Oracle University Presents Training On Demand
Experience Oracle University’s new Training On Demand format, which lets users access high-definition training in Oracle Database, Java, and Oracle Solaris 11 anytime over the internet. Users can pause a class, fast-forward, go back, search topics, and more.

Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration
Administrators new to Oracle Solaris 11 will explore topics ranging from installing the operating system on a single system to monitoring and basic troubleshooting in an intensive hands-on setting.

What’s New in Oracle Solaris 11
Learn how to implement Oracle Solaris 11’s new packaging system; improve data management capabilities; deliver fully virtualized networking; and administer advanced user, application, and device security.

Oracle Fusion Applications: Executive Overview
Get an overview of Oracle Fusion Applications, including the common components and key functionality in each Oracle Fusion Applications pillar.

Oracle Fusion Applications: Financial Applications Overview
This course introduces the modules included in Oracle Fusion Financials: general ledger, subledger accounting, payables, expenses, payments, tax, receivables, advanced collections, cash management, and fixed assets.

Oracle Fusion Applications: HCM: Core HR and Payroll
Students will learn about Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) applications, including work structures, people management, employment management, and global payroll applications.


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