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May/June 2012

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The Magic of Virtualization

By Justin Kestelyn


Oracle Technology Network embraces all things virtual.

The virtualization meme has changed our industry forever, and in more ways than you might think.

In its most common context, virtualization has completely rewritten the rules of operational IT. And a range of enabling technology has emerged in the past decade to support that transformation, including technology from Oracle. But if you were to boil down the virtualization concept to its essence, that essence would simply be this: with the right technology, important resources can transcend physical barriers to reach their maximum potential. (It’s rare for a technology to meet the famous standard from British writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke—“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”—but this one does.)

So, we know that IT is taking full advantage of virtualization technology for the obvious potential benefits. But similarly, Oracle Technology Network is now using the essence behind it to the advantage of its community—“thinking outside the box,” literally, in several ways.

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Prebuilt developer VMs. It has been less than two years since Oracle Technology Network rolled out its first prebuilt developer virtual machine (VM): Oracle Database App Development VM, which was designed for use with Oracle VM VirtualBox. Today, that original VM is available alongside other VM flavors for enterprise Java development, Oracle Solaris 11 administration, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition development, Oracle VM management, SOA and business process management development, and more. In all cases, you get a fully capable, preinstalled environment at your fingertips—far better than a demo, it’s a genuine test-drive (without the multiple installs or operating system issues).

Virtual Developer Day. Face-to-face gatherings have their place and always will. But today, there is no need to leave the comfort of your desk chair for useful training and enablement. With the Virtual Developer Day platform, Oracle Technology Network offers online hands-on workshops—based on downloadable prebuilt developer VMs—that have a global reach and that can be accessed on demand after the fact. (Of course, attending an in-person Oracle Technology Network Developer Day in your area may be a possibility, if that’s your preference. In fact, why not do both?) Developer Days come in various flavors, including Enterprise Java Development with Java EE, Glassfish, and Oracle WebLogic Server; Rich Enterprise Application Development with Oracle ADF; and Java Development with Java SE 7, to name a few.

Cloud computing. With the coming general availability of Oracle Public Cloud, Oracle Technology Network members will have self-service, subscription-based access to Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service for rapid development and deployment without the burden of installing, configuring, and managing the software and systems.

New virtual communities., deployed in 2001 and now with 1 million registered users on its own, is the most venerable example of a virtual community brought to you by Oracle Technology Network. In the past year, Oracle has also made major investments in, the online community and collaborative development platform for Java developers around the world that is also the home of Oracle’s own open source Java projects.

Java Magazine. Yes, I even put Java Magazine in this category. Because the publication is all digital, all the time, its contents can be shared among readers globally much more efficiently than a hard copy. When was the last time you mailed or faxed a paper reprint to someone? Furthermore, the magazine’s format allows the editorial team to experiment with rich content and interactivity in new and interesting ways.

In closing, when you think about it, the virtualization concept has applicability far beyond IT operations. On the Oracle Technology Network team, we’re putting that thought into action—our specialty.

Do you have any other thinking-outside-the-box ideas for us? Let us know via our community feedback channel at


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Justin Kestelyn
( is senior director, Oracle Technology Network and developer programs, as well as Oracle Technology Network editor in chief.


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