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May/June 2012

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By Rich Schwerin


Oracle Advanced Analytics delivers key insights from big data.

Following the announcement of Oracle Advanced Analytics, Rich Schwerin, Oracle Magazine contributor, sat down with George Lumpkin, vice president of product management for data warehousing at Oracle, to talk about this new option for Oracle Database. The following is an excerpt from that interview. Download the full podcast at

Oracle Magazine: How does Oracle define analytics, and why are they so important in relation to big data?

Lumpkin: Today, there is a lot of attention on big data and its potential business benefits. There are lots of new types of data out there that weren’t available years ago. To recognize the full potential of this data, organizations have to use deeper analytical techniques, and they need to do more-sophisticated analysis. When Oracle talks about analytics in the context of big data, we really are talking about these more-advanced types of analytic techniques—predictive analytics and data mining, deep statistical analysis, advanced numerical calculations, integrating text, and text mining.

Oracle Magazine: What is Oracle Advanced Analytics?

Lumpkin: Oracle Advanced Analytics is a new option for Oracle Database. It provides analytic capabilities that run in a highly scalable way inside Oracle Database, and it consists of Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise, Oracle’s implementation of R —an open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Oracle Magazine: Who uses Oracle Data Mining, and how do they use it?

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Lumpkin: Oracle Data Mining is used by analysts and advanced business users, and its most common use is in building predictive models. Oracle Data Mining includes a dozen advanced data mining algorithms implemented inside Oracle Database. These algorithms run in parallel in a scalable fashion and allow data analysts to build predictive models. Data mining enables the use of advanced algorithms and the creation of models inside the database that can help characterize the data and provide new insights from the data. In addition to these algorithms, Oracle Data Mining provides a graphical user interface where end users can explore data, build data models, and more.

Oracle Magazine: Who uses Oracle R Enterprise, and how do they use it?

Lumpkin: With Oracle R Enterprise, we allow statisticians to continue to use R, but we execute statistical analysis on the database tier against tables in the database, running statistics in a scalable fashion against millions to billions of records. We also make it much simpler to take advanced statistical programs and make them part of an enterprise production deployment.

Oracle Magazine: Who uses Oracle Advanced Analytics, and how do they benefit from it?

Lumpkin: Oracle Advanced Analytics users are data analysts, statisticians, and data scientists. Oracle provides analytic capabilities in the context of an enterprise database, so users who have lots of data in Oracle data warehouses are now able to get more value from their data through Oracle Advanced Analytics in a way that fits with their current infrastructures.

Oracle Magazine: How does Oracle Advanced Analytics fit in with Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle’s big data solutions?

Lumpkin: To solve big data problems, you need a complete big data architecture, and Oracle Big Data Appliance is one piece of that. Oracle Big Data Appliance is optimized to run Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL Database and is used in conjunction with Oracle Exadata or Oracle Database, and also in conjunction with Oracle Exalytics and Oracle Business Intelligence solutions. Oracle Advanced Analytics is also part of this ecosystem. Organizations need to be able to do more-sophisticated predictive modeling—targeted marketing, fraud analysis, churn models. Oracle needs to have that as part of our big data ecosystem, so we have Oracle Advanced Analytics built into Oracle Database, which works seamlessly with Oracle Big Data Appliance for an overall big data solution.

Rich Schwerin

Rich Schwerin
is a senior manager with Oracle Publishing who focuses on social media.



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