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November/December 2012


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Oracle Solaris 11 Services Administration

Does taming the behavior of your operating systems services manually make you want to run for the hills? Help is here. The Service Management Facility feature, introduced in Oracle Solaris 10 and extended in Oracle Solaris 11, provides the discipline those unruly services need. In his two-article series, Oracle Solaris Principal Product Manager Glynn Foster helps you get the most out of the Service Management Facility. First, in “Introducing the Basics of the Service Management Facility in Oracle Solaris 11,” Foster explains what the Service Management Facility does and how to perform basic services administration with it, including how to use four specific commands to get information about and manage your system services. Then, in “Advanced Administration with the Service Management Facility in Oracle Solaris 11,” he describes how to use some of the more advanced features—including service bundles, which you can use to deliver custom configuration across systems. 

Sangam Brings Oracle and Java Users Together

How are Oracle database, middleware, and applications users and Java developers collaborating in your community? In Bangalore, India, they are gathering under one roof at the All India Oracle Users Group’s (AIOUG) fourth annual Sangam conference, November 2–3, 2012. Oracle ACE Director and AIOUG President Murali Vallath organized the event, which is cohosted by the India Oracle Applications Users Group and JUG (Java user group) Chennai. The largest independent Oracle user event in India, Sangam features more than 70 speakers from all over the world, provides 120-plus sessions, and attracts more than 600 delegates.


 The Role of the Cloud Architect
What does cloud mean to IT architects? Cloud computing continues to drive the evolution of IT architecture, and IT architects who want to remain relevant need to up their game. In this Oracle Technology Network ArchBeat podcast, cloud architects Ron Batra and Dr. James Baty discuss what architects need to do to take their talents into the cloud.

Virtual Developer Day

Have you started looking at how Oracle Fusion will affect your own development projects? Jumpstart your education in Oracle Fusion development with this on-demand Virtual Developer Day that covers Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle Business Process Management, Oracle Business Intelligence, and more. Tracks include Introduction to Fusion Development and What’s New in Fusion Development. Session topics range from Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle ADF integration to a comparison of Oracle ADF to Oracle Forms, Oracle Application Express, and Microsoft .NET. Hands-on lab documentation that shows you how to develop rich Web applications with Oracle ADF and Oracle WebCenter Portal is also available.

JVM Language Summit 2012

Are you a language designer, compiler writer, tool builder, runtime engineer, or VM architect? Did you miss the 2012 JVM Language Summit? The 2012 JVM Language Summit was held at Oracle’s Santa Clara, California, campus July 30–August 1. If you missed it, or maybe you were there and want to revisit it, videos and presentations are available at



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