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September/October 2012

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Virtualization Directions


If you’re virtualizing at the server layer, you’ll probably be facing a decision between using hard partitioning with the dynamic domains of Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers, a hypervisor such as Oracle VM Server for SPARC or Oracle VM Server for x86, or something at the operating system layer, such as Oracle Solaris Zones or Oracle Linux containers. Perhaps you’ll use a little of each—and, if you want to save yourself some work, Oracle VM Templates. Ginny Henningsen provides some guidance in the article “Which Tool Should I Use to Manage Which Virtualization Technology?” Henningsen explains the difference between dynamic domains and Oracle VM Servers and how those are different from the zones in Oracle Solaris 11 and containers in Oracle Linux. Then she shows you how to set up and manage those technologies with their different tools, including Oracle Enterprise Ops Center. If the virtualization picture looks a little blurry to you, let her clear things up.

Based on the number of attendees–more than 1,700–logged in to the recently run Virtual Developer Day (in June, for American time zones) focusing on hands-on database application development, it appears that virtual hands-on workshops are hitting their stride. The biggest draw: the new Big Data track, including sessions on Oracle NoSQL Database, using Oracle Database with Hadoop, and scalable app design techniques. Seems that Oracle Database professionals have their eyes on the big data ball.

Look for new virtual workshops focusing on big data and cloud application development later this year.

Skills Startup

It’s never too late to acquire new skills or polish the ones you have. New self-paced tutorials on application development with Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, and Oracle Application Express will meet either need, giving you detailed getting-started content for the latest generation of Oracle Database tooling.

New OTN Tour

5 Countries in 11 Days

The third annual Latin America OTN Tour, organized by the Latin America Oracle Users Council (LAOUC) in cooperation with Oracle Technology Network and the Oracle ACE program, began on August 6 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The tour also stopped in Buenos Aires, Argentina (August 9); São Paulo, Brazil (August 11); Lima, Peru (August 14); and Santiago, Chile (August 16). Oracle luminaries and Oracle ACE Directors presented on topics such as database application development, SOA, and Java.


Understanding Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
In conversations about cloud computing, what do the terms public, private, and hybrid really mean? In this Oracle Technology Network ArchBeat podcast, cloud computing experts Dr. James Baty, Mark Nelson, Ajay Srivastava, and William Vambenepe compare and contrast the various flavors of cloud computing.


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