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Lost Phone Apps

With smartphones holding both personal and enterprise data, losing one can spell disaster. These apps locate stray mobile devices and help secure them.

Your Turn

 North America leads world in CPOs
23 percent of North American organizations have a chief privacy officer (CPO). Only 5 percent of organizations in Asia and 3 percent of European organizations have one.
Source: Carnegie Mellon, Enterprise Security: CyLab 2012 Report

Find My iPhone
Locate your iPhone on a map, make it ring (even if the sound is off), display a text message, and remotely lock the device or wipe out its data, all from a Website.
Free (iPhone).

Find My Phone (for Windows)
Ring, lock, or locate your phone on a map from a Website and erase the phone’s data. The app is built into the Windows Phone platform.
Free (Windows Phone).

Plan B
Download and install this app remotely on your phone after it’s lost. PlanB sends you the phone’s location and then lets you track the phone via SMS.
Free (Android).

Find My Phone (for Blackberry)
This GENOA networks app lets you get your phone’s location via e-mail or SMS and make it ring and flash.
US$2.99 or free with ads (BlackBerry). 


Under Surveillance

Old Photos, New Life 

Scanning your old photo prints and 35mm slides has been on your to-do list for years now. iPics 2 Go from ION Audio helps you tackle this time-consuming task and adds the convenience of instant sharing to Facebook. Just place your iPhone4/4S into a cradle on top of the iPics 2 Go box, slide a 3x5 or 4x6 print or 35mm slide into the appropriate tray, and take a photo of the print with the iPics 2 Go iPhone app. iPics 2 Go is not a scanner but a mini photo booth where the original is isolated from all outside lighting and interference and positioned perfectly for your iPhone 4 camera. Built-in lighting illuminates a photo without any glare or hotspots, resulting in the best possible photos that your iPhone can take.

o52mashup-book “The single most important factor in fostering true game changers isn’t the classic lightbulb-above-the-head big idea. It’s the way leaders and organizations handle the discomfort, the disorientation, and the thrill (and pain) of living with uncertainty, finding clarity . . . , and being surprised.”

—Soren Kaplan, author of Leapfrogging (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2012)

Big Data Overload

In an Oracle survey of 333 C-level executives from U.S. and Canadian enterprises spanning 11 industries, 94 percent said that their organization is collecting and managing more business information today than two years ago, by an average of 86 percent more. Other key findings:

97% need to make changes to improve information optimization
93% believe they are losing revenue at an average rate of 14% annually because they can’t leverage the information they collect
67% say the ability to draw intelligence from their data is a top priority
60% say their companies are unprepared to leverage the data deluge
Source: Oracle, From Overload to Impact: An Industry Scorecard on Big Data Business Challenges

Sleep Better, Work Better

You spend about a third of your life sleeping. To maximize the benefits of sleep, it’s important to sleep a specific number of hours and also wake up during periods of light sleep. Renew SleepClock uses ultralow-power reflected radio frequency waves to monitor your movement during sleep and does not require you to wear a wristband. Measuring low amplitude waves for breathing and high amplitude waves for body movement, the SleepClock knows exactly when to wake you up so that you’ll feel refreshed the rest of the day. Your sleep data is collected by an associated iOS application. With that data, you can compare your stats with an average for your gender and age to track your sleeping patterns.


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