2012 Issues

November/December 2012

Cover Story: Apps on Oracle Exadata; Features: Engineered to Educate, Explore, Engage; Built for Speed
Technology: Master and Commander (Nimphius); Bulk Processing with BULK COLLECT and FORALL (Feuerstein); Beginning Performance Tuning: Diagnose the Past (Nanda); Selecting a Type That Is Right for You (Caffrey); On External Table Queries, Data Consistency, and Nothing (Kyte)

September/October 2012

Cover Story: Security on the Move; Features: Engineered for Innovation; Complete Cloud
Technology: Consume Early, Consume Often (Nimphius); Lighten the Load (Rittman); Bulk Processing with BULK COLLECT and FORALL (Feuerstein); Make the Easy Move (Smith); From Floor to Ceiling and Other Functional Cases (Caffrey); On Clustering Factor and Validating Keys (Kyte)

July/August 2012

Cover Story: Lockdown; Feature: Future-Proof
Technology: Service, Please! (Nimphius); Working with Collections (Feuerstein); Beginning Performance Tuning (Nanda); A Function of Character (Caffrey); On Characters, Pivots, and Endings (Kyte)

May/June 2012

Cover Story: Super Hero IT; Features: Storage Stands Tall, Connected
Technology: Personalized Dashboards (Nimphius); Working with the Summary Advisor (Rittman); Working with Records (Feuerstein); On Connection Pools, Cursor Differentiation, and Optimal Ordering (Kyte); An Order of Sorts (Caffrey)

March/April 2012
Cover Story: Destination: SPARC; Features: A Better Breed, The Right Fit
Technology: A Template with Behavior(Nimphius); On the Road with BI (Rittman); Error Management (Feuerstein); On Unlearning and Modeling (Kyte); Why WHERE Matters (Caffrey)

January/February 2012

Cover Story: Oracle Excellence Awards; Features: C is for Cloud, Open to the Public
Technology: Security for Everyone (Nimphius); Working with Dates in PL/SQL (Feuerstein); On History, Basics, and Network Performance (Kyte); Getting Answers with SELECT (Caffrey)



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