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Oracle ADF Mobile Available

Oracle has unveiled Oracle ADF Mobile, a new HTML5 and Java-based application development framework that enables developers to build, deploy, and extend hybrid mobile applications for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, from a single code base. An extension of Oracle Application Development Framework, Oracle ADF Mobile enables organizations to protect their investments while addressing frequently changing mobile requirements by allowing developers to rapidly and visually develop applications once and deploy them to multiple devices and platforms.


“With Oracle ADF Mobile, developers can spend less time rewriting code and more time building the most-advanced enterprise mobile applications,” says Chris Tonas, vice president of Oracle’s application development tools group. “Oracle ADF Mobile is tightly integrated with the Oracle Fusion Middleware product portfolio, supports Oracle Fusion Applications, and can easily integrate non-Oracle-based applications. With a rich, visual, and declarative programming model, Oracle ADF Mobile helps developers increase their productivity and deliver applications faster.”

Oracle Application Express Release 4.2 Available

The latest release of Oracle Application Express allows developers to rapidly build database-centric HTML5 applications using only a Web browser. These applications can run on any mobile platform. Oracle Application Express is a no-cost option included with all editions and current releases of Oracle Database. Oracle Application Express 4.2 is available now for download from Oracle Technology Network.


“With Oracle Application Express 4.2, developers can now easily create applications that incorporate responsive Web design or jQuery Mobile to provide an optimal viewing experience on all devices,” says Mike Hichwa, vice president of Oracle’s database tools group. “Another key feature being introduced is packaged applications that provide out-of-the-box point solutions. The primary benefits of these include instantly available productivity applications, the ability to unlock and customize the solutions provided, and the ability to demonstrate best practices.”

Oracle Delivers First Industry-Specific Engineered System

Oracle has launched its first industry-specific engineered system, designed to meet the extreme network workload requirements for the development and deployment of mission-critical services and applications for the communications industry. Oracle Network Applications Platform is an engineered system that combines Oracle’s Sun Netra 6000, Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7320, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Communications Service Availability, and Oracle Clusterware software technologies. The preconfigured, integrated, and tested Oracle Network Applications Platform enables organizations in the communications industry to minimize costs while accelerating the development of new services.

“The introduction of Oracle Network Applications Platform underscores Oracle’s commitment to the communications industry by integrating all the key infrastructure components—which have historically been custom-assembled—into a single solution that accelerates time to market for the next wave of innovative communications services,” says Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications.

StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager System Now Two Times Faster

To meet the needs of high-growth data storage, Oracle’s StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager System 6 delivers two times the performance and more than 1.8 times the total disk capacity (640 petabytes) of the previous generation. The new release efficiently manages data and storage resources with automated, policy-driven management that simplifies deployment and streamlines ongoing tape operations for data protection, disaster recovery, and archive.

“As customers continue to contend with exponential data growth and the need for 24/7 access to mission-critical data, Oracle is raising the bar with high-performance virtual tape capabilities that can help keep costs down,” says James Cates, vice president of hardware development at Oracle. “Oracle’s new StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 delivers major enhancements in simplicity, scalability, and availability that enable customers to better manage mainframe storage environments, maximize their investments in tape, and lower total cost of ownership.”

New Mobile Capabilities for Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle has expanded its mobility and intuitive visualization capabilities for its business intelligence solutions, including a new user experience designed for maximum productivity and interactivity. Oracle Business Intelligence Release, which is available in Oracle business intelligence solutions including Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, enables users to identify and analyze trends and take immediate action from their preferred mobile device. New visualization features, such as Trellis views, allow users to quickly visualize massive amounts of data in an organized manner, enabling them to spot anomalies that require further investigation. The latest mobile features have been redesigned for easy offline access, allowing users to view, analyze, and act on fact-based business insights from their mobile devices. Key capabilities in the new release include support for touch and multigestural interactions; support for offline viewing; and fine-grained security privileges that allow administrators to grant or revoke the ability to save offline content for specific users, roles, and groups.

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“Mobile devices, such as the Apple iPad, are becoming ubiquitous productivity-enhancing tools across the enterprise,” says Balaji Yelamanchili, senior vice president, Oracle analytics and performance management products. “With the latest release of Oracle Business Intelligence, users have access to business-altering data with the swipe of a finger. From a redesigned interface to new visualization tools and offline access, Oracle Business Intelligence makes it easy for users to view, analyze, and act upon critical data insights—wherever the job may take them.”

Oracle Identity Governance Suite Unveiled  

Oracle has introduced Oracle Identity Governance Suite, a complete, end-to-end governance solution that enables organizations to address their compliance, governance, and security objectives and reduce help desk involvement. A component of Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2, Oracle Identity Governance Suite delivers a platform for access request, provisioning, role lifecycle management, access certification, closed loop remediation, and privileged account management. It features a drag-and-drop user interface to support analytics-driven reporting.

“With Oracle Identity Governance Suite, we are delivering a single complete identity governance platform that dramatically simplifies the identity lifecycle,” says Marc Boroditsky, vice president of product management, identity and access management, at Oracle.

Oracle Previews NetBeans IDE 7.3

A preview of NetBeans IDE 7.3 is now available for download and features new HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS development capabilities. This free, open source integrated development environment (IDE) enables developers to rapidly create Web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications for the Java platform, PHP, and C/C++. New features include code completion for new HTML5 elements, JQuery, and new CSS3 rules; a JavaScript editor and debugger based on the Nashorn JavaScript project; support for responsive design–based applications; and JavaScript client generation from existing Java REST services.

“Development teams worldwide can now leverage the new capabilities of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to build rich user interfaces for both mobile and Web clients,” says Chris Tonas, vice president, application development tools at Oracle. “The preview of NetBeans IDE 7.3 should make it even easier for developers to leverage Java services to build state-of-the-art applications quickly and more efficiently.”

New Mobile Support for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Applications

New mobile features in Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3, making it easier for IT teams to provide today’s mobile workforce with real-time access to critical business information through an intuitive user experience from the desktop, smartphones, and tablet devices.

The Mobile Expenses, Mobile Approvals, and Mobile Company Directory features are available with Release 9.1 of various PeopleSoft applications at no additional cost.

“The latest mobile applications for Oracle’s PeopleSoft further demonstrate Oracle’s commitment to providing workers on the go with access to real-time business data on the most-popular mobile platforms available,” says Paco Aubrejuan, senior vice president of Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications.


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