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New Oracle Big Data Appliances Unveiled

Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 Starter Rack, Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 In-Rack Expansion, and Oracle Big Data Appliance infrastructure as a service. Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 Starter Rack enables organizations to jumpstart their first big data projects with an optimally sized appliance. Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 In-Rack Expansion helps customers easily and cost-effectively scale their footprint as their data grows. Oracle Big Data Appliance infrastructure as a service provides Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 on premises without any upfront capital expenditure.

“With these new additions to the Oracle Big Data Appliance product family, Oracle is meeting the needs of a wider number of customers and expanding its offering to handle everything from the first proof of concept to a large-scale enterprise deployment,” says Çetin Özbütün, vice president of data warehousing and big data technologies at Oracle. “We are focused on bringing the power of big data to our existing enterprise customers, with an integrated platform of engineered systems and key capabilities like SQL support for HDFS [Hadoop Distributed File System].”

Oracle Business Analytics Portfolio Updated

Oracle has enhanced its business analytics solutions to help organizations improve business outcomes while simplifying IT. Release 3.0 of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery applications offers a completely redesigned user interface for a superior exploration and analysis of information from any combination of structured and unstructured sources. Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite Release delivers significant updates to usability, mobility, user experience, and big data integration, enabling organizations to analyze critical information and get the intelligence they need to optimize their business.

“In today’s uncertain and extremely competitive business environment, our customers are looking for ways to distill data meaningfully to detect problems, identify opportunities, and better plan for the future,” says Paul Rodwick, vice president of product management at Oracle. “The new enhancements reinforce our commitment to continually adding value to our customers by delivering innovation around business discovery, self-service analytics, and user experience, and providing greater effectiveness to drive optimization and tighter alignment across the business.”

Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service Updated

The latest version of the Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service learning management system expands its global reach with additional time zones, languages, and date format preferences, along with usability updates to help increase adoption and convenience. Part of Oracle Cloud, Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service is a comprehensive solution for delivering, tracking, managing, and reporting on all types of formal and informal training.

“Learning is critical to aligning an increasingly global workforce, though organizations must understand there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to training,” says Jim Obsitnik, group vice president and general manager, Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service. “Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service incorporates new enhancements to support learning on a global scale, helping organizations achieve maximum efficiency through a centralized cloud-based learning management system that delivers unique, tailored user experiences to maximize learner adoption.”

Oracle Buys Tekelec

Oracle has entered into an agreement to acquire Tekelec, a network signaling, policy control, and subscriber data management provider for communications networks. “As connected devices and applications become ubiquitous, intelligent network and service control technologies are required to enable service providers to efficiently deploy all-IP networks, and deliver and monetize innovative communications services,” says Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications. “The combination of Oracle and Tekelec will give service providers the most complete solution to manage their businesses across customer engagement, business and network operations, service delivery, and end-user applications.”

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 Lands

The latest release of Oracle’s platform for enterprise Java computing—Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 (Java EE 7) has arrived, with support for modern-era Web applications. It supports HTML5, offers tools to increase developer productivity, and meets the most-demanding enterprise requirements.

Java EE 7 enables developers to deliver dynamic, scalable HTML5 applications by reducing response time with low-latency data exchange using WebSocket. It also simplifies data parsing for portable applications with standard JSON support, and delivers asynchronous, scalable, high-performance RESTful services.

Productivity enhancements in Java EE 7 include support for batch processing and JSON processing. Java EE 7 also provides developers with an annotations-based framework for managing WebSockets and provides the infrastructure for using traditional concurrency concepts in a container-managed environment.

Java EE 7 enables developers to meet the demands of the enterprise by breaking down batch jobs into manageable chunks for uninterrupted online transaction processing (OLTP) performance.

“Oracle’s commitment to Java and the Java community grows with every release,” says Cameron Purdy, vice president of development at Oracle. “The availability of Java EE 7 will equip enterprises to rise to evolving requirements—like HTML5 and mobile applications—and allow them to confidently bank their future on the Java platform.”

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 Oracle Database: Program with PL/SQL
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Oracle Invests in Proteus  

Oracle has made a strategic minority investment in Proteus Digital Health, a company that develops ingestible and wearable sensors that are FDA-approved as medical devices. Oracle and Proteus expect to work together in clinical trials to provide clinical investigators worldwide the ability to measure information about medication ingestion, dose timing, and associated physiologic response continuously and precisely for patients enrolled in clinical trials.

“To optimize the clinical development of personalized, innovative, and safe therapies, clinical trial sponsors, clinical trial service providers, investigators, and patients worldwide require continuous, precise, and near-real-time information on what medicines are taken and the patient’s physiological response when inside and outside of a clinical setting,” says Neil de Crescenzo, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences. “We are looking forward to integrating Proteus’ technology into Oracle’s cloud-based clinical trial platform to provide these unique benefits to the industry.”

New In-Memory Applications Deliver Faster Performance

Now available, Oracle in-memory applications for Oracle engineered systems leverage dynamic random access memory (DRAM), flash memories, and the near-zero latency InfiniBand network fabric to run 10 to 20 times faster than commodity hardware by transforming batch processing to real time and shortening response time with improved UI rendering.

Business-critical applications and workflows such as financial close, cost management, projections, and planning often take hours or days to execute. The new Oracle in-memory applications change business dynamics to allow organizations to quickly discover growth opportunities, make smarter decisions, reduce corporate costs, and accelerate time-consuming workloads.

“Oracle continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation that produces business results and value for Oracle Applications running on Oracle engineered systems,” says Steve Miranda, executive vice president of application development at Oracle. “The release of Oracle in-memory applications will help organizations not only complete load runs faster, but also discover new insights for efficiencies that would have been previously overlooked.”

Oracle Virtual Networking Introduced

Oracle has unveiled Oracle Virtual Networking, the industry’s fastest data center fabric, with up to 80 Gb/sec bandwidth to the server. Oracle Virtual Networking supports Oracle’s SPARC T5, T4, and M5 servers and Oracle Solaris 11 on both SPARC and x86 platforms. A complete fabric for the modern data center, Oracle Virtual Networking can help organizations improve application performance by four times, reduce infrastructure complexity by 70 percent, and cut local area network and storage area network capital expenditures by 50 percent.

“As the industry’s fastest data center fabric, Oracle Virtual Networking enables increased performance and agility while virtually eliminating the complexity in traditional data centers,” says Raju Penumatcha, vice president, product development, Netra systems and networking, at Oracle. “Now with added support for the fastest processors on the planet and the first cloud OS, customers can leverage the benefits of Oracle Virtual Networking in both SPARC and x86 environments.”

Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics 3.1 Released

Now available, Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics 3.1 provides deeper trending analysis and increased project visibility and control, helping organizations improve decision-making and drive efficiencies in project processes. Part of Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management family of products, the new release of Primavera P6 Analytics offers an expanded range of key industry metrics that provide critical support for offline and online maintenance projects, deliver day-to-day project tracking, and enable early risk identification.

“For project managers in any industry, it’s important to know how projects are performing day to day, and to identify risk at the earliest opportunity. For those managing large and complex assets, it’s absolutely essential,” says Yasser Mahmud, vice president of product strategy and industry marketing, Oracle’s Primavera Global Business Unit. “With the new capabilities included in the latest release of Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics, we are able to help organizations reduce risk by accelerating analysis and increasing project control.” 

Oracle Business Process Management Suite Updated

The latest enhancements to Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g provide users with improved process modeling capabilities, richer simulation, Web forms design, and a new process player. This version of Oracle Business Process Management Suite, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, includes updates to Business Process Composer, support for Adaptive Case Management, and an expanded list of Oracle Process Accelerators.

“Business management is evolving at a rapid pace, and organizations need to provide their business users with the necessary tools to make informed business process decisions in real time,” says Michael Weingartner, senior vice president of development at Oracle. “The new enhancements to Oracle Business Process Management Suite empower business users by giving them unprecedented control over the entire business process lifecycle.” 

Now Available: Fujitsu M10 Servers

Oracle and Fujitsu have announced the worldwide availability of Fujitsu M10 servers, based on Oracle’s 16-core SPARC64 X processor. The new SPARC servers deliver mainframe-class reliability, availability, and serviceability with maximum scalability for mission-critical workloads.

“Oracle welcomes the all-new Fujitsu M10 servers to the SPARC family,” says Edward Screven, chief corporate architect at Oracle. “Oracle and Fujitsu’s strong collaboration exemplifies Oracle’s commitment to achieve extreme performance by engineering hardware and software together to benefit customers.”

Oracle Health Sciences InForm and Oracle Argus Safety Integrated

To help clinical trial sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) more cost-effectively and efficiently capture and manage information on adverse events, Oracle has integrated Oracle Health Sciences InForm and Oracle Argus Safety.

“Out-of-the-box integration between Oracle Health Sciences InForm and Oracle Argus Safety helps trial sponsors and CROs to respond faster to potential serious adverse effects while reducing the costs and potential for error involved in rekeying information. It also ensures consistent information between the clinical data management and safety systems,” says Neil de Crescenzo, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences.

Oracle Introduces Comprehensive Management for Desktop Virtualization

The newest releases of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Software include integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, providing a complete, single-vendor desktop virtualization solution that spans hardware, software, and enterprise-class management. In addition, they both now support Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Solaris 11, and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure now supports Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04–based virtual desktops.

“Only Oracle offers a comprehensive solution to deliver and manage virtual desktop environments, along with the enterprise applications they access, from a single console,” says Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president of Linux and virtualization engineering at Oracle. “The latest enhancements to Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Software, and the integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager, help customers more easily deploy and manage virtual desktops securely from multiple locations and devices.”

Oracle Delivers Social Relationship Management Platform

Oracle has unveiled an end-to-end social management solution for the enterprise. Oracle Social Relationship Management integrates the full spectrum of social activities and analysis in a single platform, creating a seamless transition from listening and content creation to moderation and analysis of a company’s social media efforts.

“Social is driving significant change across enterprises, enabling businesses to rethink and restructure their traditional way of doing business,” says Thomas Kurian, executive vice president of product development at Oracle. “Oracle Social Relationship Management brings together traditionally disparate social solutions into one powerful enterprise platform, allowing customers to fully leverage and maximize social data, insights, and interactions to improve customer interactions and business results.”

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