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The Top Five Security Considerations to Look for in a Cloud Provider
Oracle Senior Vice President and CIO Mark Sunday discusses cloud security and key compliance considerations.

Optimize Your Data Center
Learn how Oracle’s data center components, systems, and Oracle Optimized Solutions are engineered to work together.

Oracle Data Integration: Moving Data to Transform Business
Discover how Oracle Data Integration products deliver continuous access to trusted data.

Transforming a Day in the Life of a Chief Financial Officer
See how today’s business is driving CFOs to become more strategic in their use of technology.

Life-Changing Analytics
Oracle Business Analytics improves workforce management, simplifies financial reporting and analysis, and answers business questions.


Oracle’s SPARC T-Series Servers
Read about Oracle’s new SPARC T5 servers, which offer 2 times throughput performance, 1.3 times single-thread performance, 2.3 times the L3 cache, 2 times the I/O bandwidth, and 2 times the scale of previous-generation SPARC T4 servers.

Twenty-First-Century Finance: Maximize Potential, Deliver Results
Explore how CFOs can develop a twenty-first-century finance organization by getting the basics right, being more strategic, and inspiring change.


The Total Economic Impact of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications
Forrester Consulting examines the potential return on investment of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.

Building Large-Scale E-Commerce Platforms with Oracle
Discover the ecosystem of applications, middleware, and core technology that Oracle delivers to support a complete e-commerce strategy.

From Customer Orders Through Fulfillment: Manufacturing, High-Tech, and Retail
Get the results of a survey of 600 supply chain executives for insight into how well companies are meeting their order fulfillment challenges.


“We set out to design the world’s fastest database machine, the world’s fastest Java machine, and the world’s fastest middleware. We also ended up with the world’s fastest processor and the ability to execute an enormous range of applications with technical performance leadership, as well as cost leadership.”
John Fowler, Executive Vice President of Systems at Oracle, in “Announcing New SPARC Servers with the World’s Fastest Microprocessor

Oracle Hyperion Project Financial Planning: Aligning Financial and Project Plans
Find out how to align long-term plans with proposed and ongoing projects to make the best use of corporate resources. 

Oracle’s x86 Systems: The Best x86 Platform for Oracle Solaris

Discover the benefits of running Oracle Solaris on Oracle x86 systems, such as more-advanced fault diagnosis, automatic service requests, easier serviceability, and simplified installation.

Oracle VM—Enabling Rapid Migration to Private Cloud
Find out how to use Oracle VM templates to virtualize your applications 7 to 10 times faster than with traditional virtualization technologies.

Taking Control of the Order-to-Cash Cycle
Insights from experts at FSN, Deloitte, and Oracle show you how to accelerate collections, avert write-offs, and tune up your order-to-cash process.

Middleware as a Service using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cookbook
Get step-by-step instructions for provisioning an Oracle WebLogic Server domain using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.


Announcing New SPARC Servers with the World’s Fastest Microprocessor
Oracle executives introduce the new standard for extreme performance with the latest portfolio of Oracle’s SPARC servers.

Introducing Oracle Database Appliance X3-2
Watch Oracle executives launch the latest Oracle Database Appliance and hear customers discuss how it has revolutionized the way they deploy, manage, and support a database platform.

Building a Private Cloud Infrastructure with Oracle’s SPARC Servers
Deploy a cloud infrastructure faster while lowering TCO and improving system performance with Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure.

Consolidation Best Practices for Enterprise Applications
Learn how to consolidate your application and database infrastructure, reduce IT cost and complexity, and improve performance and availability.

Data Center Storage Trends for 2013
Oracle’s Ravi Pendekanti and guest speaker Laura DuBois from IDC discuss the top data center storage trends.

InnoDB in MySQL 5.6: 230 Percent Performance Improvement
Get an expert overview of the benefits and uses of new InnoDB features in MySQL 5.6.

Techcast Series: Architecting Business Continuity Essentials for Enterprise Applications
Oracle experts discuss how to maximize availability by incorporating redundancy, high availability, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery processes into your data center.

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Migration Made Easy: SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux
Get the resources you need to migrate, including guides for system administrators, Webcast replays, and customer case studies.

Oracle Storage Expert Center: Engineered Systems Backup
Learn about using Oracle’s Sun ZFS Backup Appliance to reduce the cost and effort of backup and recovery by more than 50 percent compared to competitive solutions.

Turn Your Aging Data Center into an Enterprise Data Powerhouse
Check out the latest generation of faster, more efficient server and storage systems as well as offers for system refresh, trade-ins, and discounts.


RedPatch Explained
Listen to an expert Ksplice developer discuss what RedPatch can do for your Linux environment.

Podcast Series: Making the Right Storage Choices
This 10-part podcast series examines the most important elements to consider when making storage purchasing and deployment decisions.

Podcast Center: Oracle WebCenter Café
Listen to the latest updates about Oracle WebCenter from customers, partners, and experts.

Podcast Center: Oracle Virtualization
Listen to Oracle VM product managers discuss Oracle VM deployment use cases that include Oracle applications and private cloud computing environments.


Oracle Learning Library on Facebook
Access free Oracle Learning LIbrary content produced by Oracle product development and curriculum teams.

Oracle Value Chain on Twitter
Connect with Oracle Value Chain thought leaders and evangelists.

Oracle University Blog
Stay informed on the latest training courses and certifications, get tips and tutorials from expert instructors and course developers, and read analyst commentary.


Oracle Virtualization Training
Learn how server, desktop, and network virtualization training can help reduce infrastructure cost, improve resource utilization, and simplify data center management. 

Oracle Java Training
Get the latest training on Java Platform, Enterprise Edition.


Oracle Value Calculator for SPARC Servers
Find out how Oracle’s SPARC servers and integrated technology stack can help you achieve unprecedented scale and simplicity in your data center and reduce costs.


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